38 thoughts on “Italian Election: Authoritarianism Dealt Huge Blow by Populism and Nativism

  1. The European experiment has failed and the EU is due to collapse. It is in fact collapsing. IF the Italian results were a punch to the centre-left in Italy, the EU was kicked in the head.

  2. It's the new Soviet union and its finished.Southern europe looks like 3th World.While Germany has masive wellfare.Exact same as Soviet union where Rusaians enjoyed the wellfare now Germans do whit Eu.Guess they learned from Russians

  3. China's also in Afghanistan0… lots of mining. So depressing, while we've been spending all our money and resources- including lives of Soldiers in the South, China is quietly developing all the copper and other mines in the North. I'm sure they appreciate our diversion. Ugh.

  4. Keep bringing them in Merkel… Turn Germany into the head of EU's Muslim Pandering Empire. And to hell with the Allied Powers partioning of the Ottoman Empire. Might as well bring that back to!

  5. Every journal and news channel is going full "Trump derangement syndrome" on the new government, they have been called everything between fascist, communist and dangerous.

  6. As a European myself I think Russia is not our enemy, Putin is doing really great against Soros, the globalists and their agenda 21. I expect the visegrad countries will be happy to be under Russia's umbrella in the near future. From Russia comes the hope of the world (Edgar Cayce).

  7. The amount of money we’re giving to countries all over the world is insane. Why in the hell are we paying for people like Switzerland’s protection/military? We give Egypt over a billion and I could go on and on. Wtf is going on.

  8. I'll be serious. What the EU really needs is a Constitution and an order that says once you join the EU you cannot leave like the United States. A state cannot legally or otherwise leave the Union. Sorry California or Texas. The Civil War decided that fact. You literally can't. The EU needs to have a similar system that forces these European states to stay no matter what, thus nullifying Brexit. Go globalism!!!!

  9. They have an army. They have a SJW army. I say if you are an SJW you should be drafted into the EU army. Just make a single army, not member nations with national armies contributing to NATO. If your a fatty blue haired SJW you should sign up. You should be female and a feminists, but no you can't have a gun because, well,, gun control but lucky for you can carry a knife. Oh wait, maybe not for long. You can just give them protests and snarky hate speech (actual real hate speech as opposed to what is normally called that). I'd think Russians would be scared of your SJW army. Mount up feminazi's and their cucked out beta-male allies (which includes most of the Swedish male population).

  10. The new Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, has told illegal invaders to "pack your bags." He's not kidding; that's part of the platform he ran on and agreed to by the governing coalition of which he is the leader of one of the coalition parties.

  11. The EU's collapse wouldn't lead to civil war, but it would lead to Eastern Europe falling back into the Russian sphere of influence. The best way to avoid that is for Europe to shift to the Right, which is inevitable anyway. The EU collapsing would be more trouble than its worth.

  12. Completely wrong and ill informed analysis from someone who sees Italy from outside. The populist party in Italy is not eurosceptic per se, it's actually very devided on the matter within itself. They won along with the far right because of domestic reasons mostly, the immigration (fake-)problem is just a bit of the story. Also, 'marginally developed'? Italy is still one of the largest world economies, a net exporter and net contributor to the EU budget, it was indeed hit hard by the crisis, it has a high unemployment and it's recovering slower than if it had had a better leadership during the worst years, this is mainly why most of the voters bet on an entirely new leadership. Enough with this "THIS IS THE END OF THE EU" horseshit. If there was a referendum on euro or the EU, 90% of italians would vote for staying, it's a founding country after all.

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