15 thoughts on “Introduction to Democracy and its broad variations

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  2. What it means to represent the people? I think that's a biggest question… Is the people's interest resumed in the majority interest? Or one should like a "Pareto efficient" decision, considering the loss of individual wellbeing?

  3. A participatory Democracy is when the representatives can be replaced at anytime instead of when ever the election cycle is up.

  4. I would like to see more examples being taken from across the globe rather than only United States. India is the largest democracy in the world, and it is fairly efficiently practiced in India considering its huge population. But I did not find any mention of India, or for that matter any other countries other US in your examples.

    Other than the small observation above, the tutorial is extremely good and explains every concept very clearly.

  5. Hello from China. Sadly, I see none of these. But I’m taking the AP Gov tomorrow so this video is probably gonna help. 😉

  6. really a good one. loved it. keep uploading this type of videos to help the learning people. thanks a lot .

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