How To Use The Law Of Non Resistance | 4 Ideas – Life Booster #7. Season 2

How To Use The Law Of Non Resistance | 4 Ideas – Life Booster #7. Season 2

hello welcome to new dimension
integrating the laws of the universe this is how to use the law of
non-resistance would you resist will persist because when you are resisting
something you’re projecting negative energy towards whatever it is that
you’re resist and by doing so you’re making it harder for the problem to go
away pay attention to your body when you’re
struggling with something you’re not letting things flow and you’re blocking
the energy coming to you and out of you the first step is to notice that you’re
resisting something acknowledge the challenge and take whatever action you
can take right now in the present moment that is positive and that’s equal once you do your part try not to think
about it trust that the action you have taken
because it’s positive and ethical and it was the action you can take it that very
moment it is the right action and that you will receive back the same now if there’s nothing you can do about
it then let it be and forget about the love
not resistant is highly related to your life’s purpose when things are easy
simple and fun during the right direction your line and in the right direction
towards your life purpose and when your resistance something or something
becomes challenging or it takes a longer time to resolve then you’re going against or further
away from your life purpose resistance is related by our limiting
beliefs and fears by our opinions of how something or someone should be trust and
have faith that the universe is working for you all the time and for the best of you for the best of
everybody here’s some teams to help you use the
law of not resistance number one pay attention to your words try not to
resist to something by not using words like I don’t I want not I never and instead try to use words
that will get you closer to which wich want I am I am brace I deserve number to be
aware of your energy and make sure the energy flows you can do guided
meditations to help you train your mind to stay within the flow of life number three notice when a problem or a
challenge arises stop acknowledge it and then take
whatever action the you can take today towards solvent and if it takes too long
to get results then you need to change your strategy
look at other perspective other actions of the things you can do to see if you
can solve it and if you can solve it then let it be let it go and forget
about it number four notice with your resistance
and ask yourself can I accept or forgive the situation the person or the thing
I’m resistant for letting your body breathe through it and out of it until
the resistance resolves itself you will have succeeded at it once you
will feel that your lighter free expand it and align these was a new
dimension integrate in the laws of the universe how to use the law of non resistance I
hope you like it and i’ll see you next week

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