100 thoughts on “IKEA Employees Answer Your Questions

  1. hmm, interesting. try guys make their ikea video. less than a day later. Buzzfeed suddenly releases an "ikea" video. totally not suspicious at all buzzfeed.

  2. I got lost in Ikea with my friend and we tried so hard to find the exit but we couldn’t after like an hour so we just ran down the up escalator…….

  3. Im a current IKEA product specialist, where my co workers at?

    They did a good job covering the questions! I think the veggie dogs are underrated tbh and the daim cakes slapppp.

  4. I work at IKEA in Ohio. This video is speaking the truth! I work in the restaurant, so I see a lot of family drama and screaming, howling children whose parents are too busy being their friend than their parent. My favorite party trick is to wish people happy birthday in Swedish when they get their free meatball meal for their birthday.

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  6. I love Ikea for accessories, kitchenware, lights, linens, etc… Hate the furniture though hahaha! It is forbidden in my home.

  7. I miss working at IKEA. I've seen beds break with customers sitting on them, someone tried to leave their kids with me, ppl get lost then want to fight lol…it was a mess!

  8. IKEA is cheaper than most furniture shops, but really good quality. Almost 75% of my house is IKEA products, and I have to say, the gingerbread snaps are my FAVORITE!

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  10. I've been to IKEA with my mom and aunt and the way I could get my Aunt out of the rug section was to say my mom "fainted". We came back with 4 chairs on the top of my aunt's little vw and we had to cross the border to get to IKEA. Fun trip

  11. I love going to ikea but my bf hates it… I guess he doesn't understand that's a date for me 😅 I don't even need to go there to buy something.. I just want to go there to spend some time appreciating everything there is 🙄😂

  12. As a Swede, I would be really dissapointed if the employees in an IKEA-store couldn't pronounce the items… I been to IKEA in Florida once and said, sort of loud, every item I say with a proper pronounciation.

  13. Anyone know why malm dressers and beds are returned so often?

    I know that the dressers had the recall, but what about the beds…?

  14. one time when I was little I went to IKEA and there was this mom screaming her head off at her teenager and the teenager was sitting somewhere on her phone and was like "but you promised…"
    and I was watching like it was a movie and it stuck with me all these years lmao

  15. I’m all about the Princess Cake. Swedish Princess cake uses hella eggs I only get it on special occasions meaning every time I go to IKEA

  16. When that guy said hi in Swedish as heyed, my swedish ancestors wanted to sing for tomten to come out and smack him across the face

  17. i went to ikea with my dad and sister, my sister got lost and i started crying. my dad was yelling at me even tho i weren’t supposed to look after her, then she just like spawned out of nowhere and called me fuckface. it was pretty traumatising.

  18. I've never gotten lost in IKEA. You just need to read the room and you figure out how the store often puts up its products the more towards the exit you go.

  19. I’m really hoping the two guys that talked together went on a date ngl they r perfect for eachother 😂 sorry if they arnt gay

  20. OMGGGGG I worked at IKEA and a guy litterally slept on one of the couches for at least an hour and I wasn't sure what to do hahahahahahaha

  21. Ikea should come up with email receipt. Everytime I want to return the item, I can’t find the receipt. It is so annoying

  22. Jonathan: we close at 9

    Me: well I grew up somewhere else and so over there it is 7, so move out of my way it’s only 2 hours till closing

  23. The only burning question I have for IKEA is: “how were you able to just sit and do nothing while thousands of children were killed by your MALM dresser?” But that’s probably out of scope for these employees.

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