Kamala Harris Wants Parents Jailed for Kids' School Absences

Kamala Harris Wants Parents Jailed for Kids' School Absences

the Joe Rogan experience I mean Tulsi and Bernie are the only candidates worth giving a shit about I thought dude that fucking Town Hall sunk this is how many candidates are there now I feel like two other ones just jumped in the race now we have like I don't fucking know their names he's too close to beta it's too close does look like he would be called that but his dad actually just openly said in in interviews like yeah I called him beta because I wanted him to get the Mexican vote because I knew he would eventually run for office what his real names like Robert Oh Robert oh Christ that sounds like people I mean these people are like a hundred shades of Hillary I mean every single one of them other than Tulsi and Bernie just seem like they're just like Hillary Clinton light well they've also done this weird thing where they're like no straight white men like okay like there's like straight white men we're not voting for straight white men okay that's just as bad as saying you're never voting for a woman that's just as bad as saying you're never voting for a black person you mean I get it there's been a lot of straight white men they've been present I get it right you're right but to say no straight like to disqualify someone based on something they have no control over whatsoever is a form of discrimination I know you don't think it's a form of discrimination because so many of these people have already had that job I get it it seems unfair you're right but you can't say that because that's a shitty way of thinking it's it's piss-poor logic and thinking it's discriminatory identity politics yes it reigned supreme and I thought there was like a combatting supporters from Kamala Harris and Bernie at some rally or something and then they just kept shouting we need a woman president it's like that that's like the only reason why you like Kamala Harris you know I mean Kamala Harris I've saw this one speech that she was giving when she was talking about forcing children to attend school by holding their parents accountable where she instituted a pile if the kids miss school the parents could be arrested do you know about that now it was soup that is their brain it was super disturbing and she was talking about how effective it was and that you know they had cops show up at the door of the the woman's house who was a single mom who had these children the kids weren't going to school like hey no she was a cop I mean it's a top cop exactly but that authoritative authoritarian nonsense like that way of thinking you know why you do that cuz no one's ever done that to you right something even knocked on your fucking door and said hey we're gonna lock you up in jail because you're 16 year-old boy when you have three kids right and if you're a single mom anyone who's a single mom who has a boy knows and that fucking boy hits puberty if they run with the wrong crowd good fucking luck trying to control them good luck is it hard yeah real hard and if she's got a job or two jobs maybe cuz she's trying to put food on the table and keep the fucking lights on and you're gonna arrest her cuz her kid doesn't show up at school holy shit can you imagine looking at all the problems in our country and being like you know what we need to arrest parents if their kids are truant yeah it's it's insane I mean make sure I'm 99% sure correct about they're talking about her like regret about this policy and yes I wonder why she's running for fucking president you should regret something you want to hear another annual policy going back to Robert or roar it is the human cost of c'mon I got more on truancy the progressive prosecutor wanted to transform how California responded the students missing school parents like I'm her surname Cherie Cherie people's wound up paying the price so she this lady I read that I remember reading this wound up going to jail yeah so yeah and there was a good reason her kid was sick or something she [Applause]

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29 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Wants Parents Jailed for Kids' School Absences

  1. They already do this. If a child misses too many days of school they have someone from the school talk to the kid make sure it's not abuse and then if they continue to miss the school contacts the parents and then if nothings done to fix the situation the school calls the cops.

  2. They actually do arrest people . They already have laws like that. You should look into Long Beach and LA just because they're not enforced it doesn't mean they don't exist.

  3. That was how it was when I was in high school in the mid 90s. They threatened my parents but I didnt care, I was too cool for school. Now I'm homeless, but still cool

  4. Most kids who skip school probably don’t care if they themselves go to jail, so they’re probably not going to care if their parents go to jail either.

  5. Nothing scarier than two libtards talking about the tyranny of the state and in the same breath talking about what a great guy Burnie Sanders is. It's totally lost on them that Burnie is a friggin STATIST! People like Rogan and this foul mouthed little minx are the reason we have a state that's powerful enough to jail parents for truancy…

  6. An example of good intentions leading to a bad outcome. In high school my dad worked 6am to 6pm and I skipped school constantly.

    As a senior I literally missed more than half of the school year which was dumb and irresponsible, but he had no way of controlling that. Most of the time he didn't even know I skipped. Putting him in jail for that would be ridiculous.

  7. Does she also want parents jailed for bringing other peoples kids across the border under a disguise ????

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