In my words   Political System Practicals

In my words Political System Practicals

So the practical systems. Ah! Political system, practical component of it. Practicals. I m not covering too much of the practical
here. Things are more or less clear. As, if the principles are clear then the practicals
are details just you understand, understanding the practical aspects is not very difficult. Its very logical and simple. They are just more or less like instructions
and you just follow them. But principles are important to understand
that’s why I spent a little more time. This is very clear. This is very simple. I m using the democratic style here. I will not go into details of why I m doing
it. That is more or less what Prabhupada suggested. So if you want details you can go back to
the project and see. In sum and substance, the King replaces sorry
a committee, a body of governing people called, Prabhupada called them as “Executive Directors”
for temple basically. So I m calling them as such. ED, ED’s (Executive Directors) aa.. they
may be 3 or 4 or 5. I m taking them 5 here. And “Advisory committee”. These are advising Brahmana committee. There will also be a committee. They will be giv.. they they will be a.. advising
the ED. And ED will be passing down as state laws
for the citizens. Now, this this can be applied to ISKCON and
or otherwise other organization or the world itself in fact. Aaa. Aaa. By Varnashrama system or the principles of
what the Lord has given, what to speak of this small ISKCON, the entire world can be
organized. Its not a very big thing. At least on paper. I m saying.. I m sorry, I m saying ISKCON is small because
it is expected. “manuñyäëäà sahasreñu” You cannot
be controlling everyone in the.. we cannot expect that everybody will want to go back
to Godhead and follow. So that’s why I m saying. Don’t take me wrong. So, basically things are clear here. It is as simple as this. Not in details. But more or less this. Now, there is one very important point here
regarding “Brahmanas”. Now, you see, I will discuss this only in
terms of little political angle. Human nature and political angle. See, Why there is sometimes problem in a governance? Any big or small. Even if there is one person incharge and and
2 people following. Sometimes the there is a problem. The incharge becomes problematic sometimes. Why he looses his integrity? Why he doesn’t follow. .. why he does not want to aa.. follow the
Lords order? Or why he doesn’t want to do good to people
in general? Sometimes why does that happen? Specially in Kaliyuga .. even other yugas
we see, Dhuryoghan is there and other people are there. The reason why an incharge or the executive
people or anybody for that matter but specifically those who are leading, a leader becomes corrupt
is because he is attached to sense gratification. His integrity fails, because of certain sense
gratification that he is attached to. That is the main cause. So, that’s why .. somebody has to be incharge. It doesn’t matter. Now we will say oh, because, there has to
be somebody accountable that why Brahmanas are there. But then, you are just shifting names you
know. What is the big difference? Instead of these people, now these people
are incharge. So, what is the difference? They are also people. They also can fall down. Yes, but there is a difference. All are people and after all the at the end
there has to be a person incharge and everything boils down to his integrity. Everything boils down to the integrity of
the person incharge. It doesn’t matter what the name is. The name may be government, the name may be
president, the name may be king, or it may be a Brahmana. Afterall it boils down to the integrity of
the person. It is never otherwise. So, who is the person who is should be incharge? What should be his qualities? A person looses his integrity because of..
because he is attached to sense gratification and that’s why a person who is .. who does
not aa who is free from sense gratification, he is the best person to lead. Because he will not take, “Politically right”
decisions. What is politically right decision? It is a fancy name for “Injustice done because
of attachment to sense gratification.” He wants something for himself. But he cannot do it in a justified manner. So, he has to do injustice on somebody. So he says oh this is “Politically right”. This is nonsense. Basically it is a wrong decision, (but) he
is too much inclined to a certain kind of sense gratification so he does injustice and
that he calls it “politically right”. So there always a “HUSSH” in the management
profiles everywhere. If somebody wants to speak then there is you
know, som all these things keep following. Then there is lot of noise everywhere. So, then there is “trouble-shooting-management”. What is trouble shooting management? You know, see, whoever creates trouble, shoot
that fellow. Don’t make noise. So these things come why? Because the person incharge his integrity
becomes questionable. And that that happens because of sense gratification. Attachment to sense gratification. That’s why, if we, amongst these two… Actually this he is also a saint. He is also not attached to sense gratification. But because he is involved into such matters.. Like a king is involved into big big palaces
and and everything and all that is there so there is suc.. and he holds a lot of power. So, he .. that might become corrupt. But a brahmana is not like that. Although he is powerful, he is he is supp..
he is not supposed to be luxurious. He is not expected to a.. live a very luxurious
life and have too much of sense gratification and everything. He lives a very simple life and he does not
take any benefit. Material benefit from anyone. Aaa.. I mean from the government. From the king. Does not take. Otherwise he becomes a dog. Otherwise he becomes a dog. Then he .. then there is no meaning to all
this. That’s why, he should not accept any salary. Otherwise it becomes a problem. So, even in general daily life, You can you
can you can trust a person only who is free from sense gratification. Otherwise its.. trusting somebody is very
difficult task. That’s why Prabhupada is the most trustworthy
person and we follow him. So, aa.. these executive directors, they are
also actually pure devotees. They are supposed to be. They are also as good as brahmanas. But, because they are involved into political
matters, and wield a lot of power, that’s why there is greater chance. So there has to be somebody who is living
a saintly life already. He is not living exactly a saintly life “externally”. But he is even externally a very austere person. He has to live. So its not that just because he is incharge,
so you know he he becomes luxurious no. Chanakya Pandit he used to live in a small
thatched cottage aaa…. Outside the aa.. the kingdom. So it is not that you know, but he actually
was wielding more power than Chandragupta Mourya also. He had more power but he lived in poverty
but Chandragupta Mourya was the king he did not live in poverty. He did not live in poverty. That is not expected. So, not that king should be luxurious too
much luxurious also, that’s not the point but the point is he should be free from sense
gratification. And that person should hold the power. That is the point. Otherwise he looses integrity. So, sum and substance is this is the formula
.. aa… the advisory board of Brahmanas gives instructions to the executive directors. You can call it as advise but actually they
are more or less more like instructions. And Gods order are established as (laws) Bhagavad-gita
for general citizens. And the important point here is, the brahmanas
are very important and they are actually given the charge of the entire governance. But although they don’t like execute or
give as instructions, they give as advice. See, you do it. If you do this, that will be correct. So that is best for brahmana. He is not supposed to .. but then he is also
should should not take it as a, Oh its just an advice you know, that’s not the point. So, in other words, the brahmanas actually
are controlling the state. Not directly but indirectly, giving advice. Why brahmanas are chosen, not only because
he has got, ofcourse spiritually if you understand that he as got jïänaà vijïänam. He knows prac.. knowledge also and he knows
the practical application of that knowledge also. And politically speaking, from political angle
if you see, he is free from sense gratification. His integrity, there are very less chances
that the integrity of a brahaman will break because he is more free from sense gratification. More free from sense gratification. And he should not also take any material benefit. So sometimes it may happen that he, initially
he may be pure but then he keeps on taking some gifts. May not be salary, but then some you know
gifts. Somebody gave me, what can be done? That is no.. that’s not the point. So, then it becomes problematic He cannot
be heading then. So, that is the sum and substance of the thing. These are only some salient points. There are loads of other details in this. I m not covering them. But this is the, these are only the important
points. That’s why in the project I have covered
this lifeline (laws) and brahmanas separately. As important topics. Given separate importance to them. And that is because of these two things. Brahmana is very important and the laws are
important because they are lifeline. Both are very im.. very very important. So these are the important points regarding
the “Political system – Practicals”. So next we will be seeing the aa… “Social system – Principles”. Haribol.

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