43 thoughts on “ILL BILL – "Society Is Brainwashed" Official Video

  1. @R9T1 No he's not a satanist. He is pointing out secret societies and the overwhelming corruption that plagues our world as a result of them using religion and politics as a vice to put a strangle hold on the people. I have done the research on politics, religion and secret societies and I can assure you Bill has as well and what he spits is the truth.

  2. ill bill is sick in the track. wish he did more stuff with tech though.
    fun fact time 🙂
    immortal technique has now got a great partnership with DJ green lantern,
    who used to be a mainstream DJ for eminem.

    good job converting him tech.


  3. the focus of this song is the beginning of verse 2. william cooper was a soldier til the day the feds killed him. most awesome sob you'll ever see, president clinton called him the "most dangerous" radio host in america.

  4. Real shit! RIP William "Bill" Cooper! You were a true inspiration, influence, and role model for all of us who are aware of you.

  5. @R9T1 i doubt he means he worships satan. he probably just says it because hes not a christian and in christianity it says if youre not born of christ then you are born of the devil, hence son of satan. probably among other references to the term too

  6. ill bill is saying that anything you could not get with out spending cash is a fire under your ass, and just uneccassary.

  7. I wish there was just someone at school who thought like i did, See the situation the way i do i need someone else like me to share my shit with him her

  8. sorry everyone its to late, everyone is to pussy or to stupid to do anything about it.

    its all over the government wins. as rediculus as it may sound if ur paying attention you know this is true. i will not have children becuase i dont want to be responsible for bringing a concious being into this world anymore.

  9. Where are the real FANS AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! comments from a year ago COME ON!!!!!!!!
    I think they were BRAINWASHED.
    I listen to Ill Bill every single second, minute, hour, day, etc..

  10. that man william cooper that bill refers to in this song predicted 9/11 just months before it happened and predicted that osama bin ladin will be blamed for it even though hes not the one whos actually behind it. then lo and behold the feds gun him down in front of his house not even 2 months after 9/11

  11. VOTE RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2012. (check out his you tube vids) Copy and paste this wherever and whenever you can. ITS TIME FOR THIS UNRELIABLE ASS GOVERNMENT TO MAKE A CHANGE.

  12. @R9T1
    I think a true satanist would not be trying to awaken the masses to the great deceptions. The way I see it (no idea if I'm correct) is that he can identify with satanism in some aspects, like the hatred of man (channeled towards the evil and ignorant), and need to resort to violence and other drastic measures. It's like….once you live in the belly of the beast long enough….it affects you and the sorts of tactics you would use against others, no matter your goal.

  13. ill bill and necro are not satanists,they use them{god-satan} as a metaphor more to get to the point that human nature is one way or another,they also touch on subjects that no one will dare too.So if points get brought out that that make you think thats good.Are you a goon or a sheep,hunter or hunted,if you listen to nonphixion,necro had alot to do with them,necro likes gore so thats that,ill bill has been more political in his lyrics so just take a good listen and it will come to you

  14. @R9T1 He was implying that EVERYONE is a satanist cause they don't truly see the world they were born into, if we don't question something we more commonly support it right ? and due to the fact most people in power are parts of secret societies and are crooked in what they really do, if we support them it makes us crooked too, i think that's what he was getting at.

  15. @amesy187 Good questing 0:14 seems like some painting, guy in back breakdancing/partying with the upside down cross, some dogs fightin' i think behind him and what looks like to be a hungry kid in the front blocking his ears, and, with what looks to me like a form of burn/tatto on hes chest, number 6-5 and maybe 5-7 cant see i dunno heeh, my first thought, anti-christ? 😛
    0:15 someone alien in at spit sec. 🙂
    Hehe i dont know but pretty interesting video no matter what!


  16. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed*.

    * unless the infringement is signed by the state governor, is desired by the local sheriff, or if the person is not weathly / well connected.

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