John Bolton Gets FIRED (Trump Calls Him Out)

John Bolton Gets FIRED (Trump Calls Him Out)

>>John Bolton is no longer working for the
Trump administration. Now, Trump himself attempted to make it appear
as though he fired Bolton. But of course, as with anything Trump says,
it’s a lie. Now let me give you the details of what Trump
tweeted, and then we’re gonna give you the reality of how this all went down. Trump said today, via Twitter, I informed
John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions,
as did others in the Administration and therefore I asked John for his resignation, which was
given to me this morning. I thank John very much for his service. I will be naming a new National Security Advisor
next week. Well, that’s not quite how things went down. In fact, we found out about the reality on
Fox news, of all places. Take a look.>>Then of course, we heard from the just
fired John Bolton saying that no, it didn’t actually play out that way.>>I offered to resign last night and President
Trump said let’s talk about it tomorrow.>>John Bolton just texted me just now, he’s
watching.>>Can you read it?>>Yeah, he said let’s be clear, I resigned
and I said do you mind if I say that? While you were talking, and he wrote yes. So John Bolton, he just told me, texted me
to say I resigned.>>And right prior to that, John Bolton also
tweeted, quote, I offered to resign last night and President Trump said let’s talk about
it tomorrow.>>No, I broke up with you.>>Yeah.>>Insane.>>You keep for me, I quit, except the opposite.>>Yeah, I do like like, I just, I picture
them talking and then going really poorly and Trump says let’s talk about it tomorrow. It’s like, okay, maybe we can save this relationship. And then of course.>>It’s just like-
>>He’s been cheating on him with Mike Pompeo.>>It’s the pettiest, Trump is many bad things. Hey, he’s all the bad things but petty is
what he’s the most, I think.>>Well, for a guy who seems to care a lot
about optics and his own image, he’s managed to be the worst president in US history. I mean, everyone is always criticizing him,
with the exception of power hungry members of his own administration and right wing media.>>Well, optics for him, is not the traditional
way that we think, you know, how someone is supposed to appear presidential. He wants to consistently appear strong, but
he’s too dumb to actually appear strong, so he just appears petulant and petty. So he’s not bright enough to pull off the
PR stunt that he’s trying to consistently do, which is that of a competent president,
a strong president. And he doesn’t know how to actually maneuver
it, because he’s not actually that bright.>>Yeah.>>Right, now Bolton no longer working in
a Trump administration is not a bad thing.>>It’s a great thing.>>Bolton is a notable war hawk, he is a warmonger. It was very clear that there were disagreements
between himself and Donald Trump when he came to possibly invading Iran. And I’m glad that Trump called off an airstrike
in response to Iran shooting down a US drone. I mean, in any potential conflict the United
States has, Bolton has attempted to push both Donald Trump and successfully, previous administrations
into more war. So I’m glad that Bolton is out, but that’s
not to say that he wouldn’t be replaced by someone who’s even worse. You never know who Trump can replace him with.>>It should be obvious, but let’s bear in
mind who put John Bolton in the position he was in, Donald Trump. I would assume, knowing all you need to know
about john Bolton’s reputation, which is just that he’s never met a group of non-White people
that he wants to blow up, and yet he chose him.>>You know why-
>>And so you don’t get points, you just get back up to zero from the negative you went
into when you chose John Bolton as your advisor. And the reason why he chose John Bolton is
because they agreed on tearing up the raw nuclear deal. But they disagreed on what to do moving forward
because Trump surprisingly, wanted to take a more diplomatic role in negotiating with
Iran, whereas Bolton just wanted to invade.>>Yeah, because no one who isn’t this much
of a warmonger doesn’t wants to invade Iran, it’s four times the size of Iraq. We already know how much of a disaster that
was. And apparently, when you read more into it,
people like Steve Mnuchin were massaging Trump’s ego, basically saying that you didn’t want
to go into the Iraq war but Bolton did. So he’s been wrong in this, why would you
trust him? And Mnuchin didn’t really like that he was
pushing for the tariffs, and all of that. So Trump’s, it wasn’t his anti-interventionist
tendencies that caused him to fire Bolton. Which is ideally what we want, it was his
ego per usual.>>Yeah and I remain incredibly worried about
what’s going to happen with Iran. This one thing like, as you rightly pointed
out, he canceled the air strike after okaying the air strike.>>That’s right.>>And he did rip up the Iran nuclear cords
which materially increases the odds of a war with them, and also them developing the nuclear
weapons that we used as the pretext for war with them. So I mean, look, I guess Trump is less of
a hawk than John Bolton, but so is virtually every human that’s ever lived. So I don’t know how much credit he deserves.>>I mean, Lindsey Graham might be. Either on the same page, in terms of hawkishness,
or even more hawkish.>>McCain was rough too but, yeah.>>McCain was rough, but he’s not in the equation
anymore. I do wanna go to this next video, because
it features Pompeo, Mike Pompeo. And just pay close attention to his tone. He seems almost jovial. And he does draw attention to some disagreements. Take a look.>>Did John Bolton fire, did he get fired
or quit and then he leaves the White House because he disagreed with you in particular
over toxic?>>So last night, the President asked for
Ambassador Bolton’s resignation as I understand it, it was received this morning.>>Was it because of this disagreement?>>I’ll leave it to the President to talk
about, the reasons he made decision. But I would say this, the President is entitled
to the staff that he wants. I don’t talk of the inner workings of how
this all goes. We all give our candid opinions. There are many times Ambassador Bolton and
I disagreed, that’s to be sure. But that’s true for lots of people with whom
I interact with. My mission is that it’s always to make sure
as I run the Department of State is to deliver America’s diplomacy. I know everyone’s talked about this for an
awfully long time. There were definitely places that Ambassador
and I pulled the night at different views about how we should proceed.>>Well, he has Mnuchi going over his shoulder. Those were the two amigos who basically ousted
him, and they’re just grinning to each other like talking behind the scenes. We got the guy out.>>It’s, I mean, their days are numbered. We all know how Trump operates, we all know
that Trump has loyalty to no one. Mike Pompeo might think he’s in Trump’s good
graces today by sucking up to him and giving him everything he wants. But one small, even misconception that Trump
has toward Pompeo. Let’s say Pompel might appear to be a little
too overly ambitious within the administration, you are gone. It’s a very thin line, Pompeo. So you might be snickering and laughing now
but again, your days are numbered. Everyone’s days are numbered if you are in
the Trump administration. But one conversation I wanted to have was
Pompeo says I think the President should be able to surround himself with a bunch of Yes
Men who enable him to do everything he wants. And so my question is, look, I think that
it makes sense to have members of your cabinet have a similar philosophy maybe, a similar
ideology, worldview, whatever it is. But you want to surround yourself with people
who are willing to challenge you because no human being is perfect. So let’s take Trump out of the equation, let’s
just put president perfect in that position. Now even president perfect has flaws. No one’s actually perfect. I know that I’m not perfect, I know that I
like to be challenged on some of my pre-conceived notions because that helps me grow, that helps
me make better decisions. In the executive branch, it doesn’t make sense
to surround yourself with a bunch of Yes Men if you actually wanna run government correctly.>>Well, that was part of the criticism of
Bush, right? It was that he surrounded himself consistently
with Yes Men because he was too intellectually incurious to actually ask these large questions. It’s the same thing with Trump times a million,
he’s the most intellectually incurious man on the face of the planet. And when you look more and read more the details
about the firing of Bolton, Bolton and Pompeo apparently, largely agreed about how to handle
Iran, how to handle North Korea, but disagreed on how to handle Trump, how they handle him. So basically, Bolton wanted to push, and push,
and push him to be more belligerent, and Pompeo wanted to be more sleazy about it. Even their end goals were still the same,
more war, more brown Muslims bombed and killed indiscriminately, more belligerence towards
North Korea, more military industrial complex getting enriched, and more donors getting
their pockets filled.>>Yeah, you mentioned them differing on how
to handle Trump. I mean, he demonstrated that he knows how
he’s supposed to handle Trump there. He knows exactly what happened with the resignation
versus firing, but he knows if he says that he’ll probably be fired. He can’t acknowledge reality because he knows
he’s working for a four year old in a really old body. That’s it, really. He gets that. You asked, wouldn’t you want a team of people
who would question you if you wanted to run a government properly? Yes, if that’s want you wanted to do. But we know that for Trump, I mean, is that
in the top 20 of his priorities?>>Let me just be clear, I mean, you want
people who might challenge you on certain policy proposals or executive actions you
might wanna take. I mean, no one wants to surround themselves
with people who constantly question everything they do or challenge everything they do. But in this case, I mean look at what Trump
has successfully done. He immediately gets rid of people who challenge
him, he gets rid of people who he deems too ambitious, who might want to outshine him
in the administration. Just to give you a little history lesson,
and it’s very recent history, Trump has had three National Security Advisors, Bolton,
Michael Flynn, and HR McMaster.>>In his defense, one of them was a criminal
so he couldn’t hold on him for very long. Yeah, well, yeah, easily identifiable criminal
under our system.>>Fair enough.>>And there’s been nothing but chaos within
his administration when it comes to other roles. Trump has also churned out two Homeland Security
secretaries, John Kelly and Kirstjen Nielsen, and a National Security Agency director, Mike
Rogers. He’s lost a deputy national security adviser,
K.T McFarland and an ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats
and his deputy, Sue Gordon, left their posts last month. So again, it’s complete and utter chaos within
this administration and it just continues on and on. If you don’t agree with everything Trump wants,
he’s gonna come for you.>>Yeah, and everybody should have predicted
it because we knew from his business career, this is how he was. He just wants Yes Men, which is again like,
this is something I’ve been saying for two years now. The Trump supporters say that, Trump is an
example of a strong alpha person. He’s literally a demonstration of daily
basis of every way that a man can be weak. And your inability to have your views questioned
is not strength. Lincoln had his team of rivals, his got team
of rodents, so that’s all that’s left on this sinking ship. Like, you should be able to surround yourself
with people who are smarter in their areas than you are. It doesn’t mean that you have to follow what
they say, but you should at least listen to their advice. Trump, when he was talking, I think it was
about Afghanistan, he said I take my own advice. What does that even mean? I don’t know. The only thing it means is we have a pathetic
president, that’s all that it means in practice.

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100 thoughts on “John Bolton Gets FIRED (Trump Calls Him Out)

  1. To bring much needed focus to the pivotal issue of climate change, TYT is raising funds to host a Climate Change Town Hall.

  2. Emma is on the money. Capt Bonespurs is what it looks like when an insecure, cowardly moron tries to act like an alpha.
    If his Dad hadn't given him half a billion dollars, he would be a failed office supplies salesman.

  3. The little bastard against Venezuela, Iran hit the ground; now lets wait for him to go a little bit farther, just about 6 feet down!

  4. This is a bad thing for TYT. I don't know exactly who owns them. Chunk ain't running this boat anymore THAT'S for sure. But they seem very discouraged the Bolten is out. They say it's a good thing…..Which it absolutely is. But there is QUITE DESPERATION IN THEIR EYES. You can see it in All three of these Cucks…And you can see it in Chunk on every one of his BS commercials made since 2016 or so. The main cast won't report on certain stories….Such as Roundup. They leave that reporting to the much smaller Ring Of Fire Channel. They are NOT ALLOWED to talk about certain issues to their wider audience…..BECAUSE THEY'LL BE DEMONETIZED!


  6. Trump absolutely is a petty cretin who likes to recklessly throw his weight around in order to appear bold and strong, trusting (perhaps too much) that the other world leaders will step in if necessary and not let things get truly out of hand.

    I do suspect that some small part of his lizard brain is aware that he doesn't really know what he's doing, and while he's willing to play fast and loose with tariffs, diplomacy, etc… he's not quite ready to be the jackass who gets us into another damn war.

    He has just that much sense. Just.

    I can only hope it holds out until we elect Bernie Sanders in 2020. 😁🤞🙏

  7. You might be blinded by your hatred for Trump. Bolton is as bad a character as Trump for you to believe he resigned just because he says so is very nieve or ignorant of you.

  8. I believe Trump wanted Bolton gone. Because Trump listens to Tucker Carlson. And Tucker wanted Bolton gone and talked about it a lot, also a night of a firing.


    Yes, Trump lies constantly…. but

    Bolton lies go back as far as Trump's, and done so in the most heinous times and in front of congress. Verifiably.

    Fox news is an organization that has lied since the day of it's inception.

    So you have 3 MAJOR LIARS…. but only 2 have aligned views on a pivetal issue.

    In this ONE CASE…. It is more likely that TRUMP is telling the Truth than Bolton and Fox News…

  10. OMG didn't the moustache get hired to clean your White House , so much dust since 2016 , now the WH will get dirty without the moustache 🙁

  11. These two scumbags, Trump and Bolton, are the biggest irredeemably corrupt liars to ever infest politics it's actually hard to tell who's telling the truth and honestly, im just glad Bolton is gone.
    Trump should resign next!

  12. This administration is a clown show and has weakened our nation with its bigotry and buffoonery.

    People who are on record supporting Trump need to upload videos of themselves sincerely apologizing if they want to be accepted by real Americans ever again.

  13. Can we hold for a minute to discuss the amazing technological feat we just witnessed. We saw a live news broadcast, interupted by a text from one of the people talked about in said story, and a up to the second correction on air. As bad as things can be, we have come a long way.

  14. First of all bolton is a war monger and I don't like him. Second if everyone agreed with everyone in the White House….then what is the point of having all the cabinet positions? If that was the case then we should just have a king ?!? Its called checks and balances. We dont live in a monarchy.

  15. It is almost as though Trump thinks his image is everything and yet he soils himself and doesn't have enough sense to go change his pants.

  16. tweets exist FOREVER.: so,
    they both lied.. what i do believe is that bolton told the truth – but only in his TWEET. that's all.

    because bolton did not resign, he only OFFERED to resign (hoping trump would say, 'no way.').. and it's not just a matter of semantics, it does make a difference.. because offering to do something and actually DOING that thing are NOT the same thing, period.

    but then bolton, stupidly, thought he could get away with lying in the text message kilmeade read aloud and, so, he changed his story from offering to resign to actually resigning, full stop..but which i will never believe.. because that's not a person who would ever voluntarily give up the power he believed he had via his (wishful thinking) influence over trump.. he's just too much of a money hungry, military industrial complex war monger who has a sick-in-the-head need to control wars.. so he and his friends can make as much money as possible by trading in death, destruction, arms sales & private military services.

    bolton has a history of having done the same thing in the past…one of many reasons he should be in jail, not in the White House, influencing the most dangerous US president of the century.. it took far too long, good riddance!

    also, after (ok, supposedly*) trump saying, "let's talk about it tomorrow," in absolute, *trumpian fashion, and as trump hates confrontation – he let bolton know, via a tweet, that he, trump, had "fired" him (not), either the tweet was the only message bolton got or it was the tweet and maybe trump also (as usual), maybe he also delegated a formal 'dismissal' communication to someone else..but doesn't matter because the point is, only thing i believe about that mess is that bolton's initial public response (his own tweet) was the truth.

    after that, they both lied..via the text kilmeade read out loud on Fox and trump's tweet, also a lie.

  17. Is it possible that we can just gather up the members of this administration and drop them all off in the middle of Greenland?

  18. This administration reminds me of the Jerry Springer Show. All they lack are some folding chairs with which they can hit one another.

  19. I'm a liberal but really, Ana? The worst president in history? That's a little excessive when you calm down and look at the slave owners and war criminals we've elected.

  20. As much as I dislike Trump I must say…. BRAVO! One less war-mongering, Israel-first, Neocon whispering in Trump's ear. That's gotta be a good thing.

  21. I'm baffled by how people are covering this. It should be headlines that we are rid of Bolton, and discuss how dangerous he was etc. Not everything is worthy of TMZ type coverage, it almost seems like you are not wanting to give "credit". That's hardly the point, so I'm not sure that's it, but the alternative to that is that you're extremely shallow. It's not just you guys either. My other left stations are doing this too.
    Oh thanks for throwing in it's "not a bad thing"… and that addendum! Newsflash that's not an addendum! There's your story!! I hope that he doesn't pick someone worse, but Bolton was so low… can it get lower? Why do I even ask? Emma had the best handling of the issue.

  22. Isaiah 41:17-20
    17 When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue faileth for thirst, I the Lord will hear them, I the God of Israel will not forsake them.
    18 I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.
    19 I will plant in the wilderness the cedar, the shittah tree, and the myrtle, and the oil tree; I will set in the desert the fir tree, and the pine, and the box tree together:
    20 That they may see, and know, and consider, and understand together, that the hand of the Lord hath done this, and the Holy One of Israel hath created it.
    {Thank God For His Son Jesus (not white) which is recommended}

  23. I'm no fan of Bolton and I'm glad his warmongering ass is gone but I believe him over Trump when it comes to him resigning. I just hope Boltons pissed off enough that he starts telling us all the dirt he has on Trump.

  24. Hooray! It's a great day for peace! Perhaps there's a God in heaven after alll! The world desperately needs peace to defeat the looming climate change apocalypse.

  25. I know more about anything than any one else. So I hired someone that I knew was Best, because that is all I ever hire. Then he became someone I couldn't accept. Admit it DJT you are in way over your head! Pretend you have an extremely rare illness that requires you resign or a common one like senility. I won't tell anyone the truth, you are a loser.

  26. Damn this sucks for me because I was hoping for another war so perhaps another war would get started and perhaps the draft would be reinstated. And then I could find a job.

  27. Jesus Christ who cares whether he quit or not, this is ridiculous, he's out, that's what matters, talk about the possible replacements … is the MSNBC virus starting to spread?

  28. This must have been what it felt like in Rome while Nero fiddled. Congress has its head totally up its ass doing nothing to run the country. The Grim Reaper smirks and claims the rules are different because a WHITE pretending to be REPUBLICAN is in the WH and not a BLACK DEMOCRAT, so we can replace a Supreme Court Judge in in election year. Grim Reaper, aka Moscow Mitch, won't bring a plethora of bills the house has presented to the Senate floor because he doesn't like them. The founding fathers made a mistake. No single person should be able to mess up what the rest want to do. At least a panel of three, or 5, or 9, should be required to steer the Senate. He should be impeached for running his own country.

  29. Let's hope Trump doesn't replace him with Henry Kissinger. That's been Trump's history so far, replacing one baddie with someone even worse.

  30. Lindsey Graham (Cracker) is not a "Hawk". Lindsey Graham (Cracker) is more like a Pink Flaming o…………………………….

  31. This is the real reasons Bolton was out: First, He was spying in the white house for Israel. Second: Trump was going down because European did not give him a green light against Iran and he was trying to blame Bolton to get out of this problem. Third: Trump fired Bolton right before the election of Israel to show Jewish people that Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu has no support in the white house anymore, Trump does not want he win the election.

  32. If DJT had any honesty he would want to be challenged as did Obama or even W Bush. But he has no honesty intellectual or otherwise.

  33. Who is this "Bolt-On" Creature ???? I heard his wife was "So Flat Chested"…That she decided to get a Pair of "Bolt-On's" !!!!!!!

  34. Pray for Trump's safety. I'm serious. This is exactly the same buzz saw playbook John F. Kennedy walked into that caused his assassination by the Dulles gang. These people kill without remorse.

  35. Why do you persistently LIE about trump ? By doing this ALL the time makes you a LIAR also. NOBODY intentionally lies ALL the time OK ? NOT even FNN or its offspring TYT. Obviously you are a supporter of WARMONGER BOLTON even though he refused to serve out his National Military Service in Vietnam because he is/was a COWARD and could not care less how many Good Young military service folk could be KILLED under his desired WARFARE plans for the world. One puts TYT under the banner of PAID mouthpiece for the Industrial Military Complex and also PUSHERS for WARMONGERS to succeed.

  36. Pompeo likes to deliver America’s diplomacy… the point of a gun. Who would believe a word this self admitted liar and cheat would say ?

  37. pompeo standing there talking I do this I do that all the time he's shaking his head left to right I don't trust people like that!

  38. TYT and their garbage. Bolton developed a habit of undoing Trumps initiatives. He mucked up peace with NK, and he would have with Iran and whoever else. Good job Don.

  39. Ba bye, John. Evidently your wish to mass murder millions of Iranians didn't happen. Gosh. That's quite an obsession you have there.

    Go home and cry about it!

  40. TRUMP: Hey Johnny Stache, the press just found out that the military has been staying at my resorts in Scotland! I need a distraction quickly!!
    BOLTON: I could resign.
    TRUMP: Don't be ridiculous – but we can discuss it in the morning.

  41. Trump has no intention of invading Iran or bombing North Korea. His Presidency can be explained in simple terms jealousy of Obama. In his head he can achieve as much as Barak Obama if not more. So what does he do? He tears up NAFTA and replaces it with the same thing and says he achieved a great thing, years up Iran deal makes a lot of noise about bombing it but then goes back to me them with no conditions attached, threatens NK with shock and awe and then goes back to try and negotiate. He has no plan. He simply wants to be loved like BO.

  42. Trump shows more concern with the safety of his personal ego than that of his country. That said, I'm glad that Bolton is gone. That guy is a real nut job.

  43. Do I have this right Bolton offers to resign President trump says let's think about this overnight. The next day President Trump fires Bolton Bolton then says offering to resign is the same as resigning

  44. Next to Cheney, Bolton's "layoff" is quite welcome. He's a warmongerer that works for Bibe against the nation to obtain more settlements. They want "ALL" the ME, and will use US to obtain it. Their moles have been there since Industrial beginnings and look what we have from them. War, destruction, murder, disease, pillaging and hate from those around the world. They are wearing the "democracy skirt," in disquise as they parasite ALL the nations to get their grimey agenda carried out.

  45. Who is "connected to the selection?" Of Bolton and others. IF Trumpenstein is pointing fingers at them when HE hired them/selected them/JUST Followink orders, IT'S NOT GONNA WORK.
    As with every other Commander McBrag, the buck stops with Trump. More so on his supporters in SHAME. They set the "dark lord lose on the economy and world."

  46. You'd think that these libtards would be happy that Bolton is out, but noooo! They have TDS and take the opportunity to attack President Trump. What qualifications do these bimbos have to comment on politics? One is more stupid than the next. If Trump came out in favor of free mother's milk, they would attack him as sexist! MORONS!

  47. Trump runs government like he runs his businesses. He is a CEO. If you are familiar with large corporations then you already know that they are not democracies. Anyone who challenges the CEO and the current board's business decisions or even politically rocks the boat will not be around long. Corporations are little dictatorships and its unfortunate we have a little dictator now representing the US to the world.

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