Information in the Midst of an Impeachment Inquiry | Web Extra

Information in the Midst of an Impeachment Inquiry | Web Extra

>>Professor, let me ask you just a couple
more things, for our special web viewers here. If people are confused
about how impeachment works, are the Democrats following the proper procedure? Is this the right use of this process, that kind of thing? How does this work?
Where can they go to find information that’s just plainly about that?>>That’s a
good question, because there’s surprisingly little information in the
Constitution to inform the process. So, to the extent to which you can find a
directive about what comes next and what’s the proper procedure to follow
there’s a pretty good sort of step by step by Vox and the New York Times has
also outlined some of the proper procedures. But, the truth is, we actually
kind of know very little about what you can and cannot do. I mean, there’s, you
know, a clear sort of requirement of a majority in the house and two-thirds in
the senate to remove, but you know there’s a lot that happens in between.>>Yeah. The second thing I wanted to ask you about was, you know, since Trump’s
inauguration Rachel Maddow’s audience has almost tripled. She’s having a heyday.
This is her moment. Her partisan audience has coalesced. Her tribe is, you know, formed.>>The bubble bath is strong.>>Bubbles are strong. And then… but, Sean Hannity still
has far more viewers on Fox. Geraldo Rivera was on his show this week and he
said something that struck me. He said, “You know, if it wasn’t for your show, Sean,
they would destroy him absolutely. You are the difference between Donald J.
Trump and Richard Nixon.And, surely it’s not Sean Hannity, right? But is
partisan media the difference between then and now?>>I don’t think partisan media is helping any, with the partisan divides that we
see today and the levels of partisan hostility. But, I also think to say that
Hannity has any special power in delineating between Nixon and Trump,
right, is to give too much credit, actually, to the media. The media sort of
works on the periphery. There’s a lot of other stuff inside the human bubble
that’s much stronger, right? It’s your political socialization. It’s your
ideology. It’s your education. It’s your socioeconomic status,
race, gender, and the list goes on. And the media can move that a little bit, but
it’s not going to be what they call sort of a hypodermic needle effect where you
watch Hannity and all of a sudden you’re a believer.>>You watch Hannity because you
are a believer, right. So, the media is just there and they are doubling down.
Rachel Maddow’s doubling down and Sean Hannity’s doubling down and they are
pulling from the cente,r pulling them to the sides. And that audience is growing,
because, you know, people engage in that cognitive dissonance and that motivated
reasoning and they then selectively expose themselves to information that,
that feels good when they otherwise feel generally, you know, genuinely scared and
nervous. And so, when you’re scared and nervous about the political world around
you and you are a Democrat and you hear Maddow giving you things that feel good
and you feel safe and you feel supported and you feel right, then
of course that’s where you’re going to put your time and attention, when you
have free time.>>We should turn it off and go to Poldark. We should all just go watch Poldark.>>Yes. (laughter).>>Thank you so much>>You’re welcome. Thank you.

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