41 thoughts on “Kirchhoff’s current law | Circuit analysis | Electrical engineering | Khan Academy

  1. Can we say that every electron entering the circuit, will not disapear in a blackhole somewhere in the middle, and will come back on the OUT side ?

  2. This is way too complicated. My momma taught me the simple way: Gzintas = Gzoutas. Translation: What Goes Into must Go Out Of.

  3. Thank you so much your videos helped me so much to better understand physics better than my own teachers Iā€™m from Tunisia and it s in a mess right now so thank you very much I m very grateful!!!šŸ™

  4. KIRCHHOFF: the english word "church" is related to the german word "kirche"; the german word "hof" can be translated by the word "yard"; in the old days grounds around churches were used to bury people; so, a good translation of "kirchhoff" is "graveyard".

  5. our professor spend 1 hour explaining this thing and drawing every where and i've just understand a little bit, here i understand most of it, thanks for that Mr.Willy

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