Joe Biden (Incoherently) Explains Why He’s Against Medicare For All

Joe Biden (Incoherently) Explains Why He’s Against Medicare For All

Joe Biden is going to be asked in this clip I'm about to show you about medicare-for-all a policy that more than 70% of Americans support and a majority now of Republican support at 52% here's what he's going to say to justify his unwillingness to support Medicare for all he's essentially going to make word salad take a look what do you say to calls for some sort of universal health care there were something like Medicare for all from some of the other people running all right III think they're they're well intended I think that mean it is and it's not I'm not but here's the deal right now you have 16 you have this overwhelming number of employers for a pain in the health care plan why let them off the hook all of a sudden they don't have to pay anything what happens then – this whole thing about profit and the rest I mean it is should be part of the compensation if you have it that was an incredibly idiotic justification as to why he does not support Medicare for all because quote you have an overwhelming number of employers paying into a health care plan why let them off the hook so his justification is this is a benefit that employers should be providing they give you money but another part of compensation for your labor should be that they offer you health care okay I don't agree with that but it's one justification but he then switches gears abruptly he says all of a sudden they don't have to pay anything what happens then – this whole thing about profit so he talks about okay well we shouldn't let employers off the hook but then what happens – this whole thing about profit I genuinely don't know what he's trying to say here like I thought about this and I tried to interpret what he was saying I don't know what he's trying to say what happens to this whole thing about profit what are you talking about I don't get what you're trying to say Joe he's making words salad here and he's trying to make it seem as if he has this reasonable justification for not supporting Medicare for all but this is not persuasive in fact this whole thing about profit is not even coherent so why is he saying this why is he opting for employers to be the ones to bear the burden something that governments deal with in basically every other developed country well because a lot of the unions don't like the notion of medicare-for-all being approved because that's one way that they can kind of demonstrate their value to workers by getting employers to offer more health care benefits so what he's kind of doing here is a wink and a nod to unions and I support unions Joe Biden doesn't actually support unions because he associates himself with Union Buster's but if you're going to give a little bit of a wink and a nod to unions wouldn't you be better off by proving that you support them by not teaming up with Union Buster's Joe Biden now he claims why should we let employers off the hook when it comes to health care why shouldn't they provide workers with health care well in a system where health care is not guaranteed where it's not free at the point of service sure I think it's incumbent on employers to fill that gap that isn't being filled by government but why should we be letting government off the hook that's the question that we really should be asking because government already provides us with a number of services we give them our tax dollars and in return they provide us with a military that will protect us from external threats they give us drinkable water theoretically they provide us with breathable air so why shouldn't health care also be something that they guarantee for us furthermore a problem and really a flaw in thinking that it's important for us to have an employer-based health care system is that not all jobs offer health care so if you're not going to mandate that every single employer offer health care then this really isn't a persuasive argument to make because not every single job will offer health care and there will still be millions of people who will be left out for the more people who have an employer that does offer health care well maybe they offer health care that is shitty or maybe they offer health care alternatively that is good but the job itself is horrible maybe that individual hates that job but they feel as if they can't leave that job job and they're stuck with their employer be if they leave then they'd lose healthcare why can't you just admit that the reason why you don't support Medicare for all Jo is because you are in the tang of the health insurance industry they're betting on Joe Biden to save them from the momentum that we see for Medicare for all they're betting on Joe Biden to save them from Bernie Sanders who they are terrified of currently who they are increasing benefits because they don't want him to kill them you want to protect health insurance companies that's what this is about that is precisely what this is about but he's too much of a coward to admit it he's about protecting the profits of for-profit health insurance companies who don't actually care about the delivery of health care they care about profits they have a fiduciary responsibility to increase shareholder value whereas if government handled health care well they wouldn't have a goal to increase profit to make revenue their one goal would be to deliver health care which is why theoretically speaking you want the government to handle health care and not employers to handle health care because if employers handle health care then that means that health insurance companies are still going to be responsible for the delivery of health care and their motives conflict with what the American people need which is health care and Joe Biden either doesn't get that or he doesn't care I bet it's probably a little bit of both but either way his answer here is incredibly ignorance and it's not persuasive and it's one of the many reasons why he must be defeated because if you're not going to come to the table with any new ideas that would excite the base you are playing with fire you are a liability going up against Donald Trump who's betting a low turnout to win so if Democrats and liberals have any sense they will avoid voting for Joe Biden otherwise you risk another four years of Donald Trump because if Joe Biden is the nominee I worry about his chances against Donald Trump could he win possibly but is it very likely that he Lew's yeah in fact currently I'd suspect that he would most likely lose because we just put up a centrist in 2016 and she lost and from what we're seeing in this early stage of his campaign Joe Biden is more out of touch than Hillary Clinton which is almost unfathomable to me but he's more out of touch than Hillary Clinton we've got to defeat him otherwise Donald Trump will defeat all of us on the left in 2020

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46 thoughts on “Joe Biden (Incoherently) Explains Why He’s Against Medicare For All

  1. Bernie Sanders – Medicare For All

    Bernie has the real deal bill in Congress. He is a strong supporter of real Medicare For All

  2. I wonder about the insurance companies wages for their low-level employee I’ll bet you anything if it goes federal they’ll be making better moneyAnd better benefits…What do you think America??

  3. This "employment-based insurance" talking point is very deceptive. Most people in the US are underinsured. My mom almost died because she did not want to deal with her 6000 dollar deductible for an infection(as most Americans, she does not have 500 to spare for an emergency). Thankfully, she went to the hospital (when it was very late and the infection almost kills her), but now has that looming 6000 dollar debt she cant pay. This happened to my brother as well. How does it make sense that in a developed nation someone has to assess if they should go or not to the hospital after they were crashed by a motorcycle?

  4. "Why let 'em off the hook?" So everyone in the country can have health care and save a lot of money in the process. What's your next stupid question?

  5. Corporate / business /employer based insurance cuts out of the employee's pay to compensate for it. If you were to move to state-funded medicare for all, everyone that has corporate health care would suddenly see their paychecks increase instantly. That said, it is likely that taces would increase to fund medicare for all.

    However, there are many claims and data-points which illustrate that medicare-for-all is MORE efficient than the strongest forms of current obamacare/AOC, etc. It is also likely that, should Bernie win, he will push for increased high-end luxury taxes and a possible reworked tax bill (which would actually benefit the common worker and not the CEOs). That means it could possibly not only compensate for medicare-for-all (if it turns out to not be as efficient as planned to begin with), but could reduce the average person's taxes, a real for-the-people tax reform.

  6. Hey you little nothings, why let 'em off the hook. My boss has them by the balls, and we gotta keep it that way. Capeesh?

  7. Employers care about the total cost of employment. If they pay less to insurance, they can pay more to you.

  8. I think the comment about “this whole thing about profit” was Joes idiotic way of pretending to take Bernies side on the difference between profits and corporate earning compared to wages. I could be wrong but I think that’s what he was ineptly trying to do.

  9. Biden leading in the polls. You should step outside of your echo chamber sometimes. Also you’re estrogen levels are too high

  10. "Employers are paying into it, why let them off the hook?" Well, why not everyone pay into it, like EVERYONE.

  11. Joe you don't have to let businesses off the hook for Medicare for All. You just raise their taxes. Since Medicare for all will be cheaper the amount you raise their taxes will be less than what they are currently paying for private health insurance for their employees. Basically it would be a net positive for businesses even though you are raising their taxes. The only ones hurt by Medicare for All is the private insurance agencies. If they hadn't been so greedy and gouged the American people for so long we wouldn't be demanding Medicare for All. You been protecting those greedy companies and the wealthy people who own them for decades. You took an oath to protect the people but failed. You are not fit to serve as president.

  12. So Biden's an asshole we know this. In better news did anyone happen to catch the fact that insurers are providing better benefits without even having elected that many progressives or having any real policy changes yet? Just the act of having them in office to put a scare into insurance companies is having an effect. Keep voting.

  13. Ava Barker has it exactly right! Employers are capping hours to make someone technically part time to avoid giving them healthcare benefits! Speak on this please!

  14. Goldman Sacks:"Is curing patients a sustainable business model?" 🤣
    Well, I guess a patient cured is a customer lost to these assholes

  15. Both parties are openly undemocratic. They serve a small section of wealth and ignore popular opinion.

  16. Every time I hear him say "Here's the deal" or "Let me level with you" I mentally prepare myself for the gaslight.

  17. Because one of his first night donors was the CEO of Independence Blue Cross, Daniel Hilferty. Hilferty is also a member of the board for the group America's Health Insurance Plans which is a group fighting hard against Medicare For All. Everyone at his first night fundraisers were GOP donors, CEO'S from the likes of Comcast and lobbyists. He is a republican through and through.

  18. "what happens with this whole thing about profit": Biden is just referring to the fact that if the employers will not need to pay for healthcare their profit will increase substantially. This is a little sting at Bernie like to say "your MFA plan will favor the same rich people that you say you are against it".
    Of course, this point from Biden is incorrect as Bernie's plan requires employers to pay in payroll taxes what will not pay any longer in benefits.

  19. …..if Employers weren't practically forced to pay into healthcare plans to look attractive…they'd pay more, offer more in-house benefits and probably hire more… Why let employers off from actually trying to provide for employees rather than promising just healthcare to keep them hooked….

  20. Unions need to prioritize higher wages. Unions have become just as bad as insurance. They charge you to not fight for you.

  21. Biden will chase young voters away. Biden can't win this. I wont waste a vote on him. I'll toss my presidential vote away on an independent and vote blue down ballot in that case.

  22. This is exactly why Biden should not be the 2020 democratic nomination! He is as corrupt as most Republicans.

  23. That might work for people who work. What about those of us that don’t work? Like those of us on social security? Employers are not going to help us.

  24. Uncle Joe sucks. Medicare 4 all is a deal breaker. No excuses no substitutes. Hard pass on joe.

  25. Anyone who thinks we should have a for profit health care system is out of touch.. No thanks uncle Joe

  26. The majority of corporations offer shitty expensive healthcare. IF they provide it at all. They just cut hours and positions to cut back on any benefits to the employee. Corporations have NO argument for Medicare for all. None..
    The elites and their bootlickers only have one option and its too kill those who oppose them.

  27. He was saying "if you take away the employment compensation it takes all the profit numbers out of the private healthcare system" i.e. the billions in profits they make now is because of employers giving money into the system. Which I think its bullshit since most people could demand a raise if we had medicare for all.

  28. I think the gop hired him to run and split the dem vote even more. He's likely working for the enemies of the people.

  29. This is a very rational argument. I also would like to see this in debate form. I think the majority will not go for the sell out bs Biden is pushing. Which means that the "establishment" must try to keep Bernie off the debate stage on this issue as its a loser for Biden.
    You are correct though, if Biden is the nominee, I won't be voting.

  30. Biden is unbelievably out of touch, he believes the same old tepid bullshit will be swallowed by working people when a majority want a single payer system. What about the thousands that die without coverage? What about when you quit a shitty job you and your family lose coverage. It's appalling he still thinks this way and shows how incompetent and behind the times this empty windbag is.

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