Korea’s political parties react to Park Geun-hye’s arrest

Korea’s political parties react to Park Geun-hye’s arrest

And now we go over to the National Assembly,…
to see how Korea’s political parties are reacting to the news of Park Geun-hye’s arrest. Our National Assembly correspondent Park Ji-won
is standing by for us on the line. Jiwon… Good morning, Mark. Korea’s opposition parties all said the arrest
of the former president is a natural result,… given her wrongdoings and the impartiality
of the law and principles. In its statement, the Democratic Party of
Korea said everyone is equal in the eyes of the law,… and considering that the former
president was the key person in the massive power abuse and corruption scandal,…. and
how the investigation has gone so far,…. the arrest was the proper and right decision. The People’s Party said the granting of the
arrest warrant is an obvious decision,… according to the Constitution and the nation’s
criminal procedural law. The party added that the country needs to
reduce the excessive powers given to the nation’s presidents,… to prevent another tragedy
like this from happening again. The splinter conservative Bareun Party said
it respects the decision. The minor leftist Justice Party said the arrest
showed the public that justice can prevail,… adding that money and power should no longer
erode democracy and undermine the rule of law. The Liberty Korea Party,… which was the
ruling party under the Park administration,… has released a brief statement,… saying
the situation is very regrettable and it hopes the tragic history of arresting former presidents
never happens again.

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