7 thoughts on “How would “red flag laws” work in Virginia?

  1. So confiscation without due process yeah we understand. I think Mark Warner needs his guns confiscated by force since he's got close affiliates, known racists Ralph Northam, Mark Herron,and Louise Lucas.Then Justin Fairfax who's been accused of forcible sexual misconduct. They should all get raided Under the Red Flag laws to just to make sure they don't have guns. Let it gets pushed through so we can start filing complaints against these dangerous unstable people.

  2. They don't. People have died because of these laws. The people are left with their devices such as knives, cars, etc. These laws are unconstitutional and the democrats are traitors to Virginia.

  3. Yeah take the firearm away from a domestic violence victim protecting herself and her family from a violent significant other while the Looney Left and politicians get protected by firearms. These sleazy crooks don't give two shits about the safety of others only themselves and their families.

  4. Blatant tyranny. As an Orthodox Jew these anti gun idiots have moved my family, myself, and my entire community to switch to right Republican Party. The right to life includes the right to self defense, how can you legalize abortion but not understand the right to self defense? Government has no business telling people what they can or can't use to defend their lives. All gun laws are tyranny, this is a blatant witch trial law. Taking property without due process because of rumors? What are we nazi Germany? Enough is enough! Abolish these tyrannical laws, all gun laws are unAmerican period.

  5. A judge is not a jury, since when did a judge come a jury? Red flag laws and family court are so unconstitutional it's not funny, why do we allow judges to act as a jury? This is total crap.

  6. All someone has to do, is lie to a court.
    Then your guns are gone.
    Defend yourself!
    We have secret courts in California now!
    You know nothing until the police show up.

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