IsraelPalestine For Critical Thinkers: #5 The Rise of Arab & Jewish Nationalism

IsraelPalestine For Critical Thinkers: #5 The Rise of Arab & Jewish Nationalism

near the end of the 19th century well Jewish and Arab nationalist movements emerged pretty much at the same time ball sought land in the Middle East and both turned to the European powers for help the jewish nationalist movement that emerged in the 19th century sought to re-establish jewish dominion in israel palestine after almost 2,000 years the movement became known as Zionism until the end of the 19th century most Jews living outside of israel-palestine assumed they would be assimilated in one way or another in France Jews had been treated as legal equal since 1791 but things changed in 1881 when anti-jewish policies in Russia emerged followed by mob violence and hardships Jewish refugees fleeing persecution in Russia flooded into the cities of Western Europe Jewish intellectuals underwent a radical change in their thinking during this period they lost their hopes for assimilation and became more open to Zionism Zionism also grew because of the Dreyfus Affair and singly tolerant France Jewish officer captain Alfred Dreyfus who was in the French army was falsely accused of selling military secrets to the Germans and sentenced to life in prison France is deep-rooted anti-semitism surfaced journalist Theodor Herzl an Austrian Jew covering the Dreyfus case saw the Jews vulnerability and became convinced that an independent Jewish nation was the only way for them to survive he organized the first Zionist World Congress in Switzerland in 1897 and Zionism as a political movement was born the goal of the movement to create a legal home in Palestine for the Jewish people after Herzl zhh death in 1904 dr. Klein Weitzman took over as a Zionist leader and then gained the British government support in 1906 Weitzman met Arthur Balfour a British statesman and former prime minister this meeting led to a decade-long political process that ultimately resulted in the Balfour Declaration of 1917 Britain's formal approval for a Jewish home in Palestine Zionism wasn't the only movement happening now around the same time Arab nationalism originated led by Hussein bin Ali the sheriff of Mecca but the remarkable part Arab goals also depended on the support of Europe and especially the British government in 19th century Syria Lebanon Christian Arab intellectuals started preaching to Arabs about the need for pan Arab unity not all Arab leaders shared their vision but near the end of the 19th century the idea of a United Arab state gathered momentum at the time the areas of the Middle East where Arabs lived were part of the Ottoman Empire and under the control of the Turks the Arab nationalist intellectuals asked the Arab leaders to help them shake off the Turkish rule and support for a pan Arab state started to spread for the next few years both Arab and Jewish nationalist movements developed side by side but soon their goals came to a head in one place Israel Palestine it's quite likely that none of this would have come to anything if it hadn't been for World War one

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27 thoughts on “IsraelPalestine For Critical Thinkers: #5 The Rise of Arab & Jewish Nationalism

  1. Zionism is basically Nationalism. Much like how Communism worked in China & Russia. Communism was created by Jews anyway. Then how can Zionism be considered as part of religion??? I don't understand how some people think of Zionism as a religious movement, its not, its just nationalism with a hint of paranoia, racism, or ignorance even. It was used as a useful tool for Pro Israeli Zionists to take colonise Palestine. I find it so hypocritical then that the Zionist state of Israel would use the excuse of European persecution, to project the idea that Israel is defending itself, but wait a minute here, how can Israel who is armed to the teeth militarily, claim self defence when they stole Palestine, despite what the Zionist Israeli's keep telling everyone that Palestine was a land without people, and that Jews & Arabs were living in Palestine for centuries in peace. Zionism, was a tool Zionist Jews used to steal Palestine. How can any people steal then occupy another people's land & claim self defence??? That doesn't make sense. That's like saying a thief came to my home trying to claim my house, and locking me out of my own home, and threatens to call the police if I don't leave, its the same crap with Israel/Palestinians. No difference. So Israel cannot use this lame excuse, or try to guilt trip any critics using the Holocaust, Auchwitz, concentration camps etc. yet this is exactly what Israel has been doing. Intimidating Journalists, world leaders to fall in line with the Israeli propaganda. This is how The Zionist state of Israel has deflected much criticism. The disproportionate deaths even on msm tells everyone, western msm is compromised because of AIPAC & other pro Israeli lobbyists. We give Israel billions of dollars annually, we give them weapons & military hardware, US gave Israel the Iron Dome missile defence system, Palestinians in desperation for thei own human rights use kites, home made rockets, rocks, molotov cocktails, on average, only 1-6 Israeli's die, then Israel reacts with even more destruction killing even more civilians, with their military jets dropping cluster bombs white phosphorus bombs, tanks, high tech guns etc. how can Israel claim self defence when you're militarily occupying the oppressed???It's disgusting & it has been allowed to oppress the Palestinians for over 50 years. It's the longest continuous most brutal occupation in this modern era known to man. And for all thee years, the US claimed to be a peace broker is a disgusting joke which makes me sick to the core. The US has on numerous occasions taken a one sided approach to the ongoing conflict. Thankfully the US is no longer considered as peace broker.

  2. Your fact are incorrect the goal of Zionism was to establish a Jewish home land not particularly in Palestine

  3. It appears to be balanced and unbiased but this is clever Zionist propaganda. Richard Bass is a dedicated Zionist and reading the small script of his interpretations of various treaties after WWI you discover this series are fraudulent and and when reaching the Zionist era it get seriously pro-Zionist slanted. Read Wikipedia about the Faisal–Weizmann Agreement and listen to his cherry-picking of the treaty.

  4. Watch the video in this article:המצרי-שמגן-על-ישראל-הערבים-מקנאים/ar-AAePSzY

  5. Why do you call it Arab-Jewish conflict it's not .
    It's a zionist occupation of the holy land which all (Muslims-Christians-Jews) have right over it .
    And it is a massacre of innocent Men and Women and Children both Muslims and Christians and (can you believe it) even some Jews who refuse this injustice and the existing of the (so called) state of israel are killed by zionists .
    Wake up people .. if you really cared about history you would know that Muslims are who gave equal rights to all 3 religions , and that Islam is about peace and should rule over the holy land because it's the only religion worthy of it .
    Read the Qur'an and you'll know what I'm talking about . Or just Google this :
    سبحان الذي أسرى بعبده ليلا من المسجد الحرام إلى المسجد الأقصى الذي باركنا حوله لنريه من آياتنا إنه هو السميع البصير

  6. So, 1 jew gets falsely accused and convicted and that is equal to deeprooted antisemitism in france back then? even your own words contradict that notion as france had equal rights for jews before that…
    Draping yourself in the cloak of victimhood doesn't suit you…

  7. I really enjoy your films. But I feel, especially in the case of this one you should be more specific in your faces. (for the less factual viewers) talking about Germany, pre 1900 was a small country, compared to today. Also you mentioned Theodor Herzl, an 'Austrian' he was an Austro-Hungarian. Which was a vast empire. (Which is why many say Hitler was Austrian not German). But still, keep up the impressive work.

  8. you guys should have called it Canaan instead of IsraelPalestine, loving this series and im a Palestinian!

  9. At 2:19 the letter reads "Dear Lord Rothschild" . The same infamous Rothschild group that are rumoured to have financed World Wars and government policies?

  10. I want to thank everyone who has subscribed and is watching. I very much appreciate your valuable feedback and want to address the comments about the length of the videos. There have been a number of comments, and some expressions of disappointment or frustration, that the episodes are not longer. Some have asked why. There are a few reasons why the videos are the length they are.

    The videos were created to work in conjunction with the companion study guide and the episodes are following the topic sections of the guide (which offers more detail for those want to go deeper). Decisions about the length of each video therefore, were based on what would achieve the most logical and balanced presentation possible. For example, giving the segment on Christianity and Israel-Palestine it’s own video roughly equal in content to the segment on Islam. 

    Decisions about the length of the videos was also determined by balancing the desire to create the most graphically rich and professional series we could produce within the budget that we had to work with. Longer videos would have required compromising on graphics.

    These are some of the reasons for why the episodes are the length that they are. As we move into producing the next round of videos (the ones after episode 8) consideration will be given to all the feedback that’s been provided and we will revisit the length of the segments going forward.

    In the interim, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your interest and feedback and I hope that you will continue to watch and share the series.

    In the future, we will aim to create longer videos or release content faster, and are grateful that the major complaint so far is that the videos are too short. 

    With gratitude,

  11. Movement in Haremeyn (Arabic Word for Mecca and Madinah) can not be linked to Palestine. Since Arabs in current Saudia Arabia were not motivated by nationoalism rahter than religion. Wahhabism is more precisely. 

  12. It's the most historically accurate (so far), balanced (so far), detailed (yet relevant) and above all beautifully-designed series about the subject I have seen in YouTube (so far ;P ).
    All in all it is very important that everyone will watch it without prejudging. There are too many people who think they have opinion on that subject without knowing the facts and history, and this ignorance is the best friend of hatred.
    I hope it will bring people to understand the conflict more deeply, and that it is complicated. I also hope it won't make them think that both sides are right, as a good old post-modern twisted mind work… There is only one truth, but the way to it is hard for most.
    BTW: The name is a bit ridiculous, but that is what you get when you try to be as non-judgmental as possible…
    Good job.

  13. It's called "for critical thinkers" but there's no actual thinking involved, just summarisation of very basic facts. Huge generalisations and ignoring many of the intricacies. Where is the discussion on British promises during WW1? Where is the discussion of the process that led Zionists to go after Palestine?

  14. I had such high hopes for this channel, but the content is coming out too slow.Three minutes with this many days between them terrible. I won't share it with my friends because there is not enough to make it worth it. By the time you finish releasing all the videos the newness will have worn off. It looks like you have made all the videos already and are just doing a drawn out release. Release the videos quicker, get some excitement for the channel and then you can get more money for making more content.

  15. Yet another painfully short clip. Richard Bass, I've commented on your last video regarding the length of your series. Can you please shed some light on the deciding factors in play, to produce such short episodes? I'll assure you that this criticism comes from a deep appreciation for the work that you are doing with this series. But at this point, the length of your episodes is a common theme among the comments section of every episode, and we would all love to know.

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