How to Attract a Partner With the Law of Attraction

How to Attract a Partner With the Law of Attraction

My name is Andrea and in today’s video I
want to talk about how to manifest a happy relationship or to improve an
existing relationship using the law of attraction hello my name is Andrea and
welcome to my channel if you are watching for the first time make sure
you click the subscribe button but let’s jump right into the today’s subject on
how to manifest a happier relationship using the law of attraction as well as
improving an existing relationship you must learn how to control your own
happiness before you might want to attract anything in your life I want to
mention some ideas and processes brought to us by Abraham Hicks simply because I
love their different perspective that can be very helpful to you the first
thing that you might want to do is to think about those things that you would
like to see in your partner and write them down
think about those qualities that you are looking for it could be something like I
want my partner to be funny or I want him to be kind or I want him to be
loving or I want him to be joyful I want him to be positive I want him to enjoy
life and something similar to this or you might have your own ideas I’m sure
you already know what you want now if you already have a partner you could
think about all those things that you already can appreciate in your partner
because I’m sure that you already know him I’m sure that you have things that
you love about him and I’m sure that you have things that you’re not so happy
about but I would encourage you to look at the positive aspects that you see in
him and appreciate every little thing that you can so the more you appreciate
the positive aspects that you see in the more you will attract more of that
to you now you must be consistent about this process because this brings forward
these qualities from him by simply appreciating what is it that you love
about him you attract them even more from your partner have you ever noticed
that some people bring the best out of you and other people bring the worst out
of you you can think it how often it comes into your mind you don’t have to
tell him words of appreciation or you don’t have
to tell him anything if you don’t want to of course you can if you want to and
of course the more you do it the better it has to be you have to do it
consistently and no matter his behavior I mean if something happens and and it
has a negative impact then you should not stop appreciating you should
continue appreciating because this is something that shall pass is something
that reflects his vibration so the main idea is that you should think about them
so consistently that you own them and so that the universe can answer with the
same vibration the following step after you have identified what are those
things that you would like to see your partner the next thing that you want to
do is to be there is to become the person that you are trying to attract no
attraction brings to you the likes of which you are so if you start to have
those qualities like the ones that you desire in your partner then you will
definitely attract that which is a match with what you are in this moment I have
this wonderful quote from Abraham Hicks that says your joy is the greatest gift
that you can give to anyone because when you are not in your joy you have nothing
to give anyway this is a quote from Abraham so what Abraham is tried
to say that when you are in alignment with who you really are you have the
power of influence you are in the receptive mode to receive whatever you
are desiring you are receptive to happiness you start to have experiences
you start to co-create together with your partner and you both start to
experience the relationship that you desire so basically what they are saying
is that you get happy by being happy because most of the people want the
relationship because they think they will be happy when they get it stay
positive and you will attract positive situations you will attract positive
people you will attract positive moments the only thing that you can control is
what you attract you cannot control somebody else’s behavior you cannot
control his vibration the only thing that you can control is your vibration
and make sure that you are in alignment before you are trying to attract a new
relationship because you will attract something that is similar to you but if
you were in a needy place things you need a partner then what you attract
would be another needy partner most likely you will not have a happy
relationship so the only thing that you can control is your own happiness and
another wonderful thing about being happy first is that you will track not
only relationships and people in your life you start attracting like
everything you start attracting money you start attracting your dream job you
start tracking your favorite car you will attract all these things to you
because you are in alignment with who you are and the university will give you
all kinds of situations and relationships that will bring you the
same happiness that you vibrate this is a wonderful quote from Lewis Hale on how
to improve all of your relationships when you’re happy with yourself then all
of the other relationships improve to a happy person is very attractive to
others therefore the first relationship to
improve is the one you have with yourself if you are looking for more
love then you need to love yourself more this
means no criticism no complaining no blaming no whining and no choosing to
feel lonely it means being content with yourself in the present moment and
choosing to think thoughts that make you feel good now release hey how to attract
love to your life from Dwayne Dyer love can only be attracted by and returned by
love the best advice I can give for attracting and maintaining spiritual
partnership is to be what it is that you are seeking most relationships that fail to sustain
themselves are based on one or both of the partners feeling as if their freedom
has been compromised in some way spiritual partnerships on the other hand
are never about making another person feel inferior or ignored in any way the
term spiritual partnership simply means that the energy holding the two of you
together is in close harmony with a source energy
of intention Wayne Dyer in this world everything attracts
something those of the fire attract those of the fire and those of the light
attract those of the light roaming your task is not to seek for love but you
merely seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built
against it when you do things from your soul you feel a river moving you a joy stop acting so small you are the
universe in a static motion so this is it for today thank you very much for
watching check out my other videos on the law of attraction I will put a link
in the description until next time goodbye

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  2. Love yourself and the wonderful Universe responds with like minded people and things!
    It is LAW!!
    Thank you!

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