39 thoughts on “How to be an Investigative Journalist: Greg Palast

  1. Old School Gumshoe type journalist. Today's Independent Journalists can now stream Live on YouTube and take real-time calls.

  2. Thank you interviewer for standing in the sun holding the mic up and getting the video. Interesting video.

  3. We should all write to Joe Rogan on twitter to do a podcast with Greg Palast. Would be awesome to have a lenghy podcast, Palast is amazing. I HIGHLY recommend his books

  4. WeAreChange  What happened to that video you made on How  to become a Reporter where you started out sitting  on the toilet while you interviewed the Camera???

  5. Luke, was that Mckinney, suggesting that you run for Congress?
    Don't do it!

    I wrote Al Franken and suggested that he get the fuck out before it is too late. He can do more good on the outside.

  6. SOOOO true –there's only 1 real journalist's in main stream media that's Ben Swan–the rest are repeaters just as this journalist stated-sad but true! Fortunately we have real journalist on alternative internet sites just like U Luke : ) The masses are beginning 2 recognize this & are looking 4 real news from true heroes like We R Change & Greg Palast Ben Swan ect…

  7. considering that the central banks are forcing us to in reality back our currency with the gold confiscated from us long ago… it makes sense for a member of our "ruling class" to act inhumanely in the pursuit of that very same material.

    gold use as a monetary object is wasteful and ridiculous…

  8. and now Diane feinstein is trying to change 1st amendment to get alternative media and citizen journalists removed from having first amendment protection

    the 2nd amendment guys were right once they get the guns this is inevitably what comes next

  9. Don't tell me they screwed the world up but good, did they? Whoever thought the world should be this way anyway?

  10. Guys, did you read today the FBI declared ANYONE who questions Constitutional Freedoms, Big Gov, 9/11 Conspiracies, storing away large amounts of food, etc to be …POTENTIAL TERRORISTS??? THAT'S 40% OF THE POPULACE!!!! WHO DIRECTS THE FBI ???

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