How to REMOVE Subconscious Resistance to MANIFEST FAST! (Law of Attraction)

How to REMOVE Subconscious Resistance to MANIFEST FAST! (Law of Attraction)

law of attraction how to remove subconscious resistance to manifest fast your youniverse powerful exercise the law of attraction ultimately works
based on the beliefs we hold our beliefs drive our behavior and that behavior
causes action or inaction that aligns us with specific experiences and many of
our beliefs reside in the subconscious mind just under the radar and sometimes
we don’t even know we have a subconscious belief that might be
blocking us from manifesting what we truly desire our conscious mind is
responsible for what we allow or disallow into our subconscious mind much
like a gatekeeper the conscious mind has the power to accept or reject messages
as something we believe is true it simply takes a little practice right now
you’re primarily using your conscious mind to watch and listen to this video
and absorb its meaning and just beneath the surface of that focus your
subconscious mind is actively working behind the scenes it also accepts or
rejects information based on existing beliefs about yourself and the world in
general if you are experiencing difficulty achieving a goal that you
like to manifest you are most likely experiencing resistance at a
subconscious level because of the way in which it operates and with my clients I
often hear such things as unfortunately no matter how much I try my subconscious
still doesn’t allow me to believe in the things I want to manifest if you’ve ever
tried to achieve a goal and kept sabotaging yourself at every turn or
found that no matter how much you tried you couldn’t this will be your
subconscious belief systems interfering with your conscious wishes and desires
and why does this happen if you have a desire that conflicts with an already
established belief in your subconscious mind the subconscious will either reject
the possibility of this desire or downgrade it so that it fits within its
existing view of reality based on its established beliefs
in fact based on these types of sabotaging beliefs even if something
wonderful did happen that aligns with your manifestation goal the subconscious
would reject it because it’s not believable this is why you’ll hear such
statements as this is good to be true from individuals who’ve had something
great happen in their lives and in turn this will cancel out the fact that they
might be able to hold on to this experience or have it again these types
of hidden beliefs reinforce the fact that there isn’t any success in
manifesting goals creating a negative feedback loop that keeps a person stuck
in their current types of experiences but there is a simple way to soften that
resistance so that a new program can be integrated for fast manifestation so how
do we do this we program the subconscious mind to be reprogrammable
if you’ve tried affirmations and meditation and other manifestation
techniques without much success you’ll want to start at the place where the
resistance begins and that place is “law of attraction” “how to” remove “subconscious” resistance to manifest fast “your youniverse” powerful exercise teaching your subconscious mind that
it’s ok to let in new things and create new programs that drive you towards your
manifestation here’s one easy way to do it when you have a negative thought
related to how you would like to experience life say to yourself either
mentally or outloud I do not accept this thought any longer you’ll then want to
immediately replace that thought with something positive in its place or every
time something you no longer wish to create in your life comes to mind say to
yourself I have moved past this lesson I am now advancing to and then fill in the
blank with the new experience you choose if your subconscious mind currently
tells you that it doesn’t have a belief that this simple process will actually
work for you you can begin to challenge those types of beliefs right now by
trying this exercise out for a few weeks you don’t have to believe it’s possible
to do this initially in order for it to work and in practicing with diligence
you will most likely prove to yourself that it can be quite effective here’s
another very effective way to do this with a few affirmations suggestions I am
easily and effortlessly changing old beliefs that block my success my
subconscious mind is open to receive new and empowering beliefs that align with
my manifestation goals I am changing my subconscious program right now I will
publish a reprogram your subconscious mind meditation with these affirmations
and many others that reinforce this process the day after this video is
published I’ll also put a link in the description to that video once it’s been
posted affirmations like this helps soften resistance which allows the new
information and suggestions of your desired manifestations to be integrated
quicker and with less frustration and with just a little time doing this
you’ll find that these powerful messages are being absorbed into your mind which
will alter the way you see yourself and the potential you hold law of attraction how to remove subconscious resistance to manifest fast your youniverse powerful exercise

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45 thoughts on “How to REMOVE Subconscious Resistance to MANIFEST FAST! (Law of Attraction)

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  2. Is our subconscious letting in these informations spoken in affirmation forms enter when done by someone else, like will it notice it isn't our own voice so it might reject these new informations as a new truth or won't that matter?

  3. The bottom line is that you got to stop relying on physical proof early on, and start living as if you have it already so that your subciousness think you do and then compell you to do the work to be present and show you are worthy to have the physical version. Giving compliments to strangers also builds your self esteem and gets rid of all the negative blockage.

  4. How do you get past the emotional pain body? These things are somatic and therefore bypass conscious and subconscious thought completely. There is a layer below this…. That's why modalities like EFT exist.

  5. Thank you ! I appreciate your work so much❤️ every new video brings us closer to understanding and to ourselves. Isn’t this a beautiful time to be alive ? Blessings

  6. 1. I don't accept this thought any longer.
    2. I have moved past this lesson. I am now advancing to _______.
    3. Replace negative thoughts with affirmations.
    Practice with diligence.

  7. Hey Dr. Connor,
    Jeez Louise this is AMAZING! It would be difficult to put into words how much I look forward to your lessons. I guess one way to describe it would be that my mind and soul get "thirsty" after a while, and each new lesson is like a tall glass of water. I always feel so refreshed after listening to you, such a wonderful feeling! If possible, I would love to have a conversation with you about the 14 universal laws, and how they coincide with manifestation beyond the law of attraction. You are my "SUPER HERO" and I'm no longer afraid to say I love you for all you do and all you have taught me.

  8. friend you need to look deeper about what the sub mind can do there is nothing the sub can't do good or bad it is all about what you program in the computer you call the sub mind …understand the mind is a computer what you put in is what you get back change the mind change your life it is all about what you believe ..i have been in the study of the mind long before you where born well over 60 years

  9. Its very true how this video breaks down the conscious and subconscious mind. All things said in this video resonates.

  10. Once Again….FINALLY!! Something else you've posted that is SPECIFIC that I can use in my Manifestation Tool Box!! THANK YOU!! Liking this Video and Sharing!!

  11. Love your videos, thank you. I am so looking forward to the affirmation posting tomorrow. I listen to your previous one daily.

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