Israel Derangement Syndrome

Israel Derangement Syndrome

Let’s go bust I hope it was working to hear I haven’t been on for a couple of weeks. I just want to do a episode on something that Came out and last few days and you can see this thing doing a few months now it’s about white helmets, and I knew as soon as It’ll be you know It’ll help the white helmets that all the people on this left fake left would have a conniption Oh, my god, Israel is involved in this. Oh my god So the white helmets must be bad and Assad must be good That means paint you how I see what is going on there I’m not totally sure about the white helmets, but I do know about Isis and Assad and Putin and the United States and Israel and Don’t kid yourself that That is I could just pull out the white helmets and Assad didn’t know about it. Of course he knew about it and Putin’s not there by accident he’s there because they’re not Saints Wants him there now What is it all about it starts with? Isis now, what is Isis Isis is just the remnant Saddam’s generals and you know, they the Sunni part northern part of Iraq, you know, they’re the minority now They used to be the majority but now the Shiites so they want to go and create their own country they need an army and Let’s face it no one’s gonna fight for Saddam’s memory with Saddam’s general So they bring in God into the equation and now it’s the Islamic state so now yeah They’ll get volunteers people actually come join Isis from all over the world and they want to fight for God, but really they’re just fighting forward Saddam’s generals now What? What’s the cardinal sin that Isis did well, they took the oil, you know? They there’s oil in northern Iraq, and they took it And you know the nets it’s not a problem with the terrorist organization, but once you start taking oil Maybe other people around in the world will see hey, you know what? all these minerals now as far as Isis concern or Those that all doesn’t belong to them it belongs to Exxon Mobil or shell or BP. Okay. It’s not to the people who live there So Isis made that mistake once they made the mistake they had to go now. How do they go? How do United States? How do you get rid of them? You can’t Send in troops Okay, you can’t have a second surge. You can’t have a second invasion? This was under Obama, but you have to get rid of them. So how do you do it? Well the way to defeat them is The Iraqis and Syrians have to do it Except they really couldn’t I mean you sell in Iraqis. Try to fight Nike army. Try to fight Isis. They were just decimated So for them to do it, you have to make it really easy for them to do it How do you do that is by bombing the hell out of Isis The problem with that is that Isis lives among civilians all these civilians They probably they don’t like Isis, but they have no choice that Isis is right there in them to destroy Isis you have to kill a lot of civilians. The net sales can’t do that So who can do that? Putin Didn’t you ask yourself? What the hell is Putin doing in Syria? Well, I’m sure they gave him something. Okay, if this is not in his national interest to be in Syria You know, it’s not he doesn’t give a shit about Assad. No one gives a shit about Assad But you have to get your devices and Putin is someone who can go there bomb the hell out of them and all these Leftists as they call themselves, they’re not they’re idiots All these leftists are not gonna say a word about it, you know if Israel Did 1% of that they have a conniption Okay, and in fact, that’s exactly what happened now you see that? Everyone’s talking about how Surya oh my god, sir is distracting people from the real issue, which is Gaza Gaza is the relationship services abstraction Yeah, Surya worth half a million people were killed is the distraction from Gaza or a hundred people were killed I mean, how does somebody say that with I mean do they believe it? The answer is no I don’t believe they believe it. I mean I saw this bridge is Vanessa Billy Shaikh used in so it’s Earthman cleansing. Where’s that Assad Bashar Assad is a great guy He killed half when I say – well those are the upward estimates It could be anywhere from quarter million to half a million people that’s still a lot hell of a lot of people, you know you could imagine if Israel had done something like that in Gaza, you know, I They would be calling for a second Holocaust in fact Vanessa Billy that’s who were dad was Harold Beal He was a British diplomat and what he tried to do 1948 thing about 1948 three years of the Holocaust ended about 600,000 Jews in British Mandate Palestine and You had already voted for the British to leave He wanted the British to leave quickly so that the arms can come in and take over and the Jews wouldn’t have a chance And had that happened and and I was 600,000 Jews would have been Killed don’t kid yourself Same things the Arab armies ever took his Oh today what they would do the Jewish population there So six million was enough for a dad. He wants it another six hundred thousand six thousand thirty thousand in Palestine there’s Palestine to be killed and Wonder what the hell is this all about? What is this Israel insanity and I don’t know the answer. I really don’t I see what’s going on in Britain today with Jeremy Corbyn. Where? him and his party Labour Party have haven’t liked Jeremy Corbyn has a lot of good ideas, but he has to answer these being accused of as crimes being accused of anti-semitism and this is something that’s be he’s being hit on and He did say something really we said that he considered Hezbollah and Hamas to be Friends of his people believe in Sharia law in honor killings and killing gay people There are friends of this leftist Jeremy Corbyn. He said so because he’s an idiot and It’s strange that this idiot Became leader of the Opposition, you know Is this just a new angle to get these? You know, same jokes time till stein. Also, you know, I talked last video she only got 1% of the vote, but she’s also You know plus his running mate had up the ante as well shit going on in his head And is that what this is is it to sabotage the left just to get these idiots who one of them? I mean, I really don’t understand the issues. I mean you saw it with what’s-her-name Alexandria The classic Cortes everyone say, oh she flipped she flips. She didn’t flip She learned the issues once you learn it’s easy to compare Israel with Nazi Germany until you learn the facts and you realize that no that’s ridiculous. Okay, and What happened in Gaza is no nothing compared to what happened in Syria, or what happened to react under the American the British occupation? So this hysteria, I mean you wonder where it’s coming from and it is the purpose of it to sabotage the left I mean, we’re really left not I don’t know I mean to make people can the left is of what people who can think who look at all sides of the issues They don’t get you know, turn the world’s black and white and get this Anti-israel, which is, you know, it’s part of it feeds on certain people’s anti-semitism get people just to hate Israel and You don’t even they don’t even understand why So, I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to that question If you do, please give me some hints Don’t buy into it. Please don’t buy into it this it doesn’t make sense that Syria is a diversion from Gaza I mean anybody who tells you that it’s Is lying to you they’re not stupid I just liked you and I want to know why I want to know are they being funded by such? Why are they doing this lie? Oh Okay, I don’t know please answer me if you know the answer or you know say whatever you want to say I hope you enjoyed this video, please click subscribe to like click that hammer and sickle give me a thumbs up thumbs down and That’s it Trotsky. I have a good

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4 thoughts on “Israel Derangement Syndrome

  1. Assad is fighting rebels that Cia, Mossad and Saudis created.. so yes, hes the good guy

    Israel has started all this shit .. so they are bad

    Israel is bad for a ton of reasons.. all zionist are

  2. Fuck Israel, fuck Assad, fuck Putin, fuck Obama, fuck Saddam, fuck ISIS, fuck Hezbollah, fuck Hamas, fuck the Nazi, fuck the left, fuck the right, and fuck your channel.

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