Impeachment Spawns New Scandals Despite Democrats’ Narrow Focus | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Impeachment Spawns New Scandals Despite Democrats’ Narrow Focus | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Impeachment Spawns New Scandals Despite Democrats’ Narrow Focus | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Trump has enabled a feeding frenzy of corruption since day one.
    Nothing is out of the question – just cut-trump-in on any corrupt deals.

  2. That energy contract, conjured up by perry and his donors, should be declared void by ukraine and perry needs to face consequences for his behaviour!

  3. Dr Phil's 8 warning signs for Bad Guys.
    What Happens When The Narcissist Destabilizes

  4. We voters are nothing, we r Innocent and naive… drain the swamp?… this is just the tip of the iceberg. Brace your self for what will come out after Trump leaves office an he can not longer cover up anything.

  5. The Drumpf administration had a problem with corruption in the Ukraine… specifically that there wasn't enough, and they weren't getting enough kickbacks.

  6. Poor Adam Schiff…. He already looks older than his age. It's enough to age a person of keen interest, investigating Trump's crimes.

  7. I wonder what Zelensky's re-election chances are in the future beyond all this fiasco in Washington. As a new president he has come across (understandably) as a helpless and hapless string puppet. The Kremlin must be loving this – chaos like this weakens the Ukrainian bargaining ability in any future peace talks over the Donbas Region – they will never get the Crimea back, that train has long since left the station. Trump's administration in Europe are petulant, chaotic and self-serving. The US allies across the globe must be seriously wondering about whether they have hitched themselves to worst of Superpowers.

  8. That’s why impeachment is not enough. Criminal convictions are needed. Especially for those WILLFULLY caring out trumps greedy agenda’s. Better yet, upon conviction, expatriation should also be considered upon conviction. I’m referring to mitch mcconnell, sarah sanders, mike pence, etc. Then deport them after seizing all their assets. THAT would be justice and a reminder that our freedoms are not up for negotiations or for sale! They are traitors to our democracy.

  9. Naughty Trump team in Ukraine – agreed. But how is young Zelensky considered a 'reformist'? He and his cronies clearly saw nothing wrong with giving deals to Perry's oil cronies. And very quickly too – one month after Perry's visit. Are the Ukrainians who voted Zelensky in ok with that?

  10. You know the story is fake news when it starts with “and meanwhile the president is being impeached” when he should be saying “well, this is our 4th failed attempt to impeach our president on bogus charges, we’re so stupid we actually thought the first three would work too!!” Haha

  11. What Zelenski didn’t know is that Trump wants to gift Ukraine to Putin as an anniversary present so that he’ll continue to keep a lid on all that salacious, damning compromat he has hanging over Trump’s head.

  12. Our POTUS clearly does not wish to upset his Russian boss, except for a few pretend issues. Ukraine really matters big time to our most pugnacious enemy.

  13. Why "Mr Tramp" are you letting amateurs make damned decisions for our country/lives without you even knowing who these individuals are?

  14. Russia can never become a superpower again without Ukraine. We have to mess up in Ukraine so bad that they disown us for Russia to have a shot. Everything leads to putin

  15. Rachel the way you presented this story was perfect. Just enough humor under the radar. More importantly the message came across loud and clear, the US presidency and it’s administrative staff riddled with corruption. Ukraine trying to end corruption only to be Thrown into another sea of corruption but this time from the United States. Marie Yavanovich removed and Rick Perry inserted in. What a sad stage in American history. We need to impeach this president.

  16. Trump has turned out being the Rev. Jim Jones of the Republican Party. His cult of followers drink his koolaid of lies, corruption and divisiveness.

  17. Why would Trump attend anyone's inauguration? He has to be centerstage at all functions. His ego can barely stand anything non-Trump related.

  18. WHAT?!? You mean the guy who sued the EPA numerous times because of pollution limitations, has used the office of the EPA to go to a country Trump's extorting info from to sign fossil fuel deals? I'm shocked I tell you! SHOCKED!

  19. A
    stable Ukraine is not in Trumps best interest. Where others saw corruption he
    saw opportunity, for him and his cronies. He wanted to, like Putin did in Russia,
    pick their bones and insert persons like Rick gates in lucrative industry. Ambassador
    Yovanovitch and others stood as roadblocks to impede his nefarious goals. At
    the core of all Trump motives you must always consider this objective, “How can
    I cash in?”

  20. This is an emergency. Trump is ruining the country. We should suspend the constitution and start regulating better what people can say. Trump's words are all hate crimes….We will fail if we try to use legal remedies…

  21. The world now see that trump has corrupted his administration ,so why should their believe his words, his actions against the Kurds proved that ,has more evidence is coming to light day after day , trump's full intentions are becoming clear

  22. I forgot about the ridiculous reading of this by Nunes. I thought it actually expose more of Trumps wrongdoing. It showed zalenski was desperate for American help and Trump kept denying him and did deny him in the end not going to his inauguration.

  23. What was trump’ mandate clean the swamp ? He had the guts didn’t he… he has all the b grade goons, b grade swamp animal show! Awarded supported by beguiled people who wanted to destroy the system and now the law and order , constitution and now democracy is in tow !


  25. Literally the whole past 3 years has just been: elect the dumbest man in the world president, watch the country fall apart, surprised pikachu meme

  26. Maybe trump’s newest spin is that he wanted to demonstrate to Zelensky how insidiously corruption works. How you can have the most noble of ideals end still end up with corruption.

  27. Perry crooked that's nothing new down here in the great state of Texas his whole political career has been like the shape of a dog's hind leg🐕

  28. Instead of Bowing for Dollars (an old game show). Let's start a new one called "Bowling for Trump's Criminals" . We would all get rich in one day.🙄

  29. Looking in from the outside, the USA brand is already diminished. The US product was never seen as quality any how. Now Trump’s obstruction in trade has unleashed buyers around the world to look elsewhere and, surprise, better quality, better deals are out there. Trump is doing long term damage.

  30. Is anyone else even more worried about Trump’s private meetings with Putin? Syria, Ukraine, breaking relations with long time USA allies?? The republican mafia guard dogs seem to think he is too stupid to effectively execute such a scam (which clearly he is), but his intent is clear.

  31. This is why Texas should go blue, Texas is full of these corrupt Republicans, it's a snake pit, with Cruz being one of the worst. There may be a few "real" Republicans left, but they are few and far, far, far between.

  32. It's clearly not that they want to end corruption from controlling Ukraine, it's that they wanted only THEIR corruption controlling Ukraine and the knock on effect is using that corrupt influence over Ukraine for further corrupt personal/political benefits.

  33. The political appointment sought by Perry is exactly the same as the one procured by Biden's son. Is Perry's son on that list of trusted advisors?

  34. Is tbe Rick Perry scoop not blockbuster news? And yet the AP reported on it last week and nothing has been made of it?
    Ukraine awarded one of his donours a lucrative drilling contract over a company who submitted a bid for millions less. Why has this not garnered more attention?

  35. Trump has to be THE most corrupt human being on Earth. He is a talented lowdown hustler. Only if he REALLY used that talent for the good of US and its people instead himself…..

  36. Trump has to be THE most corrupt human being on Earth. He is a talented lowdown hustler. Only if he REALLY used that talent for the good of US and its people instead himself…..

  37. Trump is so stressed by his own self made drama that he is going to have a stroke. His Dr. Should say that. Especially with his high fat diet

  38. With Trump its always about protecting and progressing Russia's national security interests even if that endangers America's national security interests.

  39. So one of the impeachment articles should reflect that the entire trump administration lacks the ethics ideology of public services but rather self before service. Sounds like a good reason to impeach to keep this president from bringing on more self serving personnel who could care less about our country and serve only themselves.

  40. What happened to the Republican Party? At what point in history did it stop being for the benefit of the people and started being solely for the benefit of the elected officials? Most importantly, how do they keep fooling their supporters that they’re doing things in their interest?

  41. Maddow and her Network have not had any credability since the 2016 dem primary. Cannot wait for the indicments to clean up this trash.

  42. They need to fix immigration policies and give these children that were born here there birth certificates. The Demoncrats have a body count and nothing is ever done. They want to keep putting aborted fetuses in our food and sell aborted fetuses body parts to organizations. They asked Nigeria for free oil or else

  43. Deep State is actually Trump’s State of Corruption. If you ain’t corrupt, you ain’t invited. If you are a person of integrity, there’s the door.

  44. Lmol omg all this pepper crooks for a long time they just needed a poster boy like Traitor tRump to give them balls smh lmol

  45. To work for trump you need to be as corrupt as trump which; pence, perry, pompeo, barr, mulvaney, ross, mnuchin, kellyanne conway, grisham and the rest of the trump toadies; are….Impeach Indict Jail trump! Jail the rest of the trump toadies! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump and the cowardly gop thugs!….great reporting Rachel.

  46. Rick Perry is going to prison. I know they are ALL scrambling to save face. Get away from Trump and cooperate with Congress. Of not, you're eventually going to jail.

  47. These people are destroying our nation with their greed and corruption. These acts are not borderline anything but outright treason to any ethical and moral obligation our own government has to its people and abrogates any responsibility for the deaths and destruction which will be attributed to our populous and the corruption that this presidency has spawned. Trumpers are endangering the very fiber of the nation they are pretending to be patriots of. Anarchy and lawlessness is ruling from the direction of the President

  48. Rick Perry is a huge disgrace and embarrassment to ALL Texans and Americans. Shame on him and the rest of the criminals in tRump's orbit.

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