Iowa Voter On Democratic Presidential Debate: ‘We Need Someone To Lift Us Up’ | NBC News Now

Iowa Voter On Democratic Presidential Debate: ‘We Need Someone To Lift Us Up’ | NBC News Now

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100 thoughts on “Iowa Voter On Democratic Presidential Debate: ‘We Need Someone To Lift Us Up’ | NBC News Now

  1. Go away. None of those chumps are gonna even get the nomination. Pete budwhatever is the best of a crippled field. 8 heads your gonna get it with trump if that's all your looking for.

  2. Lift yourself up! You emotional baby!!! What we need is jobs!!! #fudgeyourfeelings!!!! The president's job is not to give you happy time feeling!!! It's to do his duty and run the country which is what he's doing and firing on all cylinders!!!

  3. As a lifetime resident of New Jersey I can tell you Cory Booker is turds on a shingle!!! I'd vote for Hillary over him jk!!! That's just going too far!!! hahaha But you get the picture!!! Trump 2020!!!

  4. Dont even bother because that sorry @#$ mofo will be put back in office. Money talks and they are making a ton of it.

  5. Sigh.. Americans used to realize that the government is a problem not the solution.

    Decades of brainwashing have taken a serious toll that we cannot even recover from.

  6. When I see white american talking politics that way thinking that their vote will mean something I am rolling under my table 🤣🤣🤣

  7. These people dont want to admit its thier candidates that are tearing this country apart. Thier party doing everything to destroy President Trump. Things aren't getting done because they refuse to work with Trump.

  8. These people don't understand that you should research a candidate, look at their track record and observe how they really are through out the years, not just swallow the fake act they put on for a short span to win debates and votes with a fake personality and hypocrisy.

  9. You Demtards are fake people with fake views and you know it how much were these dopes paid to say this crap? Who is the trump hating network executive pushing the TDS out on the air?

  10. If you need someone to lift you up, then your a needy and can't think for yourself, how about vote for someone that is going to do good for the American people, puts American first, and wants to stop the American free hand outs

  11. Moral values, standards and those who will protect our Constitutional way of life are forever. Economics and reforms don't last these are never worth sacrificing things you can't get back so easy.
    Calmness is being content with whatever and that's weak-minded thinking.

  12. Call Hillary.

    You need someone to motivate you, lift you up ?
    How about motivating yourself ? Are you going to call Cory Booker or some other politician when you feel down ?

    C`mon man.

  13. Does nobody see the irony? It was 10 yrs ago Obama and the left, jammed Obama care down America's throat. Now the left are all running on health care as if they never did anything. How can anyone with a brain fall for the same bs twice?

  14. PS: what you are hearing here is that the democrats have nobody running that have the "IT" value and the voters are not going to come out to vote to just vote against Trump.

  15. Too many martinis if Corey Booker is your choice…all these people are drunk. I love the music, perfectly scored piece of footage. Thank you NBC.

  16. Yeah find 3 politically uneducated people who support the candidates that poll at 1% and try to pass them off as the average voter. Anti progressive propaganda at its worst

  17. I'll bet the farm that these are the people that are not going to vote for the politicians who are standing in Needles and piles of human defecation with the background buildings falling apart from Decay and lack of attendance.

  18. True candidates actually for the people will never make the ballot. The top 1% have purchased the country's political system. America is dead.

  19. Not Undecided, "Non-Believers." They can't see who loves The Lord? Who Prays? Trump+Pence= Trumpet. Final Trump. 3 Biblically Illiterate Fools In That Room. As a matter of Fact, let's call that room, "The Height of Biblical Illiteracy." All 3 still sucking on that bottle. Now, go back to your Spiritually Deader than a Hammer minds.

  20. That says a lot two women and a soft man they do not represent the core People of the United States all people of privilege with their delusion and confusion Democrats and liberals are some real weirdos

  21. Dont count on a Democrat to lift you up…..perfect example is Obama…..he didnt lift anyone else but himself… lost your doctor and healthcare plan…..he kept his and got 5 mansions movie,show,book deals.

  22. How do they always seem to find a p willing to go on camera that seems just a little “off”. I mean really, a Martini glass next to a lounge chair parked in front of a blank wall with only a t.v.?
    This woman has to have at least 3 cats……

  23. It really is sad that the dems don't have anyone to vote for. What is running has nothing to offer or has any message whatsoever

  24. Everyone has lost their minds. One side is worried about results and doesn't care about image and emotions. The other only cares about how things make them feel.

  25. Corey Booker?? Pete Butigeig?? 🤣🤣 Talk about low information voters. Wow. Three geriatric Iowa voters…as if they represent all democrats. They may have swallowed the narratives and talking points NBC shoves down their throats, but most of us are smarter than that.

  26. What news agency is so pitiful it has to hang out in an old folks home and listen to them talk about crookiticians?!

  27. Wow interviewing gays and lesbians in a news op-ed. So cutting edge and trendy! How do they make up such a large population yet don’t reproduce? 🤔

  28. Woman: do you vote for someone just because their a man?

    Man: (stutters a lie) 😂😂😂😂


    Man: I want someone that's gonna get in there….and …(completely forgets what he's even talking about)…

    This is why I don't go to Iowa…lol

  29. Should have been labeled three brain-dead Morons vote for DemonRats! After all, everyone knows that dead people all vote Demon-Rat-Tic! 💀🐀🔫😈👎

  30. In 2020, Im running for President as an Independent, not jewpendent.
    Join my campaign: Restructuring America For A Better Tomorrow
    My cashtag: $RugarMM; because of ongoing investigation for possible fraud from company @cashapp.
    The "resistance" Im getting is because Im not of any political plantation. I have career politicians and inexperienced politicans terrified, that Im going to wreck them. Im also a targeted individual and political prisoner. I have those whom attempt to sabotage myself in order for myself to not be viable. I, as a way to self-perserve able to not disclose many of my ideas and perspectives because of incessant intellectual property theft. And the attempts of defamation of my character shows ppl want myself to sink even when its costly to them.
    the media due to colorism wants myself only in a "victimized" position and doesnt matter when they use their victims in attempts to victimize myself.
    Check: RMMPREZ4US

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