Jordan: Pelosi’s ‘imposter’ claim underscores ‘crazy impeachment strategy’

Jordan: Pelosi’s ‘imposter’ claim underscores ‘crazy impeachment strategy’

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100 thoughts on “Jordan: Pelosi’s ‘imposter’ claim underscores ‘crazy impeachment strategy’

  1. We already found out that House Intelligence Ranking Member Nunes was working with Giuliani the whole time and how he's now in legal trouble because of it. How long until find out the same for Jordan?

  2. Pelosi should be sent to california and face all of the homeless people she represents. She has no
    Clue and should be run out of DC
    She can't do the right things for Americans
    Nancy your claim to fame is over

  3. Once again, they are leveling charges that they themselves are guilty of. the dems top dog former pres obomber, most likely lost his American citizenship as a child when this mother made him an Indonesian citizen. Look it up folks. Then he never got it back, probably why he had his school records all sealed. He received some form of financial aid or registered as , a FOREIGN STUDENT. TALK ABOUT AN IMPOSTER! people say this deflecting theing they do, accusing others of thier awn faults, is an Alinsky tactic. i really wonder.

  4. professors, really???? This is getting so ridiculous we should all be embarrassed but his clown show!! How dare these jerks do this while our President is overseas!!!!!

  5. The eventual result of all this could be flyover America realizing there is no advantage to be stuck in a union with people who share no common values.

  6. If you Trump supporters want a king or dictator, then leave. I hear the Russia is beautiful this time of year. America love it or leave it ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ.

  7. The transcript from POTUS shows pres. Z talking about the weapons he needs, POTUS says I want u to do me a favor tho, then talks about crowd strike etc., acting like Ukraine is not in an active war with Russia and in dire need of USA support and aid and backing, all the while ppl are dieing in Ukraine fighting Russia.. we all know crowd strike, burisma etc. means the Bidens, the whistle blower complaint matches POTUS call transcript. All the officials dem. Or rep. Working on Ukraine testify to and confirm what was stated in whistleblower complaint and therefore POTUS call transcript, The officials, mainly Sondland have proof showing everyone in POTUS admin. Knew there was clearly a quid pro quo. The emails&txt Sondland showed at his testimony clearly showed that statements were made saying, we are holding up the aid for the investigations? POTUS said himself he wants UKRAINE to look into the Bidens AND CHINA also, do I even need to say that Mulvaney said on live TV yes we held up the aid due to investigations get over it, Rudy clearly said on TV he's going to Ukraine on behalf of the POTUS, a blind person can see what's going on here. Do ppl understand that Hunter and Joe Biden were already investigated because it did SEEM to be a conflict of interest and the result was NOTHING was found to be corrupt?? Are ppl really saying the Constitution doesn't matter anymore? Are ppl really saying that your sworn oath to the American ppl and your duty to hold ppl accountable don't matter anymore? Are ppl really saying the Congress of the United States of America.. has no power to check the POTUS??? DO PPL understand that is one of Congress's duties? If ppl really don't care anymore it's a very sad day for the USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ get ready ppl for a dictatorship and more of a total disregard to the Rule of Law very very sad GOD BLESS AMERICA

  8. Nancy pelosi is on early stages of Demansha and going back to chid hood wears Red lipstick and looks at her notes contantsly need to take carw of her Grand kids leave Trump alone.

  9. It also sets a dangerous Civil precedent.. as in you're pissing people off…Pelosi calls Trump an Imposter.. Sh'e's insulting 63 million people… and the Democrats are walking a very thin line.. and 63 Million People are watching closely… Imagine..Washington surrounded by 63 Million pissed off people.

  10. Jim Jordan the man who protects Sexual Abusers , and lies , lies , lies typical of Republicans are you enjoying The Trump propaganda network ,feeling duped yet Suckers ?

  11. Always remember this is an attack on our people and our nation first, and Trump second. They want to get us on the road to serfdom. Our very liberties are offensive to them

  12. As an American citizen who did not vote for Trump, I 100% do not agree with impeachment. Trump has done nothing remotely wrong, or criminal. He's exposing corruption and the Democrats are throwing a temper tantrum. I will be voting for Trump next year. My respect and patience for the democratic party has all but dwindled. Any move forward with impeachment will not be accepted among the American public. We will not allow corrupt politicians to remove a sitting president because they don't like him. The blatent ignorance towards the law, constitution, and the will of the majority of Americans has got to stop. I along with the majority of America will not accept an impeachment. What's the point of having an election if the citizens have no choice? Exactly why Trump will win 2020. We want a fair government, and everything from the left has been anything but that…

  13. For me is simple, they didn't believe when Trump won, now they realize that they will lose again, their only chance is to remove the competition

  14. Yeah yeah yeah okay itโ€™s just so much evidence you canโ€™t defend this BS. Corruption in this government is everywhere

  15. Mike Bloomberg is a communist. He calls the Chinese government a democracy. What planet did this idiot come from?A DEMOCRACY? And he is not kidding.

  16. Nancy Pelosi is a corrupt politician. She received money from the Ukraine government laundered from aid she sent them. Nancy, you are a witch and a crook. Seditious traitor.

  17. We need to rise up and go to washington and tell these fools to start putting United states first and not themselves. Who's with me

  18. Our great president has got it right do nothing demwits, wasting our money and time. Lock them up!! Trump 2020 !!!!

  19. God Bless you… Jim Jordan
    What a great man… A real American!
    Ohio should be very proud to have you.
    My respects from Florida



    DO IT NOW!!!!!

  21. How can this even be happening . Who really holds the power . Sick politicians and lawyers wrecking our country again . You have all forgotten God . This is all happening because we have ignored God . People try to keep God out , but you just canโ€™t do it . He is involved in the smallest details of our lives . His will be done . Come Lord Jesus .

  22. Could Democrats committing political suicide with Trump impeachment with every good thing about Trump putting America first. Voting Republican/Trump 2020

  23. Is it illegal what the Democrats are doing to this country , the president and us ??? If it is , then why hasnโ€™t it been stopped ???

  24. "if you say something stupid, ridiculous long enough people believe it" , Propaganda 101. Joseph Goebbels
    Perfect example : The Alien History and Misinformation Channel

  25. Pelosi's, Biden and other demoncrap family crimes are about to be exposed and is why they are trying to impeach Trump but they are so dumb they're actually exposing all of it.

  26. All this over a phone call when the president of Ukraine himself has stated that he wasn't in any way coerced? What a colossal waste of time and money.

  27. The inquiry is a distraction bc trump is about to lay the hammer down. All these elitists in france and Canada who mock our great leader are actually scared. The child trafficking is large and world wide.

  28. Jim Jordan for president 2024. This guy has been a flaming sword cutting through all of the Dem BS with intelligent, articulate resistance.

  29. Leader of the House is the imposter right……shame they can not promise and they can not work for country to improve….?,…Polosi nanxy is dead woman..

  30. Democrats have 3 totally liberal professor nuts and 1 who must be conservative prof because Democrats won't him answer questions that maybe contrary to dems agenda. Another democrat farce. Democrats nuts should be locked up. They made me walk away

  31. If Jim Jordan went after the child molester/predator that abused the kids under his care there wouldnโ€™t have been over 100+ victims. Jim Jordan is a scumbag fraud chomo protector. IMPEACH JORDAN!!!!!!!!!

  32. Facts matter jordan start at facts lets see your defense of trump .you guys are throwing up nothing but poop.more jail time for trump enablers coming.cover up unraveling boys.

  33. Nancy Pelosi is smarter than Trump. Nancy Pelosi has more guts than Trump.
    Nancy Pelosi has more knowledge than Trump.
    She's played this game so many years, she knows it inside and out.
    Trump is just a beginner.

  34. Nancy ''plastic face'' is the imposter. Someone who is 80ish, trying to look 42 again and having plastic surgery to ''fix'' her face so the American public cannot discern that she looks like a rampant alcoholic…………

  35. Nancy Pelosi is an imposter..she is pretending that she cares about this country when all she cares about is the power she wants to grasp

  36. President Trump knows how to push Pelosi's buttons. "Nervous Nancy" and calling her crazy and more. She's livid in her rage for the POTUS. Trump knows, when you get your opponent angry they make mistakes.

  37. If what trump did,. Using tax payers money to get a personal favor from a forgien country ,What is. O. A blow job. Republicans are pathetic, Christian fools

  38. We are all witnesses to this insanity going on with the Democrats. The Democrats have made the entire country complicit in their scheme to overthrow Trump…

  39. Getting tired of cat and mouse game from both sides,lock Hillary ,Obama ,Pelosi and charge all dems and others with treason,naul and void all they have done….

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