Korea’s political parties in maintenance mode following general election

Korea’s political parties in maintenance mode following general election

Now back here at home on the political front,…
following a heavy defeat in Wednesday’s general election,… the Saenuri Party is now on an
emergency footing until it decides the best way to bounce back from the loss.
The liberal parties, which performed well,… are looking to the future by dissolving their
election committees. Ji Myung-kil has more.
Following the resignation of its leader Kim Moo-sung on Thursday,… the Saenuri Party
is running under an emergency leadership committee with floor leader Won Yoo-chul acting as interim
chief. The committee has agreed to accept any elected
independents who wish to return to the party they left during a pre-election nomination
row. The infighting is believed to have damaged
the party’s chances in the poll. The seven defectors include the Saenuri Party’s
former floor leader Yoo Seong-min who scored a landslide victory in the southeastern city
of Daegu. If the independent candidates return, the
party would recover its status as the largest negotiation group in the National Assembly.
It would, however, still be far short of an actual majority.
On the other side of the aisle,… the Minjoo Party of Korea and the People’s Party disbanded
their respective campaign committees on Friday. With the 20th National Assembly to officially
launch next month… the three parties will be vying for the various important posts within
the National Assembly,… including assembly speaker and chairman posts for the 16 parliamentary
committees. Ji Myung-kil, Arirang News.

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