Journalists SLAM Cyberpunk 2077, Outrage Over White Male Character & Stereotypes/Representation

Journalists SLAM Cyberpunk 2077, Outrage Over White Male Character & Stereotypes/Representation

the feeling of of being there of walking the streets of the future is really going to be breathtaking last year right around Gamescom when cyberpunk 2077 s first gameplay demo was being shown privately to the press CD Projekt RED created some outrage with a joke that a lot of people did not see as a joke now just about a year later following that incident with cyberpunk 2077 once again in the spotlight thanks to the latest reveal being shown during Microsoft's e3 conference we are once again seeing some outrage emerge this time though it appears to be for a few reasons the first one comes from gaming website Rock Paper Shotgun which came out with an article after seeing cyberpunk 2077 XIII 2019 private gameplay demo and their take on the game in my opinion feels like a hunt for clicks the article in question titled cyberpunk 2077 c3 demo has weak gunplay and unimaginative stereotypes expectations tempered as you might expect this article appears to be a garbage hit piece that ignores established lore and even the creator behind this franchise the article begins boldly stating at some point cyberpunk 2077 has to evolve from a visually impressive yes Keanu even breathtaking world into something more interesting I want more than meat in gun oil I want moral dilemmas and a thoughtful exploration of transhumanism more importantly I want the game not to lean on racial stereotypes after CD Projekt RED the latest III demo I'm concerned on both fronts I've seen the face of cyberpunk and it's got blemishes so what are these stereotypes that the writer is bringing attention to while there are two factions in the district of Pacifica which is said to be the most dangerous part of night city it once-promising taurus location which has been abandoned and overrun with criminal activity this is just one of six districts that appear in the whole game now based on mike pons myth cyberpunk 2020 the pen and paper RPG one of the factions already exists it's the Voodoo boys which in the established lore was composed a very vicious ruthless sadistic and disturbing members that did just about any in every pourable act that you could think of like they would dissect their victims body parts for rituals or used to inspire fear the gang was composed of white male and female members but 50 something years later that isn't the case because well I mean things change and I'm sure there will be an explanation but let's get to what Rock Paper Shotgun specifically takes issue with first they described the two gangs shown in the demo the voodoo boys is a hacker group obsessed with transcendence and fixated on uploading themselves to cyberspace the other gang are the animals and they are obsessed with juice because we are helping the voodoo boys we attack their rival and as this journalist writes we're discovered soon after as a stealth attack goes awry we punch that man on the floor then stab another animal many times with a broken bottle as they try to run away from us it's horrible the stabbing causes V to level up and the person playing the demo opens up a menu with 12 options for skill points though we don't get a good look at them once the menus closed a man comes at us with superhuman speed will we grab hold of him in advance on a turret as it riddles his body with bullets then because again we're very strong we ripped the turret off its base and turn it on the animals at this point I feel increasingly uncomfortable that were shooting at predominantly black people labeled as animals later in this article it stated I'm also increasingly concerned about cyber punks handling of non-white cultures last year's Gamescom demo drew criticism for its clumsy and inauthentic presentation of a Latino character maybe that's referring to Jackie I don't remember any outrage about that but I guess there was some and I'm not convinced the voodoo boys are a step in the right direction at one point v the player character mockingly says and who are dem and responds to Plus seeds pronunciation and I'm not sure if I'm saying a character's name right I asked the CD Projekt RED employee if he was concerned that they weren't treating certain cultures with enough respect the response obviously we're paying a lot of attention to representing different groups respectively you know there's always a risk of course we have it in the back of our heads that we need to be careful about this we're contacting different consultants to learn about specific groups and our company has a variety of people with different beliefs as for the animals if you play through the game you'll see that they're not mostly black people it's mixed so just to interject here for a moment V mocking the accent is something that I don't personally feel is an issue especially with V not having an established race or gender we've seen jokes like that told years ago I remember in grown-ups garbage movie that 2010 Adam Sandler movie they made fun of the Canadian guy's accent but nowadays I guess that's a big issue I just find it ridiculous how these jokes have become controversial it's not even just Rock Paper Shotgun Eurogamer brought up the same thing saying there is some questionable dialogue or rather questionable subtitling where the man's thick creole accent is also written out in the subtitles they as de and v as da rd Eurogamer also stated later on plac'd mentions they're coming or something of that ilk and our white male character asks who is de again I do think the emphasis on white male character is a little dumb but I just think this is a ridiculous criticism but back to the Rock Paper Shotgun article because there's more he being the CD Projekt RED employee told me that most of the city was mixed race but the back story for this particular area concerned most people being immigrants from Haiti by itself that would be fine but near the end of the demo we meet a white man in a suit and tie who gives us the information we need he also tells us the voodoo boys are going to turn on us the moment we've done their dirty work and is immediately proved right the violent black thugs betrayed us as the corporate white man said they would if CD Projekt are trying to subvert expectations if the punch line is but sometimes the thugs are really thugs then it's not one that lands see the primary issue with this article is a poor understanding of Mike Ponce miscreation and even the politics of this cyberpunk franchiser genre has somebody who commented on this article said in the first demo the corporate white woman betrayed v maybe the theme of a cyberpunk dystopia is that you can't trust anyone and everyone has an agenda and that's exactly it this is not about race this is about a future where everyone is looking out for themselves that was pretty much the theme in the cinematic shown at e3 2019 which had Dexter Deshawn betraying V to cover his role in a botched robbery another thing people need to understand his Mike pon Smith is heavily involved in this game of course he's not overlooking every expect but I'm certain he's had input on a lot of the story characters and gangs of night city in 2077 this is his creation if you follow this channel for the last number of years we've broken down numerous interviews which included Mike Pond Smith talking about how this game is progressing additionally later this year cyberpunk red will be releasing which is the latest tabletop RPG directly coming from Mike Pond Smith's art else Orion games cyberpunk red is supposed to be set in the years between cyberpunk 2020 in cyberpunk 2077 so likely a lot of the factions and representations came from or were approved by Mike Pond Smith who if you didn't already know is not white either way this actually isn't the only thing that created chaos online because the next debacle comes from this gameplay image that was released after the e3 conference if you zoom in on the middle yellow advertisement what can be seen is a model with a very large package promoting a fictional drink with 16 flavors you'd love to mix under the words mix it up immediately this image created a ton of outrage and anger first at the reset era forums you had 24 pages of comments like okay this is making me question buying the game how am I not surprised but make sure to pre-order because we love Keanu or something so to those people who defended CD Projekt RED by saying they're problematic issues are contained wholly within their social media platforms what's the response to this then and someone actually responded to this comment saying they'll be oddly missing from this thread also I'm predicting the inevitable this is a dystopian universe full of a-holes of course there would be things like this defense we also had somebody making a meme that pretty much said that Keanu Reeves was a band-aid to all the criticisms and outrage that has been thrown at the game and developers CD Projekt RED notably all of this is just from the very first page of this reset era gaming forum thread outside of this forum though a few tweets blew up and anger over this with one Twitter user saying cyberpunk 2077 we're stealing a generally LGBTQ aesthetic but we're not catering to that community sorry not sorry have chiseled dude bro watchdogs meet Helen the surprisingly spry 80 year old anti hacker assassin there she goes tasing a cop what a kidder I'm not saying cyberpunk 2077 will be a bad game I'm just saying that the way it's being marketed right now suggests say not very cyberpunk cyberpunk game since people don't understand what marketed means I'm specifically talking about the choice of face for the trailers of the games and nothing about the quality or lack thereof for the game themselves the original post is purely about the marketing decisions seriously you have a generic scruffy dude who's neither cyber nor Punk among an underclass that is heavily stylized off the late 80s to early 90s LGBTQ Club scene that's a crappy marketing decision and I hope it doesn't reflect the actual product only time will tell that's actually another bizarre criticism I've seen with cyberpunk 2077 many seem angered that CD Projekt RED chose to make the game's cover of a white dude which I will note the cover is reversible with female v on the other side you have one video game producer saying on Twitter cyberpunk 2077 is a dystopia because 58 years have passed and boring white men are not extinct yet the same individual previously said this looks like the most crappy bland and regressive game I've seen in years imagine thinking of a cyberpunk future and all you can come up with a scruffy white guy with a gun this is a game for people who think looking like that is cool anyway getting back on topic back to the main criticism it's important to know this advertisement was actually shown about a year ago and the 48 minute gameplay demo that was released publicly online by CD Projekt RED after games come but this advertisement was only shown for a few seconds in the demo along with a lot of other ads and things going on so it looks like almost everybody did not notice it with mounting criticism and outrage online a few gaming websites directly talked to CD Projekt RED I believe at e3 2019 about it specifically CD Projekt RED art director cassia Redis sue ik I probably mispronounced that badly but she is the artist of this advertisement and spoke with polygon about the controversial design polygon immediately got to the big question asking why this trans model was used in this advertisement the art directors response personally for me this person is beautiful I like how this person looks at this model is used their beautiful body is used for corporate reasons they are displayed there just as a thing and that's the terrible part of it see the primary issue I have with this culture of getting immediately angry about everything is not understanding context that'll Beor has been a theme throughout this video but a lot of people seem to ignore the lore and original creator of this franchise they just immediately make assumptions about a work not considering maybe there's a deeper meaning to all of this something that may become obvious once you know you actually play the game and experience it now the CD Projekt RED artists would further explain that night city the setting of this game features many people who are gender non-conforming some of whom enjoy showing off their bodies in public they are a demographic group with significant purchasing power and so mega corporations use their likenesses to sell soft drinks it's supposed to be a play on the same sort of hyper sexualized advertising that modern companies used to sell products today just brought in line with the kind of future CD Projekt wants to betray it was a conscious choice on our end to show that in this world a world where you are a cyberpunk a person fighting against corporations that advertisement is what you're fighting against personally I think his explanation makes a lot of sense but to some like The Daily Dot I guess it's still just a problem as they wrote an article titled deeply bad advertisement and cyberpunk 2077 represents everything wrong with cyberpunk and within this article the journalist states the ad reflects cisgender people's current conceptions of trans bodies so for most sysplex the satire does not land and it calls into question whether CD Projekt RED ever intended the ad to be satirical in the first place right-wing gamers clearly didn't think so and through the rest of this article this journalist brings up CD Projekt RED z– previous incidents the art directors response outrage tweets and other journalists his opinion on this like Astrid Johnson who believes the art director had good intentions but that her comments really further highlight just how clueless those at CD Projekt are about trans bodies and what constitutes good trans representation she believes CD Projekt RED is using that models identity as set dressing to appease a progressive audience and as the subject of mockery for its more socially conservative audiences anyway this article concludes with this bold statement so before CD Projekt starts playing with gender and ham-fisted ways perhaps the company should look to itself in question whether it's perpetuating the very same capitalist dystopian fantasy cyberpunk 2077 is on the surface trying to critique now as I stated before a lot of assumptions are being made like that this is the only way CD Projekt RED will showcase trans representation and the past I've said people should respect the artistic vision and in this case I think a lot of people should wait to see the final game because recently CD Projekt RED Quest designer confirmed a game a Sutra that they are building more ways for everyone to roleplay the character that they want and based on this developers response this doesn't seem to be something just tacked on it really does appear that CD Projekt RED cares something that The Daily Dot article ignorant Lee claimed otherwise but there's a lot of criticism and anger being thrown at CD Projekt RED just because they are a game company that a lot of people respect and admire which unfortunately has made them a target for a loud minority who feel they have to be one way they have to operate one way for sure there are valid criticisms that have been made and I can understand some concerns raised but at the same time I see a lot of the outrage erupting for misinformation or just assumptions cyberpunk 2077 is set in a dystopian future where corporations rule night city it showcases the dangers of unchecked capitalism as various corporations or I should say mega corporations exploit people at every opportunity they can because they don't care anyway as usual these are just my opinions not everyone will agree with them and that's fine but please let me know down the comments section below agree or disagree your thoughts but thank you for watching make sure to leave a like if you did enjoy this video or found any informative value and make sure to follow my other social media accounts for updates on new videos links are always down the description below a most active on Twitter giving opinions on news they do not always get into video form so make sure to follow me over there also check out my Dischord for all sorts of discussion on games and again thank you for joining consider subscribing for more videos like this and I'll see you later

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23 thoughts on “Journalists SLAM Cyberpunk 2077, Outrage Over White Male Character & Stereotypes/Representation

  1. So much misguided anger…It's honestly just ridiculous!

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  2. Liberal degenerate beta cucks want to ruin everything that makes America great! Arthur Morgan didn’t die for this!

  3. I can’t wait for creator creation where most people won’t go for a scruffy white guy with a gun so does it even matter when half the player base is gonna look like a deformed black guy with red clown hair

  4. Uhm……The game is not even out yet till next year….and uhh…you can actually customize your character gender and skin color……and there’s gonna be lots of storyline in the game too….you know??

  5. Wait a minute… are they mad because an ad shows a trans person? Wouldn't that actually be a good sign in terms of representation? That stuff is getting accepted and things got to a point where no one gives a shit?
    Why the hell does depiction equals hate? I really don't understand the outrage or the thought process of these people…

  6. Game Jounalist hate the game: ✅
    SJW complain about the game: ✅
    Epic store involvement : ✅

    Well, cyberpunk must be quite a masterpiece, then.

  7. I can't wait to see how trigger this outrage community is, when this game moves a ton of units. Nobody is buying into this fake outrage, because the thing is it's never enough. It's never enough pandering, it's never "woke" enough for this community. They will find offense in anything. Add in the internet, that incubates these echo Chambers that become amplified.
    This game is going to sell huge and all of this fake outrage is going to be background noise, that most people won't even give credence to.

  8. Despite the Creator stating that the game is progressive, it's never enough for the cultural authoritarians on the far far left, and I'm saying this as a person who considers themselves a social Democrat. It's just a cheap pack to feel Superior, just say everything is racist (based on nothing and you feel like you're some cultural crusader). It's a race to the bottom to who can be more outraged. And the circle gets smaller and smaller, because those who were once progressive are no longer towing the line and are cleaved from T
    the herd. and the fucked-up thing is it's a bunch of people speaking out for other cultures. As if they are the qualified spokesperson for another culture. A bunch of white rich girls, acting offended for native Americans and Black communities. Because they took a cultural studies class once in college.

  9. All the gamer sites like euro and pc gamer, rock paper shotgun and polygon all are tied to epic. Coincidence, naw I think not. They are trying to kill CDPR because they don’t want digital platform competition

  10. “Outraged!!”

    Same week: Steam and GOG see cyberpunk 2077 become highest sold copies a year before its even out.

  11. Sounds like a bunch of salty EA devs masquerading as journalists to me? probably because they know this game is going to be epic!

  12. Game is a game it’s not real and some people don’t realise that it’s all code and IA, Game design god why do I bother it’s a game most people probables just run around and kill everything and everything they come across without looking around unlike layers of fear where your taking the time looking around and taken in the surroundings and see the pop up jump scare witch isn’t scary it’s just weird so yeah next people will jump at DOOM Eternal doing the same thing without realising it’s just a game I don’t get why make a big deal

  13. Despite what they claim, gaming writers aren’t really journalists. They’re not held to the same standards of real journalists; they’re just SJW bloggers – fuck them.

  14. Everyone complaining about these "issues" needs to just stfu. No matter what CDPR does, these loud mouthed idiots are going to find something to take offense with.

    It's a game, if you dont like how CDPR portrays something… dont play CP2077.. its really as easy as that.

  15. I used to read reviews on rock paper shotgun back when they were new and…actually about games…when the hell did they become this sjw woke retardation?

  16. Why not enjoy the game and take it as it is, a game! Y'all a bunch of dandelions covered in fabric softener.

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