100 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel’s Plan to End Trump’s Government Shutdown

  1. This is SO good! From the beg to the end!!😂😂😂😂 but the voice of the cluless calm..!!! Seriously these days comedy does writes itself !!!
    The wall he called Eric was within him the whole time…

  2. Maybe you should kidnap Trump and then get Kobe Bryant to rape him, he's allegedly already got some experience with that.

  3. The Israli wall is on very different terrain with a much smaller border. And they still constantly find tunnels.

  4. Folks… if we don't need a wall, try leaving your front door of your home open all the time and see what happens …. same difference and we have enough crime without letting more in!! And Kimmel, your aren't funny and you are un-American, get a real job!!!!

  5. Jimmy Kimmel is irrelevant. All the tools and fools who buy the bullshit spewing from these socialist “entertainers” are suckers.
    Trump is doing the country a great service by letting the Democrats shut down the government. It’s only nonessential employees.
    Most of these people won’t be back after the shut down.
    And that’s a good thing.
    The reason these employees are called “nonessential” is because they’re just that. They’re not needed. They’re a waste of taxpayer dollars. They are nonessential. The federal government is not a damn charity to give people jobs that don’t need doing.

    Choke on that, liberal asshats!

  6. Didn't Jimmy co create the manshow? That was my favorite show ever the left would bury anyone who tried to make that show today that's why I'm surprised that Jimmy leans left

  7. Your just a talk show host thats it you couln’t do trumps job if you had a brain in your head your show is ignorent and should be cancelled cause all you do is complain get a life!!

  8. Great idea! But when you or someone else succeeds in unseating the President who was elected by us, what are you going to do to protect you and your family?

  9. Tha ph***k Nancy & Schumer. Enough is enough. I know POTUS is retarderd, but let hun know. G**K Off.ret***d. Let go

  10. The only thing kibble needs to end is his job as a Ha ha Host….He needs to back to girls on trampolines…..better his speed ..still above him though.

  11. The Deep State is being slowly being choked by the consistent Republicans.

    Dems have no integrity. They are sentimental and can’t handle logic. They live in feuds because they cannot think individually. Groups of coyotes that are lost.

  12. This government shutdown hurts the working class most. A millionaire won't suffer from this. How is this about a wall when he had the house for two years and didn't get it funded?! 😣😬

  13. He wants the wall because he is so desperately wanting to promote white supremacy by making America for Americans only. He will never be so desperate enough to pursue this if really he really likes Mexicans.

  14. My solution: build a 50 foot section of wall. Put Trump's name on it in 40 foot gold letters. Trump's will then have his monument to himself and we can all go back to what we were doing.

  15. You should run for president.
    And do it just for love. Not for money. Trump do not get any wages for all the worries he got.
    Trump is cleaning the swamp. All the satanic pedofilos will go to Gitmo.

  16. Go trump you can win. Trow all the Illuminati in jail.
    Go and watch all the videos from the satanic nine circle and you may get affected too.

  17. The Government Shutdown has cost more than the funds required.

    Pelosi needs to stop power tripping and to stop acting like a child and come to an agreement.

  18. LMAO!! He's right though just tell those dopes the wall os being built they'll believe anything he says and for damn sure won't take the time to check if it's true or not

  19. I love this president at least your seeing changes even know they're for the wrong reasons. With the last few presidents so many promises and nothing ever happened. At least he is a man of his word.

  20. Hey Jimmy, if you get on a plane and you happen to have a pilot you don't like, do you wish he crashes the plane just to say "I told you so"? No, of course not. But apparently you were hoping the North Korea peace treaty failed just to say Trump is a failure.

  21. Why do I even bother commenting? This isn't Chuck Schumer supporters that actually try to come up with facts, This is Jimmy Kimmel who attracts the worst type of liberal: The ones who think there better then you.

  22. I dont like trump at all, to me he doesn't like anyone who isn't white, but at the end of the day he still bleeds like all of us brown white yellow ect. He ain't perfect. The media does bash the hell out of him for real.

  23. Another solution would be for many collective states to have secession from the United States of America and form another government.

  24. How about why America is being entertained by Trump what is really goin on behind what we not suppose to see or know about Trump is pure distraction my mind can only wonder the families and ones that really do run our world what are they up too that's what I think while Trump is the distraction

  25. It is unknown why the media, Congress, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, etc., make any attempt to reason with an unreasonable individual. Who tries to reason with a man-child acting like a 2-year-old? The wall, to which DT refers, is slated to carry his name and image in neon flashing lights, a tidbit DT has yet to share with his adoring public. Library, f*tttt. He’d rather take a wall with his name on it.

  26. 0.36 anti immigrant…..whoo..whoo…..stop there he is anti illegal immigrant…..typical Jimmy always lying.

  27. Boo hoo I missed two paychecks because of the shutdown and I didn't even work when I was required to. Oh no I hope this doesn't ruin my retirement… oh wait…

  28. Niello, Pi, Hammers, and Mandrels. The Ambiguous Engineer (was somewhere else, originally):

    True music is a mathematical religious experience to engineering. It's all engineering versus legal. Is it true that females prefer legal types? Math is the religion of engineering (sacred geometries, Pythagoreanism) and Christianity of law. Chemistry is all materials theory and along with physics Judaism and the Occults are its religions. If you look at the Kabbalists, alchemists, and Occults they're all tied into Judaism indirectly. Don't be a fool for the law enterprises or get trapped in dead-end hospitality or retail jobs. Communications are the record keeping and inspiration of both. Physics is merely the energy, movement, and distances in all of them. The Devil is known for material sciences…nothing is more dead-end than legal enterprises. This explains the abacus which is a cash register and legal and the computer which is NOT a calculator but a communications device and records storage. In my opinion, always choose chemistry, math, and engineering. The religions speak of the devotions, traditions, and values of all of them. The medical industry is the application of chemistry, physics, and engineering to biology and mostly a legal affair. I don't really believe much in medical except for first-aid and accidents. It seems a little heavy on the applications. The thing about physics is that it creates matter which is at the root of chemistry and materials. The militaries do not manufacture weapons they contract them. There are very few writers of the rich history of factories and engineering, invention, and their dramas…why not a script about Eli Whitney or the steamboat wars? There are hundreds more. People might realize the actual pecking order in the world! Take a BIG step. Move up to engineering.

  29. The more recent Trump-bashing videos are, the less dislikes they have.
    You are finally on the right path America!

  30. i liked when late night shows werent political, i dont care if your right or left, i dont care about actors political opinions.

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