Iowa voters respond to party populists

Iowa voters respond to party populists

JOINING US FOR “UPFRONT.” POLITICAL POLLS ARE BASICALLY A SNAPSHOT OF VOTER OPINION ON A GIVEN DAY AT A GIVEN TIME. THEY ARE A WAY OF MEASURING POLITICAL SHIFTS AND, IF YOU FIND YOURSELF A BIT SKEPTICAL, YOU’LL WANT TO HEAR WHAT OUR NEXT GUEST HAS TO SAY ABOUT THE POLLS, THE CAMPAIGNS, AND WHAT BERNIE SANDERS AND DONALD TRUMP MAY HAVE IN COMMON. I WENT TO THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN IN MADISON TO TALK TO DR. BARRY BURDEN, A PROFESSOR OF POLITICAL SCIENCE AND THE DIRECTOR OF THE ELECTIONS RESEARCH CENTER. So, are we exaggerating Donald Trump’s lead in this race or his position in the race? DR. BURDEN: he sort of half the lead when it comes to asking people in surveys we would support, but that is different from will be there when the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries raw around. If you look at earlier cycles, 2012, 20 08, you see this period in the late-fall before the election year, you get these novelty candidates — Michele Bachmann was at the top of the leaderboard four years ago. Herman Cain. Rick Perry came and went. It is the wrong time to be peaking. You would like to be peaking as the real voting starts to happen. Kent: talk about where you see Scott Walker’s position right now in the Republican race? DR. BURDEN: he is in a good place, natural result in Iowa. He lived in the state. He is getting endorsements from state legislatures, visiting the fares, made a lot of visits. I would expect them to finish in the top three and I think he has to to be viable. The focus still remains on Hillary Clinton. What kind of impact is Bernie Sanders having on the race? Kent: she is as much of a front runner as we have seen –DR. BURDEN: she is as much of a front runner as we have seen. He is giving her some difficulty. Right now the Clinton camp is probably unhappy about that. It might be that if she survives they will be thankful that it made her a better candidate. She is forced to be addressing issues she would like to skirt. She has rallied supporters to say look, we have a threat, a candidate that has threatened to win in New Hampshire and put me in second and that will be a setback. It is a test, but I think it is one she will probably survive. Kent: you see similarities between the role Bernie Sanders is playing on the Democratic side and the way Donald Trump is approaching the Republican race. DR. BURDEN: yes, different candidates, different priorities, but they are both speaking a populist truth that is resonating with some in both parties. Bernie Sanders is talking about inequality, access to health care, corruption, and campaign finance concerns that he has. Down Trump is talking about problems in the government, incompetence, immigration — those are sets of concerns average people have, they are angry about. Even not have to be tuned into politics on an everyday basis to guess why people would be upset about the budget deficit, lack of opportunity, or whatever the concern maybe. A different set of voters. They are both tapping a periphery of person who is on the edge and is intrigued by what they are seeing. Kent: IF YOU WANT A SNAP SHOT VIEW OF HOW WISCONSINITES FEEL ABOUT THE CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENT, YOU CAN FIND OUT THIS THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, WHEN MARQUETTE LAW SCHOOL RELEASES A NEW POLL. THE SURVEY ASKS HOW WISCONSIN GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER IS FARING IN HIS HOME STATE AND WHAT VOTERS THINK ABOUT THE REMATCH BETWEEN U.S. SENATOR RON JOHNSON AND FORMER U.S. SENATOR RUSS FEINGOLD. And WE’VE GOT ONE MORE ELECTION RESOURCE TO TELL ABOUT. IF YOU WANT TO GET TO KNOW THE CANDIDATES BETTER, AND HEAR THEIR POSITIONS ON THE ISSUES, GO TO CLICK ON THE POLITICS PAGE AND LOOK FOR THE CONVERSATION WITH THE CANDIDATE VIDEOS. IT’S ALL PART OF OUR COMMITMENT 2016 COVERAGE OF THE RACE FOR PRESIDENT. NEXT, WISCONSIN SCORES BIG WITH THE PGA TOURNAMENT. IT’S NOT JUST THE LAST MAJOR OF THE SEASON. IT’S A MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR TO WISCONSIN’S BOTTOM LINE. STAY WITH US FOR MORE ON “UPFRONT.” Kent: TAKE A LOOK AT WHISTLING STRAITS, A WORLD

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