Jeremy Corbyn tells Boris Johnson: ‘This government is a disgrace’

Jeremy Corbyn tells Boris Johnson: ‘This government is a disgrace’

This Government will not
delay Brexit any further. We will not allow the emphatic
verdict of the referendum to be slowly suffocated by further
calculated drift and paralysis. While the opposition run from
their duty to answer to those who put us here, they cannot
hide forever. The moment will come when
the people will finally get the chance to deliver their verdict
on how ​faithfully this House executed their wishes, and I am
determined that they will see that it was this government
who were on their side. Hear, hear. – The one thing the prime
minister did not say was that he was going to obey the
law of this country. He did not say that he acknowledged
or accepted three votes that have taken place in this parliament. And under his request, the House
is now apparently due to be prorogued this evening
for one of the longest prorogations in history simply in order to
avoid any questioning of what he is doing or not doing,
simply to avoid discussion about Yellowhammer, and particularly
to avoid any discussion about the proposals that have
been put to the European Union that he has or does not have
or that do or do not exist. Mr Speaker, this government is
a disgrace, and the way the prime minister operates
is a disgrace.

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100 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn tells Boris Johnson: ‘This government is a disgrace’

  1. Boris makes an excellent point ,,, if corbyn is so shore the British parliament is such a disgrace , then corbyn should agree to go to an immediate election and get a mandate from the people if he so certain that his opinions are what the majority are wanting …
    Corbyn is wrecking democracy by standing against an election!!!
    Boris is correct to say let the voters make the ultimate decision!!!!

  2. The totalitarian who wants the people to lick politician boots and submit, thinks Boris is an embarrassment because he acknowledges that a vote took place.

  3. As weird, and occasionally childish, as this looks, this kind of 'in your face' argument, stops politicians hiding behind the office. They can prepare, but at some point you're going to have to answer to someone else. It's easy to spot who hasn't done the homework

  4. Jeremy Corbyn and his colleagues are the disgraced ones. The people voted, yet Parliament seems bent on thumbing their noses at the vote.

  5. Thought the referendum was to be respected through law, JC is cherry picking his backing of the people for his own agenda. They argue the law when it suits labour and forgets about the democratic vote when it suits. Total far left clown, who seems to be having his strings pulled from higher up. I think he has probably killed off his Northern labour voters as he is stamping on their vote for his own agenda.

  6. Putin loves Boris, his money is pouring thru the Steve Bannons & troll farms who instigated & promote Brexit. He & the Koch-big oil octopus are hoping to divide & weaken the EU, US, UN, etc. It's working.

  7. Corbyn is the British version of Nancy Pelosi, except he can finish complete sentences. This is the new Liberal tactic. If Progressives don’t like the outcome of an election they try to change the will of the voters through the courts (judges) or they simply ignore the voters wishes. Give em hell Boris. Has Boris been to Russia? 😳

  8. BloJo's government is a disgrace only because BloJo is a disgrace. A less than 52% vote to leave the EU is hardly an 'emphatic verdict,' especially when one considers that Gibraltar voted by 90% to remain, Scotland voted by 60% to remain, and Northern Ireland voted by 56% to remain. Brexit split the UK.

  9. Comrade corbyn against the democratic vote . We voted out but these communists wont have it . They will not be happy until every British job , every rented home and every nhs waiting room is given up to eu spooks .

  10. Has anyone noticed when Boris speaks to corbyn The little labour whinger seems to shrink about three inches. At this rate within three months corbyn will be brought in in a jam jar 🤪

  11. After getting headaches from videos about trumps news I search for videos of BJ and the UK parliament (sorry, 🇬🇧 pls don’t get offended) to get to laugh out loud and release the headache.
    What an era to be alive in!

  12. Boris cordoned himself is such a radical and extreme position that jeopardizes his capacity to govern the country and find reliable alternatives. «Do or die» could be the political epitaph for Boris Johnson. Sad :-((

  13. its called getting the job done mr yellow belly.. MP's who have tried to water down and stop brexit, have wasted millions of tax payers money, but the time has come to end it all.

  14. I enjoy watching brexit it's a great entertainment and continues to be a bit like watching house of cards without any murders thoroughly enjoyable watching sexy Laura kuensberg on the telly
    When it all ends it will be a shame we will miss it
    Not forgetting sexy Kay Burley on sky phroar!!

  15. Boris Johnson is soooo brave – that's why he doesn't go on tv or radio news.
    He's so brave he hides behind Cummings and that why he closes down parliament…
    If Theresa May was the Black Knight then Johnson is just like Sir Robin – all together now!
    Bravely bold Sir Boris Rode forth from Westminster
    He was not afraid to die [ in a ditch ] brave brave Sir Boris
    He was not at all afraid to killed in nasty ways
    Brave brave brave brave Sir Boris.
    He was not in least bit scared to be mashed into a pulp
    Or to have his eyes gouged
    Or his elbows broken.
    To have his kneecaps split and his body burned away
    And his limbs all hacked and mangled brave Sir Boris…

  16. Brexit – latest updates ►

  17. "British prime minister Boris Johnson tells parliament: 'We will not allow the emphatic verdict of the [Brexit] referendum to be slowly suffocated by further calculated drift and paralysis'…"?

    The only problem with this claim is that it is simply untrue. The referendum result was NOT an "…emphatic verdict…"

    It was practically a dead heat.

  18. Brexit is nothing but the work of dictator Pootin . The West must unite, like never seen before, and save democracy, and the Russians from their tyrant.

  19. EUEXIT I urge all leavers to do this NO LONGER BUY ANY EUROPEAN GOODS its the only way to hit back as we have been fully and completely betrayed lets call it EUEXIT and it lasts forever!!!! Dear Countrymen cancel your organge contract as French!

  20. Oh no! The government is a disgrace! What can be done about it? I know, a general election! What about it Cowardly Corbyn? If the government is that bad, why do you do the decent thing for the country and agree to an election? But the spineless wonder didn't. He didn't even vote against it but chickened out and abstained.

  21. All the politians are a disgrace doing nothing for people or country it's time we all stopped paying taxes for there huge salaries politics is at it's LOWEST ever in the UK

  22. Priminster Boris Johnson Britain is great Britain no longer united Kingdom Scotland your court design not excepted by great Britain eny one who support the EU No longer is no longer called British eny one have eny Complaints come to me mo and Boris Johnson is one designed one fighter farag said it ten years ago Britain no longer Britain because is fully of junk from the EU criminal's frauder lots more on the lease Jeremy Corbyn stop call yourself you are English you are not no longer English Scotland judges every one of you have holiday home in the EU move completely from Scotland that is your resons for have your design against Ours a Queens Elizabeth we don't need you in great Britain the same with irland if you are sticking to the EU goodbye it's easy to say it to Britain you are costing British tax payers over 30 billions pounds a year what we are getting of you oil we have oil in Britain you are asking for trouble we not asking for it if you wanted trouble easy to give you trouble great Britain is not alone it's chame on you to drink water after spit in the glass it's you Scotland Britain with out London you are nothing but zero big zero see you again chortly. Mo RAAD political madical sicoligest Judges on Google youtube International? Mo?

  23. Boris, for fuck's sakes, you've GOT to immediately form an alliance with Farage and the Brexit Party, or Brexit will NEVER happen ………… there's just too many legalities stacked against ya' now to do it all on your stubborn own. Remember the saying : 'Pride comes before a fall'. NOW GET ON THE FONE TO FARAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. What does our gracious queen think about all of this? Has she paid my consultancy fees yet? Oh well, I hope prorogation is politician talk for getting some or they’ll have to brexit their beds and sleep on the sofa. 😎

  25. Watching from
    Canada 🇨🇦… 🙄 We thought Trump was bad. Boris looks like his frumpy dumpy cousin. So glad to be Canadian these days.

  26. The man who wanted to be the greatest PM ever is the first PM to ever lie to the Queen and is already the most embarassing fool of PM to be remembered in UK history😂😂😂😂😂

  27. the disgrace is parliament's stubborn and rebellious resistance to the vote to leave the EU; totally spitting in the face of democracy. you were told to leave the EU: DO AS YOU
    ARE DAMN WELL TOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Dear Guardian News,
    Thank you for posting.
    I wish to sing a song:
    "Clearly I remember,
    picking on the boy."
    "Seemed a harmless little punk". 👨‍🎤👶
    "But we've unleashed the lion" 🦁
    "..And Jeremy Cor-bin, spoke in class today".
    Song made famous by:
    Pearl Jam
    Album : Ten
    The plot thickens… 👩‍🎓📚
    Love 💜
    Michigan, USA
    Peace ✌
    P.S. That's why. 👶

  29. Greensleeves was all my joy, said Boris to Mr.Corbyn, Jeremy remember this well "When dream touches sky it became a part of sky caravan, so pure and endless as your wisdom, sir, when rain comes to lands you will see me amongst raindrops and you will tell me that the flowers on your windowsill still remember who I am, Anglophalodor United Kingdom, Anglophalodor Jeremy Corbyn!"

  30. Jeremy Corbyn said brilliant words, perfectly describing a Prime Minister. I think, if Prime Minister continues scheming and trying to trick everyone, and if he eventually will, there's most likely just 1 possibility gonna be left for him – to flee the country. So far there's just booing everywhere he goes, but if he keeps on pulling tiger on it's whiskers, he'll lose his head eventually.
    On a side note, Trump is waiting for him with a full pot of gold for selling country to US…..

  31. The PM Johson and his friends have £8billion plus on a no deal brexit, one of his PALS has already made £300 million, there willing to take down the UK for there own gains, John's said I'd rather die in a ditch than stay in europe, that could be due to his friends looding £8billion if he doesn't leave with a no deal ! If you want to find out what's really going on dont bother reading listening or watching the main stream media in the UK as it's all owned by half a dozen people who all donate the the conservative party, still think your bring told what's really going on !

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