Justin Trudeau, + inclusion – populism

Justin Trudeau, + inclusion – populism

We’re seeing a tremendous tension between internationalism and nationalism and populism. Economic growth is benefiting only a few in society and not many in society and I think the most important thing to figure out is how to make sure that economic growth can be inclusive, so that everyone in the middle class and
working hard to join the middle class can have a chance to succeed. I think that if we are able to demonstrate that openness and engagement with the world and international trade can lead to success for ordinary citizens then internationalism will thrive. But if we end up closing in and becoming more fearful we’re actually going to see less economic growth overall, we’ll all be poorer off and the anxiety will only lead to more anxiety. So for me being open and engaged in the world is the only responsible path forward, but in order to take it we have to reassure all citizens that they have the potential to benefit from that greater engagement with the world.

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