It’s Official: The Republican Party Is Completely Braindead – The Ring Of Fire

It’s Official: The Republican Party Is Completely Braindead – The Ring Of Fire

If you’ve been paying attention to the Republican
party that doesn’t revolve around Donald Trump recently, you’ve probably seen Speaker Paul
Ryan, talk about this new, little plan called, “Better Way.” He’s tweeting it out constantly. “There is a ‘Better Way’ on such and such
issue.” This Better Way of movement, group, whatever
you want to call it, finally unveiled some kind of tax plan that the Republicans want
to put into place. Here’s the good news … it is very, very
beneficial to American citizens. Here’s the bad news … only if you are already
in the top one percent. This Better Way plan that the Republicans
have come up with is the exact same plan they’ve been trying to put in place since the 1980’s. It’s trickle down economics all over again,
with a new wrapper this time, but no different substance. Republicans are out of ideas. They have nothing left. They have no new ideas on how to do anything
in this country. They’re literally pulling out ideas that are
forty years old, failed, time and time and time, and time again … but, that’s all they
have. They’re not smart. I’m sorry, but when you’re still pulling crap
out of the hat that’s 40 years old that you know doesn’t work? That’s not intelligent. That’s idiotic, and that’s all that we can
expect from the Republican Party these days. They don’t have any idea what the hell they’re
doing. It’s the story of I guess you would call it,
The Post Turtle. Turtle sitting on a fence post. You don’t know how he got there but you know
that he had to have help and he has no idea what to do now that he’s up there. That’s what the Republicans in Washington
are. They’re post turtles. They don’t know what they’re doing. They had a lot of help form corporations to
get there, and they don’t know how to get back down. They’re stuck. They’re stuck with these antiquated ideas
that even the people who came up with the ideas have come out in the last few years
and said, “Whoa, yeah, I was way off. This thing, can, literally, never work.” That’s not stopping Paul Ryan from pushing
this trickle down better way. He’s also got a better way on healthcare. A better way on taking care of veterans. A better way on helping the middle class. They haven’t actually said what any of those
plans are but he sure as hell is tweeting about them a lot. Don’t worry, America. We have hashtag better way. That’s not a plan, idiot. That’s a talking point. That’s a campaign slogan. You want a better way? How about you start listening to the American
public? The public that overwhelmingly wants a public
option for healthcare. That’s a better way. You want a better way? Pick up a book. Go, actually study economics. Learn something. That’s a better way to be a leader. Instead of dusting off these old, idiotic,
Reagan ideas that failed back then. They failed in the early ’90’s, they failed
during the George W. Bush Organization, and, Paul Ryan, they’re going to fail under your
leadership as well.

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31 thoughts on “It’s Official: The Republican Party Is Completely Braindead – The Ring Of Fire

  1. Paul Ryan, at best is an extra-light weight. Surprising for him to even rise to such a level of becoming the Speaker of the House. But then, the GOP standards are too low and have been so as they have no statesmen in their ranks, anymore. Anytime one dares to challenge their core… is branded a RINO… case closed. I rather put most of them in the "deplorables basket", lol.

  2. Ayn Rand better way, fuck over everyone not wealthy . spit on the human race and rejoice in your delusions of  omnipotence

  3. Hillary Clinton is a Liar, Traitor, and Thief!

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    The People are Pissed because the US Government has Abandoned, Screwed, and Betrayed the Middle Class.
    We are Forced to accept Obama Care, Executive Orders, Total Disregard for the US Constitution, The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, TSA, Border Patrol, Mass Spying on Citizens, Uncontrollable Tax and Spend, Warmongering, the War on Drugs, the Injustice System, The Federal Reserve, Violations of the Public Trust, Lack of Transparency, Absolute Lies, the Police State, and the War on the American People.
    We the Sheeple shall not take it any More! We shall Overcome and you shall go!
    Freedom is not free. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. It is the duty of all members of the public to take a stand against a tyrannical government.

    Track down the Agency/Security people in charge of the State Department Security and Fire/Jail all of the Security Weenies from the Top Down! They Obviously were not doing their Job!

    Muslims have no intention to assimilate into European/Western cultures this Threatens the existence of our society! When Muslims are in a minority they demand their human rights. Where Muslims are a majority there are no human rights.

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    If the Government wants to help the average Citizen… Do NOT TAX the first 40K of Income! We do not need any more Social Programs!

    The US Government cannot Fix or Manage Shit! If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in four years (or Less) there’d be a shortage of sand.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower – “Every step we take towards making the State our Caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the State our Master.”

    Benjamin Franklin – “They, who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.”

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  4. First to my northern friend. You'll have to add so far. Why do I say that? Simple. The neoclassical economics has you in its sights also. Just as they've been doing to many other countries America included. Load them up in debt, shift the profits off shore alluding taxes then serve the crushed population a nice cold plate of AUSTERITY. I think it's the net capitalism not the form bases on value added but finance fraud.
    Now on to the same old Republicans plan. It dates back to the first marauding hoards who realized holding slaves was a brilliant way to keep cost down and profits high. Primitively accumulation where you steal what you can. Sound familiar? Watch a utube post with E. Warren lays it all out when grilling a WF chairman of the board. It's brilliant. Pure frauds on public display and how it going to be handled, the same way all the rest of the frauds were. It'll be forgiven while the producers get robbed. What a Harvard business model that's to be proud of. Useless parasites is all they are. But they're Congresses parasites. You don't get elected and ascend to heaven for biting the hand that feeds you

  5. Very well put. They have not had a plan maybe for 70 years. THe only plan has cut taxes on the rich and stop the U.S.S.R. THat is it. Once the U.S.S.R. fell, now the new bad people are the Muslims and the Atheists. Oh will be next ??

  6. somebody in the republican organization must be smart they have almost destroyed the US and have taken control of all layers of the government local county state and national….I sure it has been with the collusion of corporate democrats…I bet that thumbnail photo of Ryan exercising was fake just like the photo op in the soup kitchen of him washing pots and pans that had already been washed……

  7. These ideas are NOT from Reagan era. These same exact ideas were proposed decades prior to Reagan and they failed miserably. Reagan recycled the horrible, failed ideas and proven again that they don't work for anyone other than the top 1%.

  8. I love your guys telling it how it is. Keep this up! We need to get angry again and use this emotion to change the system for the good. Truth = Progress

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