Kathy – Client Testimonial for Kelly Law Team in Phoenix

Kathy – Client Testimonial for Kelly Law Team in Phoenix

(light music) – When my dad had his
accident, it was a hit and run, and we haven’t really
had to deal with lawyers or have to figure out what
we needed to do afterwards. All I know is that I was
really worried for them, and I wanted them to get the
best representation possible. So when I ended up looking on
the website, I looked to see who had the most stars
because the good reviews that were on there
actually ended up making a huge difference as to where we went. As far as making sure, you
know, picking out John Kelly Law Firm, that was
actually the best decision that we ended up making, it really is. (light music) So the process is always a
little longer, a lot longer than what we ended up
expecting, but having said that, it was well worth it. The care and the attention and
the time spent by the staff and everybody else as
far as getting back to us and keeping us in the loop,
it’s really phenomenal. In the end, it’s really
what ended up coming out for my folks, which makes
a huge, huge difference. They took care of my family,
and that is the best. (light music) The result was a lot … a lot more than what my folks expected and in actuality what I expected. We ended up thinking, we were
hoping that we would end up at least with some money
to be able to take care of all the bills, but what we got is enough to actually have my folks be able to make a difference in their lives in moving forward; especially after the accident when things are just not the same. So this made a huge difference. We ended up expecting
somewhere around $80 thousand and John Kelly ended up getting $160, which makes a huge difference. (light music)

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