Joe Biden’s Team Urges Bernie's Campaign to “Bring It On” When it Comes to Healthcare

Joe Biden’s Team Urges Bernie's Campaign to “Bring It On” When it Comes to Healthcare

at his campaign kickoff event in Pennsylvania Joe Biden outlined his vision for health care reform in America and I think to nobody's surprise he does not support Medicare for all although to his credit he does have a plan and that plan is a public option now if you'll recall back when he was Vice President Obama's administration also publicly supported a public option although they didn't even propose it when they were talking about the Affordable Care Act so I don't think that Joe Biden has much credibility here but nonetheless he is basically telling Bernie Sanders to bring it on not necessarily Joe Biden but his team and Bernie's team they've already kind of started this rivalry when it comes to the issue of health care and now they're competing to prove to America whose vision is better the more incrementalist moderate approach with Biden or Bernie's plan which actually would solve the health care crisis in America and end the debate once and for all so as you can see you already know where I stand on this I think Bernie Sanders absolutely has the credibility needed on this issue but nonetheless I want to share an article that was written by Jeff Stein of the Washington Post where he kind of outlines the rivalry between these two candidates here I think this is interesting so Jeff Stein writes Joe Biden on Monday endorsed the public option that would allow all Americans to buy into a Medicare like health insurance plan as allies of both the former vice president and 2020 presidential rival senator Bernie Sanders begin to debate the Democratic Party's health care agenda whether you're covered through your employer or on your own or not you should have the choice to buy into a public option plan for Medicare your choice Biden said during a campaign event in Pittsburgh if the insurance company isn't doing right by you you should have another choice Sanders has called for enrolling every American on the Medicare program a single-payer system and an a to the campaign took a swipe at Biden's decision to attend a private fundraiser that included health insurance executives last week Biden is also expected to say he shares with single-payer activists the goal of universal coverage and lower healthcare costs but that he does not support Medicare for all the advisors said he may reprise Hillary Clinton's argument in 2016 that her more incremental approach would build on the policies of the Obama administration rather than replacing the Affordable Care Act with a single-payer system we are all trying to get to a place where we achieve a universal health care I think he sees it like that the adviser said but if they want to go after him and Obama about their approach to health care bring it on anyone defending the current dysfunctional system needs to explain why the average family should have to pay twenty eight thousand dollars a year for health care while the CEO of Independence Health Group Daniel Hilferty made four point eight million last year and aid to Sanders campaign said in a statement so the first thing that I want to note is that the Biden aide who is quoted here is basically gaslighting people because apparently you know he's trying to pay lip service to us and say look I agree with your goal that we need to lower health care costs and we need to get to 100% coverage but if you actually agreed with that then you would obviously opt for the policy that would put that into practice it's Medicare for all that's the one way that you get to 100% coverage and the lowest health care costs so if you're not supporting that then you don't get to Gaslight us and make us think that you shared the same goal with us because you don't your goal is actually at odds now again I want to remind you because I think this is incredibly relevant here to this conversation Joe Biden already said that he supports a public option as did Obama back in 2008 you didn't even put it in the Affordable Care Act when we were debating health care reform you didn't even propose it so you told us you support a public option you then get elected you have a supermajority you didn't go for Medicare for all and you didn't even go for a public option why should we believe you now the answer is obvious we should not believe him because Joe Biden has no credibility here because I mean he launched his campaign by doing big-money fundraisers one of which was with a healthcare industry executive and the reason why Joe Biden doesn't want robust health care reform such as Medicare from' is because he's afraid of the health insurance industry because he knows that if he gets on board with Medicare for all he would lose any donors from that industry that are thinking about donating to him now contrast that with Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders isn't afraid of the health care industry in fact the opposite is true they're afraid of him because their stocks have tanked ever since Bernie Sanders reintroduced his Medicare for all bill and this also has worried investors and on top of that health insurance companies like anthem who offer Medicare Advantage plans they've actually increased benefits as a direct result of Bernie's threats to do away with them because they know that people are on Bernie Sanders sides specifically because they rip people off and because they're so greedy they shot themselves in the foot because every single American has experience with a health insurance company they do not like their health insurance company now when you look at public opinion polls you'd see that people don't want to lose their health insurance plan that they have but if you actually ask people why they support their health insurance it's not because the health insurance company that they have is giving them a phenomenal deal it's because they want to keep their doctor and they're worried about stability now thankfully a majority of Americans now support Medicare for all largely due to Bernie's relentless advocacy for Medicare for all in fact even a majority of Republicans now support Medicare for all but yet we have a Biden adviser getting extremely cocky telling Bernie's team to bring it on are you sure you want that because you should be careful what you wish for because who do you think Americans are gonna side with when it comes to the issue of health care who do you think the Democratic party's base will side with in this debate the guy who's been a champion of medicare for all for his whole life who has health insurance companies running scared or guy who surrendered before the fight even began wouldn't even propose a public option because he was too afraid about what health insurance companies would think Joe Biden has zero credibility when it comes to the issue of health care and I'm excited that there's this rivalry brewing because it's going to demonstrate that Joe Biden is not just leaked on this issue but he's also a puppet of the health insurance industry because he's not trying to come up with a policy that would appease the American people he's doing this so he can appease his donors who are holding fundraisers for him and that's what this is about so I'm sorry I'm going to side with the guy who has the health insurance industry shaking in their boots right now not the guy who capitulated back in 2009 we remember that Joe Biden when you and Obama said that you support a public option for you to not even propose that with the Affordable Care Act shows that you're a coward you could pitch you late when the fight doesn't even start you surrender before it begins and you don't even want to go up against the health insurance industry so if you want brandy seems to bring it on be careful what you wish for him because I am definitely interested in seeing you to debate this you have zero credibility on this Joe zero girly Mike Fettuccine needs your support at patreon what illusion visit slash humanist report to support the low ratings humanist report said my views are much higher 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21 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Team Urges Bernie's Campaign to “Bring It On” When it Comes to Healthcare

  1. Same old same old Joe you are part of the reason we are were we are. Would love to have a drink with you bet your personable and fun but you will be the black rose on our cake if you win, Western Pa Dem.

  2. I was going to vote for Bernie last time but the DNC effed Bernie….and what made me ABSOLUTELY hate HILLARY is because she couldn't address it…..progressives will rise and fight for someone who actually fights for the common citizen. THE COMMON CITIZEN….🤔🤔🤔🤔😘

  3. We've already TRIED Biden's plan. And look; just ONE republican conservative administration KILLS it. It's too open to sabotage. Courts, which are now controlled by conservatives thanks to trump's court packing, simply rule that fit people shouldn't have to pay for unfit people. What that really means is that lower costs for insurance for the luckily healthy people doesn't offset the cost of people with pre-existing conditions. That means the public option has already been killed. Only complete take over by the government can save healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions now. We need Bernie.

  4. The Democrats have been promoting the public option for years, while the Medicare For All leaders have been giving a half-assed disorganized campaign where they fail to explain how it works as if the leaders are in collusion with the Democrats. Just like the leaders in Unions support corporate solutions and the leaders for small business support big business solutions. Medicare for all fundamentally replaces private insurance, but they try to hide that fact. Why? It’s how we can save money. Its like getting healthcare at wholesale prices. With this key omission, Democrats and Republicans can successfully argue that Medicar for All will eliminate insurance companies. That’s just one example. M4A needs to focus on education to create an informed public and have a solid dedicated grassroots movement that won’t be swayed by lies. The leaders will always say they don’t have time to educate the public and tell people to contact compromised and corrupt politicians to lead the charge. That’s been their strategy for decades.

  5. Please stand FIRM
    2020 BERNIE SANDERS 2020

  6. Public option….aka….OBAMAcare …..not bad but people are STILL underinsured ..still paying high deductibles,co pay etc

  7. I do not and will never believe Biden. Corp. Dems will throw Bernie under the bus again. I won’t forget Anita Hill,Joe. Insurance
    Companies are the biggest rip off in this country. Joe you suck!

  8. Joe Biden a big mistake for this country. Obama did nothing. Just another politician for his donors..big disappointment.

  9. Joe Biden a big mistake for this country. Obama did nothing. Just another politician for his donors..big disappointment.

  10. Joe and sanders you guys have done enough. Thank you for your service but now please retire

    Andrew Yang 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. The both candidates ideas are not that great compared to Andrew Yang’s ideas because he’s got more policies that will help America including universal healthcare so look up Andrew Yang!

  12. Old Uncle Joe gaslighting the left once again! That mother fucker sold out to the bankers and got nothing for himself. J O Biden just likes the taste of licking their boots.

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