Join The Team – Police Officer

Join The Team – Police Officer

Madison Police Department Join the Team With Patrol Officer Hamp Johnson My name is Hamp Johnson, I am an MPD patrol officer. My day can look 1000 different ways. Some days are really busy, some days I will go from one situation to the next all day. Other days it’s time to catch up on reports and maybe going and engaging with the community. So there’s no normal patrol shift, I’d say. I grew up in Madison. I’ve been here since I was 8. I feel like this is home. I wanted to make an impact on my community, and also just impact the lives of individuals that I come across. I’ve recognized in my personal life growing up that, you know, there’s a lot of people who have a lot of different issues, a lot of different situations that they need help with, so that’s a huge part of what led me to become a police officer, or put in for it. I feel like every call that I go on, every interaction that I have with folks, I want to treat people with respect, and I want to treat people with dignity. I want to make sure that I’m providing people with service, and with respect, and helping them out with their situations. If you are a person who, you feel like there’s a higher calling for your life, like you want to engage with folks, you want to assist, you want to have an impact on your community. This is the job for you. This is a job that you need to apply for Come join our team, we need you.

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