Korea’s political parties closely watch situation day before court’s ruling

Korea’s political parties closely watch situation day before court’s ruling

Turning our focus on the nation’s political
parties. Some still firmly stand by the embattled president
while others stake their jobs in support of impeachment. Let’s go to our parliamentary correspondent
Park Ji-won to hear reaction from the national assembly. The ruling Liberty Korea Party said it hopes
the justices reach a conclusion the public can understand, while urging the court to
fully examine the defense put forward by the president’s lawyers. The party’s interim leader also said the party
still has a lot to do for the nation, despite its past wrongdoings. “We cannot just collapse here, given the nation’s
situation and the historic calling for the party. We need to stand up and serve the public.” Korea’s opposition parties say they expect
the court to issue a common sense decision that’s in line with the public sentiment. Specifically, the Democratic Party said it
hopes the verdict will end the turmoil and confusion that have divided the country and
it urged the ruling party to accept the outcome. “We need to immediately put an end to the
nation’s divisions and confusions over the court’s ruling, and leave the public to choose
a better country through an early presidential election.” The People’s Party said it has no doubt that
the court will uphold the impeachment motion,… and said the party is grateful for the people
who made it possible. “The public’s order to root out corruption
and create a new Republic of Korea by this impeachment is a historic calling that cannot
be repealed.” The Bareun Party,… which consists of dozens
of former ruling party lawmakers who belonged to the non-pro-President Park faction,…
reiterated its original pledge that all of its lawmakers will resign from their posts
if the impeachment motion is overturned. “If there are politicians who incite or divide
the public rethorically, even after the court’s ruling, they should be condemned.” The Justice Party urged the Constitutional
Court to safeguard the Constitution by upholding the motion,… saying the country could enter
a new era starting Friday. “We urge the court justices to make the decision,
solely according to the law and their conscience,… a decision that will stand out in history
and in the minds of the people, who wish for a new Republic of Korea.” “Meanwhile, National Assembly Speaker Chung
Sye-kyun met with senior lawmakers from the rival parties earlier in the day. Together, they vowed to accept the court’s
ruling… and do their part to bring the country stability after the verdict comes out. Park Ji-won, Arirang News.”

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