Journalist TRASHES CoD Modern Warfare, Says Censorship Needed Because "Too Disturbing" For Kids!

Journalist TRASHES CoD Modern Warfare, Says Censorship Needed Because "Too Disturbing" For Kids!

so as most you guys and gals already know call of duty modern warfare was revealed yesterday with a trailer from Infinity Ward and it looks good so far a bunch of Call of Duty influencers and a bunch of journalists were flown out by Activision to I believe somewhere in Los Angeles and they got to take a look at a few campaign missions but that's it nothing on the multiplayer which I've been seeing a lot of praise from Call of Duty youtubers saying that this is the Year Activision's gonna do it this is gonna be the game changer and the only part that really has me thinking that this is gonna be different is the fact that they are using a completely new engine something that's been worked on for I believe five years and it's gonna be used in all of the Call of Duty games moving forward that's the most interesting thing just based off this trailer it looks graphically it looks amazing but how it looks and gameplay movement and stuff like that we really don't know yet but obviously once we see some multiplayer footage that'll give us a better idea now I have to say that the campaign for call duty modern warfare so far looks good but I think it's important to emphasize this is Activision Blizzard the publisher we already saw Robert bowling who's not a part of Activision but he's been teasing this game for a while and it seems like he probably has some friends who still work at Infinity Ward and he made a very big point to say that Infinity Ward does not handle business decisions and what that tells me is there's gonna be loot boxes and we already got an indication of that a while ago in a financial conference with investors and what she was revealed that some of the loot box changes made to black ops 4 which made those loot boxes even more predatory and greedy well they were just testing the waters that's what they told investors so more than likely the loot boxes which are inevitable in modern warfare maybe they won't be there at release but they're gonna be there eventually they're probably gonna be very greedy and predatory because this is Activision they've been struggling financial struggles throughout 2019 they've been firing a lot of employees and I just don't see in any way that Modern Warfare's multiplayer is not anti-consumer trash but the campaign that's something that I am looking forward to it's at least worth a red box rental in my opinion although it seems like some people aren't excited for it because of the violence at least one games journalist Dean Takahashi that name may sound familiar because of this footage and he's the cop hat guy the guy who I think what spent 26 minutes trying to beat the tutorial level of cop head and said the game was too you get the point you probably already know this controversy well Dean's back with one of his hot takes because he was flown out by Activision to go see the new call duty modern warfare game and he got to see a few campaign missions and while everybody else has been saying yeah this is gonna be controversial Dean had a very very interesting take and I thought we'd take a look at his opinion that he posted on ventureBeat so as he says the publishers Infinity Ward studio recently showed a part of the single-player campaign for an upcoming installment of call of duty modern warfare and it has scenes in gameplay in it that are very disturbing to me it brings to mind the no Russian controversy where civilians were mowed down in a Russian airport in 2009's called duty modern warfare 2 that actually may be one of the most controversial missions in any video game I know that it got the game banned in a lot of countries and I've also heard that some of the impressions coming from call of duty influencers and other journalists is that this no Russian controversy is this is pretty this call duty modern warfare game coming out in 2019 is pretty much no rush in the game so it's probably gonna be drawing a lot of bannings in some countries but this is the game that Infinity Ward wanted to do now let's continue with Dean's take I was quite uncomfortable as I watched a gameplay demo of modern warfare which is a reimagine nation of the modern warfare series the demo which will be shown at the e3 trade show in June has two parts in both cases the safety of civilians comes into question Infinity Ward developers got up on stage at a recent event at the studio's headquarters in Southern California then they showed a press group the scenes they warned us the game would be mature authentic and gritty no longer would we be jumping about like superheroes it is grounded in realistic modern combat and a complex world that mirrors our own activision says the game has an incredibly raw gritty provocative narrative that brings unrivaled intensity and shines a light on the changing nature of modern war all that sounds good in my opinion so let's just continue to wear dean has a problem of this Call of Duty game in which he says that this narrative should not be in a video game yes a video game journalist is calling for censorship because I guess this game is too horrifying so he says the game differs from other gritty combat games based on who is in each room characters appear to be Muslim rebel fighters I'll just say that because you know YouTube and mostly civilian garb but those characters include both men and woman one of the woman runs for a baby fortunately the developer told me later you cannot shoot that woman or that baby she surrenders but in another room a woman runs for a gun she prepares to shoot you have to kill her you're silenced weapon makes muffled noises and bodies hit the floor it's a video game up close and personal the same goes for other armed men and the police and another room shots are fired through the door before you can respond when enemies wounded in gurgles his last breaths a woman cries in the background one of your soldiers goes down you fire into the door or fire into the wall and the enemy goes down and in the final room you confront an unarmed woman she tries to divert you you move despite your warnings to stop she then grabs a bomb detonator you have to shoot her this is the nature of modern combat the developers say and here comes Dean and whether this should not be a part of modern video games in my opinion given the thin line between civilians and warriors and given the impression it creates in our world which is driven by social media sound and video bites it looks so much like you are killing innocent civilians and if you make a mistake you are which honestly I still don't see where the problem is any of this I don't understand why this shouldn't be in a video game a lot of the stuff that it seems like infinity war it's trying to make I don't know how this is gonna look in final form but I actually like this direction the real horrors of war civilians get hurt civilians get kill bad guys dressed like everyday civilians this isn't a crazy thing enemies don't always wear uniforms indicating that they are bad guys this is the realities of war not knowing if an innocent civilian is actually innocent man woman or even child this type of storytelling should be told and I have trouble understanding why a video game can't showcase the real difficult and complex scenarios that soldiers have faced in war continuing on I am told that the narrative the story which is generally secret will explain the context for this scene but as it is as I've seen it and I've got to say Dean's making some notes from Jack Thompson I found it profoundly disturbing and unjustifiable after showing us that scene the developers at an Infinity Ward went right into a presentation where they said we'd like to talk to you about the star of the game which is the weapons sadly I do not have pictures of this scene to show you moving forward D next outlines one more campaign mission where we play as a young potentially Syrian girl who experiences the horrors of war sounds like Russian soldiers are attacking a town the young girl who we play as is trapped in a building which has been blown up and her mother has died due to this attack the girl runs home to her father and then Russian soldiers start throwing poisonous gas and buildings including this house I think eventually a Russian soldier arrives at this house killing her father and the young girl her brother have to hide the girl finds a knife stabs the soldier in the leg and escapes with her brother but as they leave they watch civilians being killed by these Russians that's basically what Dean's write-up of this campaign mission is because of these missions Dean states this modern warfare will be controversial and it might just be popular because of that controversy if the company can weather the storm of criticism but it would be a very cynical path to popularity I would encourage the developers to examine whether they should include the scenes I've seen sure it is realistic and things like this happen in the world one good question is are these scenes really so bad we've seen worse in modern movies video games and even on YouTube as those who depict the horrors of war try to outdo each other call duty modern warfare 3 had a scene where a bomb killed a child and her family modern warfare – probably sold better because they know Russian controversy this one feels worse one of my issues with this article and with Dean's opinion is saying that a videogame can express this type of controversy I don't see the problem with a videogame getting real talking about what war is what war has been I don't know how many movies video games like Dean says I've seen that have showed stuff like this I just don't understand why all of a sudden this is an issue with a Call of Duty game I just got done watching Game of Thrones where tons of civilians were burned alive and that was probably more horrifying there was probably many different types of audiences watching and when I say that I just mean different generations older younger everybody was watching it was horrifying but it was needed for the plot and I think that Infinity Ward really wants to show the horrors of war with this game and I encourage it but also this comes with the ESRB rating this is a rated M game for mature should kids be playing these experiences I don't think so I think Infinity Ward's making a very good point that this campaign is going to be disturbing and maybe that's something that parents should evaluate but let's keep going Dean says my reaction is not that developers should censor themselves or someone else should censor them my questions about choices we can make this kind of game but should we but should this kind of content which we can see in movies or books be in a video game should they be depicted in a form of art where we have so much agency it's going to be amateur rated game and that kids shouldn't play but I had a conversation with an uber driver who told me he lets his 6th year old play Call of Duty I played Mortal Kombat when I was little and it didn't affect me he said see this is I just don't understand this coming from a videogame journalist Deen does do you not look at any of this research the stuff that has found no links between real world violence and videogames and also this game is being marketed and invented towards being pretty obvious that this game is going to be disturbing the campaign at the very least and kids should not be playing or kids probably shouldn't be playing that's something that again is up to their parents but I do like that infinity war it's coming out and being honest what this experience is all about before people are gonna be able to play this game let's keep going I would like Call of Duty game that makes me think hard feels intense and is fun to play and I usually shrug off criticism from people who say that video games are too violent as far as I can tell you still play the good guys in this game Michael Condrey the former Co head of Activision sledgehammer games said at our recent games beat summit event that and the age of the shooting of New Zealand is it really appropriate to make a game like Modern Warfare today the game will fuel to those who hate on the one hand some groups will be outraged that their people are branded as rebels and enemies they will share snippets of the game on social media that will take the violence out of context groups of outraged lawmakers parents and non-gamers will turn their ire towards all of gaming if you're a game developer at the peak of your talents why would you step into this lion's den you would have to have a very good reason and so far I do not see it well you saw two campaign missions it sounds like only a bit of the story you don't know the context of all this and how it fits into the narrative I just find this as a rush to judgment and I also don't like the fact that this journalist doesn't understand this is a mature game for a mature audience obviously like he says kids probably will be playing but that's on their parents and I feel like Infinity Ward's gonna go out of their ways to market this game to tell people that yeah this is a disturbing experience not like past Call of Duty experiences finally though let's get down to his conclusion he says Modern Warfare is bloody but it's not ASEA blood spraying everywhere but sometimes the medium is the message sometimes the horror of a particular scene outweighs the point that you're trying to make there may be a message and what the developers intend but it might be overshadowed and we'll just keep skipping ahead he says this is supposed to be a video game you will undoubtedly have a multiplayer element where players shoot each other for fun and have a hell of a time doing it that's when we'll see the guns are the star of the show and the incongruity of it will all be clear so this is the thing I just don't I think that this is Jack Thompson speaking on Dean Takahashi's behalf if this doesn't make any sense coming from a games journalist a campaign can have a horrifying tone for its narrative if that's what the developers want to create there's already been a lot of games doing stuff like that already the multiplayer is something separate let's not act like this is connected because it's not it's not like one multiplayer team and a what you say a match of team deathmatch is gonna be playing as civilians and the other will be soldiers shooting at them that's not how it is the multiplayer will probably have all kinds of wacky cosmetics and other unrealistic nonsense the campaign is a story exploring war will be good I don't know but this is a mature game for a mature audience finally though Dean closes the article saying the overall dramatic effect of the intense scenes should be memorable and artistic not gratuitous or base the developers can fall back on the argument that this is our world their game is ripped from the headlines but this puts us on a slippery slope towards a lot of things what about other bad events what about New Zealand do we want to put those in video games because they exist in the real world this preview requires us to trust the developer but in this case Infinity Ward has not delivered as well as its sister studios Traer can sledgehammer games the studio keep skating closer to the edge in order to make us uncomfortable we can view that cynically as gamers we don't necessarily trust infinity war to deliver an elevated experience given the pressures it is under sometimes you have to judge something on just what your eyes tell you and my vote is that the single-player campaign should not ship with these scenes ah here it comes I knew is inevitable the mention of censorship something you hear from out-of-touch politicians all the time not games journalists that have worked in this industry for thirty years this whole article is built on a false of what the developers should do and it's extremely ignorant and findi ward yes probably needs a hit game but they decided they wanted to get serious and show what war really is about horrifying for everyone involved the problem with a lot of videogames exploring war is making it seem like good guys kill bad guys the end but that's a fairy tale that isn't real it doesn't exist I don't know how many times I've heard people over the years criticize videogames for glorifying war but now Infinity Ward decides to draw from real events and get realistic now people like Dean believe censorship is necessary now Dean did respond on Twitter to some criticism he received from his article saying anti-war messages are fine depicting the horrors of war is good but everyone has a line where it's no longer fun entertainment then you mix with the joy of multiplayer here's the thing as an adult Dean you have the option to not play this game but for myself and many I've been dying for a serious war story that is engaging realistic and horrifying I don't want every videogames story to play it safe just because it may make people feel uncomfortable war is uncomfortable what Esme additionally hopeful about this campaign is the fact that old infinity war developers have returned and even former Naughty Dog developers who worked on games like the Last of Us an uncharted amazing single-player experiences are handling the narrative aspect of modern warfare if you have a problem with reality being showcased in a video game go and play fortnight or minecraft because instead of calling for censorship maybe you should realize this just isn't a game made for you anyway I'm gonna wrap up this video here I could spend another hour tearing this article to pieces but I think you guys and gals can already understand how bad of a take this is this is a mature game for a mature audience not for kids it's fine when movies and books explore the horrors of wars but when a videogame does it apparently it's wrong because players have agency this article is a mess at one point Dean titles a section shooting unarmed woman are bad people and what he was referring to was a woman going for a bomb detonator it's not an unarmed innocent civilian it's an enemy this is what real soldiers experienced in Afghanistan and Iraq and I say that with family who have served and came back with some horrifying stories war is ugly and called to be finally fully showing that is something I respect now how well they do that we'll have to wait until October but what's clear with this game is that it's not for seven-year-olds it's for adults and that's why it's rated M for Mature by the ESRB anyway what do you think about Dean's take on Modern Warfare do you think he's right or wrong let me know your thoughts down the comment section below but thank you for watching make sure to leave a like if you did enjoy this video or found any informative value and make sure to follow my other social media accounts for updates on new videos links are always down the description below a most active on Twitter giving a lot of opinions on news they do not get into video form so make sure to follow me over there also check out my discord for all sorts of discussion on games and again thank you for joining consider subscribing for more videos like this and I'll see you later

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29 thoughts on “Journalist TRASHES CoD Modern Warfare, Says Censorship Needed Because "Too Disturbing" For Kids!

  1. Only time I'm defending EA or Activision is when one of these horrible hot takes from journos come about…

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  2. unarmed women do not go for a detonator if you can't figure that out you are a moron. this is happening in real world so people need to grow up.

  3. You shoot a lady going for a shotgun in black ops 1 when you try to kill Castro so how’s it any different than a woman grabbing a detonator

  4. MW2 sold 20 Million copies despite it being banned in russia and other countries. The content isn't the problem

  5. These journalists don't seem to realise that war isn't sunshine and roses at all. Its gritty, dark and brutally disturbing, an accurate representation of modern day conflicts.

  6. IGN is a bunch of soyboys and pretty girls that has never played a game in their life. They had homo stream yesterday.. Like keep politics and homo shit out of gaming.

  7. Hey Dean

    Yeah what’s up

    Did you play cup head

    Yeah whata bout it

    Play that instead since I’m 18 and I have the balls to play the new COD


    Alright I’m sorry

    Yeah you lost the argument

    It pays off if you are writing argumentative essays doesn’t it classmates

    Let’s all laugh because we are smarter thinkers of war in COD

  8. I believe it's up to the parents to police the videogames their kids play. A decent parent communicates with their kid, knows what they are interested in and possibly even plays at least a few games with their kid from time to time!
    As for the realistic violence, I wonder if it's possible to get PTSD from a videogame when it gets to that level of reality. Maybe if this was a VR game that might actually be an issue

  9. you have trouble figuring why some people are having an issue with type of storytelling, simple reason because of muslim's. it's meant to reflect our world which means islamic terrorism and they dress like civillians, but that goes against sjw views that no muslim is bad so that's why they hate what this new cod is about. to clarify i'm not one of those people from hearing what this story maybe has got me interested.

  10. so an 18+ game is too disturbing for kids?
    im shocked. truly. its as if there should be some kind of rating that tells us not to buy it for kids

  11. i find it weird that he said "in the age of the new zealand shooting" not to downplay the horror of that event but the original modern warfare series released when the world was still under the influence of 9/11 and the war on terror, in fact i feel like the war on terror spawned those games. silence is not the answer to the state of the world and making it disturbing rather than fun might just open some peoples eyes. Also chernobil is nut "fun" but that doesn't make ir bad.

  12. "This type of graphic content is not good for kids" when did the game ratings get thrown out the window? We have 10 year olds, sometimes younger!! playing these games and even being considered in the making of them?!?! They're not allowed to play them for a reason!! If they choose to play this and get nightmares or some shit its their own fault… games like quake wars, and fear, had no type of controversy but yet modern warfare, just because its popular! little kids, are like "I have to play it" then us older folks who want some real contet get fucked for it.

    no thanks.

  13. shout out to the 14:00 minute mark where the veteran gamer shoots good guy soap just as a tweet comes on screen.

  14. There's a rating on the box. They have been there forever. When i got Modern Warfare 2 it was an M rating if i'm not mistaken. i was 14 but my parents trusted me because they knew i'm not a snowflake and could handle the game. Ratings exist, Journalists are just greedy money whores. They are there for a reason, to protect snowflakes from anything cool or fun

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