“I Became The Government’s Mistake” Creepypasta Original

“I Became The Government’s Mistake” Creepypasta Original

My name’s Eddie Smith I was orphaned when
I was only an infant and I grew up in an orphanage out in Middle Tennessee that
was farmed out to a few foster homes before I turned 10 but for one reason or
another I always ended up back at the orphanage while I was there I learned
that I didn’t like school too much I didn’t like people much but I like to
fight and that might have been part of the reason my foster parents sent me
back but I couldn’t swear to it I didn’t care anyway I was angry most of the time
you know angry at the world angry at my parents for dying and
leaving me alone angry at God and man like as soon as I
turned 18 I joined the military the army it seemed like the ideal career but I
could fight blow shit up gun down the enemy hell I didn’t even care what the
supposed enemies had done as long as I got to fight and destroy it only made
one friend in the army name was Alvin Jones it was the only one who understood
me and even in the army family he and I ended up being outcasts the other
soldiers gave us a wide berth no matter where we were they didn’t outright
ostracize us but well it was pretty damn close if the army doesn’t like a soldier
whatever the reason the powers that be we’ll find a way to get rid of that
soldier remove them from the larger group in my case I was selected for a
special assignment it was a sort of a black ops mission although I had no
training for such a thing I was told I really didn’t have a choice
it was accepted or be court-martialed for trumped-up charges that would ruin
my career in the Army forever and likely send me to prison for the rest of my
life now I don’t know if they really could
have done all that or not but at 25 years old I wasn’t willing to risk it
I’d died in the jail cell and if they kicked me out and I didn’t go to prison
well I had no idea how I’d make a living as a civilian I had no other skill sets
so I accepted the black ops mission my transport would leave the following day
but no one would tell me exactly where the hell I was headed it was a secret
location or an undesignated location according to all the paperwork which
wasn’t much I had only signed three forms just to be
honest I didn’t even read over them I just skimmed that evening Alvin and I
sat in the mess hall for supper I wanted to tell him I’d be leaving the next day
but I’ve been sworn to secrecy and they had said that was of the utmost
importance that I not tell anyone anything about it
so anxious as I was well I kept my damn mouth shut
the next morning at 4:00 I was waiting for my transport which turned out to be
a military Hummer the driver was a big dude and a uniformed passenger was an
older guy in a suit with dark sunglasses and I tossed in my bag and climbed into
the sea when we didn’t immediately start moving I told them I was ready and the
suit asked where’s the other guy paperwork says there’s two of you
soldier I told him I wasn’t aware anyone else was being selected to go on this
mission and he flipped open a file thumb the couple of pages and closed it again
and Alvin Jones it says do you know him I said I did and he told me to go find
him and light a fire under his ass I headed for barracks building see and
Alvin nearly mowed me down as he rounded the corner pulling
his uniform jacket on while fumbling with his bag he asked me what the hell I
was doing there I told him we were selected for the same mission and that
he was late we needed to go back in the Hummer the suit ordered the driver to
get us out of there and straight to the plane then he lit into Alvin for being
late I asked the suit if he was military and he told me in no uncertain terms
that my ass was his for the foreseeable future
and all I needed to know about him was that he was in charge hell I didn’t like
it oh there wasn’t much I could do about it the guy was a real lass so I stayed
quiet we met a plane there’s a small plane was already ready and idling on a
runway in the middle of nowhere it looked like a concrete runway in the
middle of some farmer’s field Alvin gave me a worried look but I
shrugged it off the black ops mission after all the plane took off immediately
with a suit sitting behind me and Alvin it unnerved
Alvin apparently because he kept looking back at the guy as we flew the pilot
landed us in a desert the runway looks similar to the one in the farmer’s field
except there was no concrete just hard packed dirt and after the rough landing
the suit led us out and away from the plane the only thing I could see was a
12-foot chain-link fence topped with hurricane wire the hurricane wire was
angled toward the inside of the lot and I have to admit that that image scared
me it was meant to keep people inside the fenced area not to prevent outsiders
from entering over the fence the suit walked up to the gate looked at his
watch and then pointed to a whirl of dust eddying towards us from inside I
asked him what was out there and he just laughed as the jeep pulled up to the
gate and a man in an army uniform unlocked the gate saluting him as he
walked past before I stepped through the gate I looked around and saw nothing but
desert in every direction stretch for miles all around us I had a
bad feeling about the place and our reason for being there it couldn’t be
anything good the Jeep took us a mile in the entrance to the facility was a ramp
that went underground the walls floor and ceiling were concrete and the only
light was the long segments of fluorescence the hung overhead as we
drove the temperature dropped considerably as we continued to descend
we came to an enormous Round Room we got out and the Jeep circled heading back
out the same way we entered the ceiling was probably I don’t know 50 feet above
us the suit had us follow him into one of the several rooms around the
perimeter of the circle the room he closed the door and told us the sit he
sorted through a few papers and handed us each a stack mr. Jones you no longer
exist he grinned showing his small white teeth and the grin never reached his
sinister eyes the door opened and two burly men in hospital whites flanked
Alvin where he sat the suit said you will go with these two gentlemen and I
advise you to do as they ask he nodded to the men and when Alvin started to
question one of the men used a taser gun on him and they dragged him out I stood
immediately but the suit warned me not interfere mr. Smith or you’ll follow him
I assure you that your fate is a better one with the other men gone
suit walk to the door you will accompany me I didn’t move I want to know what’s
going on here where the hell you take an Alvin you’ve laughed and shook his head
huh you’ll see I followed him out of that room and dad a long brightly lit
corridor and I could hear the distant hum of a ventilation system he stopped
that an elevator and we waited a long time for it to open once inside I saw
that there were only three buttons in a single row he pressed the middle one
holding his finger over it for a few seconds a loud beep sounded and the door
too slid shut we were going down it seemed like the ride took a couple of
minutes I started getting nervous in the suit man laughed it’s just taking us a
few hundred feet down nothing to be worried about it’s a security measure
the door is open then we got out there were three identical corridors each was
20 feet wide and a mile long I know because the placard at the beginning of
each corridor as stated the measurements along with the hours as if they were
businesses the far left corridor had the word good printed on both walls and
three-foot letters the center one read bad and the far right one said ugly
someone’s attempt at humor down here in the hole they don’t get out much and
entertain themselves however they can the suit took off and down the good
corridor about thirty feet in there was a door on the right that opened into a
large room that looked like any normal break room in a factory with vending
machines tables chairs and a couple of TV’s on the walls and even a sink it was
administered a series of shots they called
vaccinations they would be repeated on a quarterly basis they were to keep me
safe from diseases I’ve never even heard of him well hell I couldn’t even
pronounce him mr. Smith I need you to understand that you died shortly before
the end of your tour in Afghanistan last week he opened his file and read from a
paper you died tragically in a vehicle accident
none combat or anything so messy I was taken back I told him I didn’t
understand but the creeping cold taking hold of my guts told me all I needed to
know I no longer existed to the outside world or in the military and that’s why
he kept calling me mr. Smith instead of specialist Smith which was my rank title
after the initial shock wore off he told me that I was in the broad-based genetic
experimentation facility owned and run by the CIA they were working on genetic
mutations of the human and animal species I was going to be a glorified
janitor in my new life I would be responsible for cooking food for some of
the patients serving their food and seeing to their housekeeping means and
you could be their friend if you so choose but I really don’t recommend
bonding with any of them you’ll understand why later he motioned me to
follow him through the door in the back of the room it opened to the largest
industrial kitchen I had ever seen it must have covered nearly an acre holy
shit how many patients are in here I looked over the cavernous kitchen with
all of its equipment overwhelmed that the sheer size of it
hard to say the numbers change drastically from one month to another
month as patients come and go he pointed to a law
section of the kitchen this will be your area your pantry is there you’ll be
expected to follow specific recipes to a tea no variations you’ll keep it clean
and perform your duties without having to be supervised
is that understood fuck I’ve never cooked more than a hamburger before I
told them oh these recipes are simple to follow
I’ll have the utmost faith in your ability to execute your duties he left
go into the pantry and you’ll find your new uniform this one is no good to you
anymore he pointed to my jacket and smirked and after your first shift I’ll
show you where you’ll shower and sleep he turned on his heel and left me
standing in that giant kitchen with my heart and my gut my future looking
dimmer than ever I headed for the pantry I wouldn’t stay at the facility for long
after all there had to be a wake to escape my new uniform was baggy black
pants held up with elastic in a drawstring and the shirt was a baggy
white t-shirt and a pair of black non-skid crocks I didn’t wear that kind
of clothes even when I was on leave hell they looked terrible felt worse and well
I fucking hated them the shells of the pantry were lined with boxes for labels
they had used letters from the alphabet there were boxes labeled with single
letters from A to Z cold storage was the same it was plastic totes labeled the
single letters I didn’t open any of them to inspect the contents until I found my
assignment sheet it hung on a clipboard inside the pantry entrance they had
already been labeled with my name I had 10 patients down the good corridor and
to one the bad and ugly halls there were no patient names only room numbers
every patient on the good haul only got one thing to eat and it came from the
boxes labeled with an a having a box from the pantry I set it on the prep
table and opened it it was full of what looked like IV bags full of blood I
checked my sheet and saw that the two patients on the bad hall were supposed
to get whatever came in the box is labeled D and E I checked those boxes
one held dead rats wrapped in plastic and the other contained dead frogs
wrapped in plastic I thought someone was joking surely none of this was what I
had signed up for or enforced until after all what kind of patient would eat
that shit I laughed and started going through the boxes but I stopped laughing
pretty soon I didn’t laugh when I opened the plastic totes in the cold storage
in fact I gagged there were partially frozen human body parts in those they
weren’t fake either I’ve seen lots of severed body parts in my time and these
have been ripped off at the joints some were cleanly cut but not many and in one
tote there were vacuum sealed bags with brain halves in them as I headed out of
the coolers to go demand answers from the suit guy or anyone else I could find
the sounds of pots clanking and the low conversations of men stalled me in the
pantry easing out of the pantry I saw that other men dressed the same as me
were moving around in other parts of the kitchen stalking out into the break room
and then into the good hall I saw no one else I’d punched the button on the
elevator and when the doors slid open I pressed the top button
thinking it would take me back up but the lighted ring around the button
turned red and a buzzer blares I held my thumb on the button for several seconds
as I had seen the other guy do but the red lay appeared and the buzzer
blares again the third time I tried the buzzer blared out of its warning and
part of the roof slid open a panel of guns aimed at me and a voice over a PA
system ordered me to exit the elevator and I wasn’t authorized to use it I ran
down the hallway I booked it there were sliding glass doors covered with
curtains on either side the room numbers were on the white curtains I wanted out
so I ran the length I mean surely there’d be an exit at the end but there
was only a blank wall just then the suits boys came over the speaker system
mr. Smith if you have to be supervised even once you will find yourself on the
other side of one of those curtains do your job I walked to the first curtain
and flung it aside there was a man in a hospital gown standing on the other side
of the glass he looked frail Haggard and scared
he had a shackle around one ankle that tethered him to the cinderblock wall on
the far side of the nearly empty room it was a five-gallon bucket in one corner
and a few blankets on the floor in the other corner nothing else beside the
door was a pad that had instructions printed over its top place thumb
unbuttoned until light turns green the room number had not been on my list but
I put my thumb on the button anyway the light remained red and after a few
seconds a buzzer sounded now remembering the guns in the elevator I went back to
the kitchen the cooks weren’t much help either the only answer I got from them
no matter what I asked was to do my job so I loaded a rolling cart with ten bags
of blood and took my list to the hallway I held my thumb over the button of the
first room in the light turn green allowed clicks sounded and I could slide
open the door the woman ran to a corner and looked at
me with terror on her face I held up the bag of blood she reached for it
whimpering I backed out slowly when she took it and started draining it into her
mouth all the rooms were identical and all the patients seemed like normal
people who were just scared and half starved I moved to the bad hallway my
rooms were halfway down the corridor one on each side I pushed back the curtain
and the room was the same as the others but the thing in was not human at least
not totally it was a humanoid body with the face of a snub-nosed dog it growled
from the corner with the blankets and I moved to the other room and pushed back
the curtain to see the same kind of creature with long dark fur over its
head face chest and back and stomach the rest of it had very thin light fur and
its snout was longer I opened the doors and tossed than their
meals a rat and frog and left almost at her run one of the cooks stopped me and
made me calm down he told me that you had been there since he was 20 and he
had no way of knowing how many years I had been for my estimation he looked to
be nearing 40 my blood ran cold he told me they spliced genes and then mutated
them so the host would accept them without dying
the CIA ran the place so it might as well not even exist
he said the whole place was rigged with the failsafe to keep anything from
escaping the failsafe was a lockdown followed by
fire every foot of the facility was rigged with natural gas outlets that
would burn any and all living things before they could get outside he helped
me with the ugly halt food which was brain halves and severed arm he tried to
prepare me but when I saw those creatures hell I thought I’d go mad they
looked like Siamese twins joined from the breast to hip one was humanoid
though it looked like a zombie and the other half was alien gray the Chad the
cook helping me he had to feed them I couldn’t even move he said eventually
one half or the other would take over the government’s hope was to meld them
together and make an alien-human hybrid who would walk among people undetected
well I didn’t know how he knew and quite honestly I didn’t really care I worked
that way for far too long I was 25 when I went in and I didn’t escape until I
was 32 and Alvan well he never got out he became one of my wards and he started
out on the good hallway first he begged and pleaded for me to kill him then he
became silent and fearful snatching the blood bags from me just as all the
others had i sat with him some days in my spare time but now I was careful to
stay out of reach he lost all ability to communicate after
a while and then one day he was on the bad hallway he grew fur all over his
body he became violent and I had to carry a cattle prod when I went in to
clean his room Alvin or whatever was that he became mean well he died soon
after that transformation I mean of course the one who found him and that’s
when I found out that we were in charge of disposing of corpses – it was the one
time that I actually met another worker at the facility with a job different
than mine as I was escorted to the cremation chamber I formed my first
escape plan as well there was no way off my floor without an escort who had
clearance the clearance was in their thumb prints
now I chatted a little with my escort who was heavily armed and I asked him
how long he’d been there got around to asking if he’d been topside recently he
said that he had been the week prior he had met a food delivery truck now the
conversation went on until I had determined the man at clearance all the
way to the outside or rather his thumb had clearance and four months I planned
how it would subdue him kill him cut off his thumb and then get the hell out of
there during those months I felt myself changing but I wasn’t scared anymore I
was back to being me again and hell it felt great I served three meals a day
and cleaned up all my patients rooms quickly so I could get back to my small
room and exercise I booked up quicker than ever my energy
level was out of the roof and as I built up my food rations were generously
bulked up as well during these months none of my patients
died that meant there was no need of the security guy during that time I would
have to kill one of my patients I decided it would be the male who took
Alvin’s cell on the bad hall I went into his room and looked him over as he stood
snarling in the corner a cattle prod kept him at bay an adrenaline pulsed
through my veins as I envisioned what I was going to do to him I tossed the
cattle prod to the floor motion for him to advance on me finally he charged me
it’s kind of a blur after that but I do remember being bitten several times I
was bigger and stronger but damn he was fast it was like trying to hold on to a
greased pig and in the end I wrapped my arm around his throat and strangled him
to death I went back to the break room pod a small knife to the strings on my
awful pants pulling my shirt down to hide it and cleaned up before reporting
the death a few minutes later the same security guy ambled into the hall
motioned with his rifle for me to follow him and we went to the room to collect
the corpse I slid the cattle-prod under the creatures dead body on the gurney
while the security guy waited outside whistling and in the cremation chamber
well I chatted as I had before it seemed the guy held the same clearance level as
before as he extended his arm to press the button that would open the
crematorium the door I hit him across the back of the head as
hard as I could with a prod he hit the floor and I stomped on his neck until I
heard the bones break he stopped the moving I cut off his right thumb and
pressed it on the button the light turned green and the door opened I
wouldn’t have much time before he was missed and someone came looking for
and so I ran to the elevator and it took me up the rooms were empty as I ran for
the tunnel past the round room the tunnel was empty as I ran up its incline
and out into the bright burning Sun oh there was nobody anywhere out there I
ran in the direction I had been brought in years before my head pounded and my
muscles burned as the fence came into sight I heard a piercing alarm in the
distance and several large dust clouds rose from the direction of the facility
the thumb worked on the gate and I slipped out closing it behind me the Sun
was low and the night would fall within a couple of hours and my running slowed
to a jog and then to a fast walk the vehicles that chased me had gone in
several directions and I couldn’t tell where they were in the dimming light and
one one Jeep came close I buried myself in a sand dune to avoid detection and it
worked the next morning before sunrise I was back where the airplane had landed a
small plane idled on the runway probably getting ready to go pick up another
shipment of recruits I boarded the plane and overpowered the pilot forcing him to
fly me out of there and I killed him and jumped from the
plane into a lake somewhere over Arizona all that was eight months ago in the
meantime well I found employment with a
landscaping company and I’ve rented an economy apartment under a false name you
know it’s amazing what cover stories you could come up with to get legal
documents in nowadays I’ve been undergoing changes that I
don’t like though you see my tempers slowly getting worse it’s to the point
where no one will work with me anymore which well that’s fine with me and my
appetite is ament’s it is incredibly huge I want all
my meat bloody rare sometimes not even cooked at all
I’ll eat it fresh out of the pack from the store the bones and my face ache all
the time as of under extreme pressure from the inside my once decent looks
have faded completely now I’m beginning to notice little patches of itchy fur
sprouting from odd places on my body I hope it’s not what I think it is but the
vaccination shots were scheduled for the day after I busted out the facility
nothing to do for it except wait and see

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46 thoughts on ““I Became The Government’s Mistake” Creepypasta Original

  1. That's the Damn Government for you all fuckn with shit all the Time.. LoL 🀣 …Thank you CGS for the Simply Creepyalicious 😨 Narration!! I hope that you and everyone else has a Humpalicious πŸͺ Day tooπŸ’‹ much love Sexy Grandma Darkness;).. okay I may … Pushed It to far😏… Oops ( my ??..What did CGS just say (πŸ’©) polite …Awe ❀️!!.. Lovealicious ya!!! much love Sexy Grandma Darkness;)

  2. Go figure! The government and their secrets make good CreepyPasta! Feels weird to listen in the daylight hours. I actually got to this early. Great everything! Happy hump day to you and all!!! πŸ’œπŸ–€πŸ’€


  4. CGS you are doing such a magnificent job, you are keeping your fans on their toes and looking several times a day to see if you did a new upload(in case YT notifications don't alert us). I will speak for the fans (I guess no one will get pissed I'm doing so) but you are spoiling us, fantastic tales, and fantastic VOICE. KEEP EM ROLLING OUT PLEASE 😊

    PS what would you think about doing a collaboration with Horror Readings By Buzzy??? Just curious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

  5. Creepy,
    Sorry for being late. I had to go to the Dr. for a check up from 2 weeks ago being in the hospital. I got good news. He was happy I gained weight.(I was too.) Great job as always on the story I hope you & everyone else has a great night.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  6. Great story ,,and I don't doubt a bit that there is a bunch of underhanded stuff going on that no one knows about ,,this government I'd sneaky, I know I'm NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS THIS WAY !!!!!

  7. I've only been commenting recently on you tuba. I'm normally a silent listener but your story's just suit yo voice so well and visa versa.
    Deep story.
    Eve if mi dont comment, we defo will be listening bro.
    Thanks again perfect bedtime story πŸ™‚
    Part of it reminded me of when I worked as a MLA assisting insane pathologists n Morticians lol
    Bless we mate

  8. Cool vid first one of yours I have seen. Subscribed and looking forward to more. Great voice for these type storys. Thanks D.W.

  9. I put nothing passed the army. They use humans to reach their goals, as if they were mere flies. Whats easier prey than an orphan .

  10. The CIA managed to artificially create fucking werewolves… Welp, it’s not the worst thing they’ve done, let’s be honest. πŸ˜‚

  11. 😲😲😲 oh the itchy furry palms need scratching again…. my face aches and more fur to comb on my cheeks ..
    My eyebrows are growing furry ears and they need combing now.
    The feet that fitted in a danty sandles now only attired in fur lined boots. The fur provided by myself. .. I feel so strange and I wait…..

  12. The government did an experiment on my x girlfriend. When I broke up with her she got on EBT food stamps. From a pretty skinny healthy lady, I ran into her at the supermarket and realized the experiment turned her into a 350 pound huminoid boar.
    It's a scary world we live in.

  13. If I was in that dudes situation with secret service and he told me to cook for the people I would tell him to shoot me dead right here. Or I will just hold my breath in for ever

  14. If he was dead then how did anyone see him? This story makes no sense. When you die your brain cells die. If you gave people new once’s and new Oregon’s they would be a different person in the same body

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