Latest updates on coronavirus in China and across the world

Latest updates on coronavirus in China and across the world

over in China the death toll from the
virus Rises while the disease continues to spread across the world
whistle blowing Chinese doctor who was among the first to identify the deadly
new corona virus died of the disease in Wuhan earlier this morning packagin
brings us the updates the death toll in China from the novel coronavirus has had
636 with a total number of confirmed cases standing at more than 31,000
china’s national health commission revealed the latest figures early Friday
with 73 deaths and more than 3,000 additional cases occurring in a single
day but around 1500 patients were discharged from hospital in Fuquay
province alone they’re up in 618 deaths and over 22,000 confirmed cases that’s
an increase of 69 deaths and 2,400 cases in one day among those who died from the
illness is Li wen Liang one of the first doctors to have warned
people about the corona virus the 34 year old had informed the public through
WeChat back in December of a SARS like disease but he was targeted by the
police for making false comments the nation met the news of his death with
grief and anger demanding the government to apologize for downplaying the
seriousness of the virus the news also sparked the issue of freedom of speech
in China in response China announced it will send an anti-corruption team to
probe issues regarding Li with no signs of the outbreaks throwing down china’s
enforce lock downs and similar measures in 14 more provinces and cities outside
of Hebei province the cities affected include Hong Jerell downing and Nanjing
vicar’s continue to rise in other parts of the world as well the virus has
killed two people outside the Chinese mainland one in Hong Kong and one in the
Philippines over 30 cases have been detected in Europe Germany having the
most with 13 patients overall Japan has reported the highest number of confirmed
cases outside of China followed by Singapore Thailand in South Korea
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100 thoughts on “Latest updates on coronavirus in China and across the world

  1. Yeah, I know those are the numbers you have, but I don't actually believe them. Chinese government has lied to everybody from the start. Love and prayers to the Chinese people suffering through this.

  2. I just saw a post saying that the doctor was murdered and his brother is a police officer and that's how he found out. six other doctors are in trouble because of it. I don't know how true that is. It's all alleged

    You have to be truly sincere in order to be cured.
    Make this promise/prayer
    "O'Allah please forgive my sins and save me from this horrible disease and I promise if you cured me I will search for the truth and submit there's no God but Allah"
    Remember if you got cured and didn't fulfill the promise no body to blame but yourself.

  4. Leaked video: Inside the newly built #Fangcang hospital in #Wuhan to quarantine #coronavirus patients. No washrooms, no doctors(in three days), no one takes care of things. Later comers sleep on the floors… 😢

  5. Did the doctor who discovered the corona virus died or his death was accelerated by the Chinese government. He knew too much and the chinese government did not want him to say what he knew a long time ago about the virus Is Chine hidden the real numbers of people infected and the real amount of death?

  6. Whatever the number of Caronavirus deaths the Chinese State Media reports, we know it's a least double. So multiply by x2.

  7. Tea tree oil in a humidifier will help kill the virus! Also putting some tea tree oil on a piece of dried baby wipes and put in ears will sooth sore throat an kill bacteria an virus. Get Quick Colon #2 from herbfirstdotcom it will stop diarrhea!! You would take 3 or 4 big capsules when you start feeling sick or you can just put 2 tablespoons in some water or juice an drink it. It absorbs poison in your colon! Also if you start feeling sick a nurse said to take 10 chewable vitamin C tabs at 500mg each 3 times a day for several days an drink lots of water with all of these things!!! It creates an acidic environment that the virus can't live in. After 3 days if you still feel sick take the vit c for another 1 or 2 days then stop. Don't do the vit c on a regular basis. Also get quick formula #1 because the formula #2 can make you constipated. I have used Dr Christopher's formula 1 an 2 for years an love them! They are natural an safe an the formula #2 can literally save your life as well as the tea tree oil! Swab your ear with Vaseline or other oil before using tea tree oil on a cloth in your ears! This keeps me from getting bad colds as it clears them up right away. I also use antihistamines to stop any drainage getting in my stomach!!! I also like to take GSE oil with a few drops of tea tree oil in a capsule as well!! I believe it's the 5G that's making the virus so bad in Wuhan because it was installed 2 weeks before the virus broke out!
    Jesus is the real hope here because He still heals and raises the dead! Jesus is coming back soon!!! God bless!!!

    Also if your around 5G then you need to shield yourself from those waves somehow. Search that info on youtube!

  8. Allah Alone is Almighty, Omni potent, Owner of all the universe, master of every living and non living things,
    That's why I suggest to China govt lift All bans on muslims to follow their religion and stop atrocities on them.

  9. Only one solution to win the fight against corona virus. Send these virus or infected peoples to Israel, Europe and America. They have Vaccine.

  10. Unfortunately if China told the Truth we would be looking at the World's Military shooting every Nuke at it. As believe it's Escaped from a Bio Laboratory level 4 in the beginning of November and said Nothing as didn't want the Economy to melt in a pile of 💩

  11. ??? How is the death rate 3% with the deaths rising per case of infected it seems higher to 4%, maybe even rising to 5%? What is going on? If the virus was back in November 2019, the virus has had a lot of incubation time. This would explain why it infected all the providences. It looks like they didn't catch it in time. They should have never silenced the doctor, there will be more cases. I pray for all the individuals who are affected by this.

  12. 有問題嗎???


    沒有革命的非生產性公民??與2002年首次使用SARS冠狀病毒進行的首次嘗試相比,新型冠狀病毒的傳播速度要快得多。從長遠來看,清空33,000多家醫院和所有監獄可以節省CCP萬億。通過人口統計剔除消除了所有弱者和老是安樂死計劃主任的夢想。他們人口的這種輪廓可能被視為最高級國家的序幕。他們會超過1700萬大屠殺死亡人數嗎?沒有人在數。委內瑞拉的尼古拉斯•馬杜羅•莫羅斯(Nicolás Maduro Moros)幾乎沒有反對就餓死了他的公民。他們所有的公民有什麼共同點?他們沒有權利,沒有槍支,也沒有言論自由。世界衛生組織指出,每年有40-50百萬流產。全世界每天大約有125,000例墮胎。誰為他們哭泣,而不是世界衛生組織。世界衛生組織說習近平做得很好。

    Yǒu wèntí ma???

    Xíjìnpíng hé quántǐ huìyì néng xiāomiè suǒyǒu yīng'ér cháo chūshēng de rén ma?

    Méiyǒu gémìng de fēi shēngchǎn xìng gōngmín?? Yǔ 2002 nián shǒucì shǐyòng SARS guānzhuàng bìngdú jìnxíng de shǒucì chángshì xiāng bǐ, xīnxíng guānzhuàng bìngdú dí chuánbò sùdù yào kuài dé duō. Cóng chángyuǎn lái kàn, qīngkōng 33,000 duō jiā yīyuàn hé suǒyǒu jiānyù kěyǐ jiéshěng CCP wàn yì. Tōngguò rénkǒu tǒngjì tīchú xiāochúle suǒyǒu ruòzhě hé

    lǎo shì ānlèsǐ jìhuà zhǔrèn de mèngxiǎng. Tāmen rénkǒu de zhè zhǒng lúnkuò kěnéng bèi shì wéi zuì gāojí guójiā de xùmù. Tāmen huì chāoguò 1700 wàn dà túshā sǐwáng rénshù ma? Méiyǒu rén zài shù. Wěinèiruìlā de nígǔlāsī•mǎ dù luó•mò luósī (NicolásMaduro Moros) jīhū méiyǒu fǎnduì jiù èsǐle tā de gōngmín. Tāmen suǒyǒu de gōngmín yǒu shé me gòngtóng diǎn? Tāmen méiyǒu quánlì, méiyǒu qiāngzhī, yě méiyǒu yánlùn zìyóu. Shìjiè wèishēng zǔzhī zhǐchū, měinián yǒu 40-50 bǎi wàn liúchǎn. Quán shìjiè měitiān dàyuē yǒu 125,000 lì duòtāi. Shuí wèi tāmen kūqì, ér bùshì shìjiè wèishēng zǔzhī. Shìjiè wèishēng zǔzhī shuō xíjìnpíng zuò dé hěn hǎo

  13. Can I ask a simple question? IF the flu in the US kills 10,000 per year and corona has not even killed 700 why are we sending millions of dollars of health assistance to CHINA, when they are the ones who produce these masks, shields, and gowns…besides when I went to school 700 compared to 10,000 would not create the shutdown of a whole nation as large as CHINA, with a population of 1.4 billion…these numbers are not adding up…to the amount of financial and economic loss that is being produced by this virus…SOMETHING is NOT being told to the WORLD…and our government is complacent in it…add it up folks…this makes no sense.

  14. no need to panic becasue we cant control the nature .,.. the thing that gona happen no body can stop just pray to god everything be all right one day

  15. Who We Are
    We Are the Same Beings of God so do good for the good of the world
    without any more difference
    Religion Mutual respect Whatever it is, there is no longer any discrimination in living together in harmony.
    the earth is old and preparing for the end of time.
    to meet God.

  16. too bad, the first whistleblower doctor, dr. lee, the 34 years old doc who discovered the air borne transmit disease last december, he gave warning to the chinese officials, but nobody listen to him in December 2019. no dr.lee die in this infection disease, and his body was cremated right after his death. murdering? poisoning? evil politics silence killing and leave no evidence. same evil as this epidemic spread disease by someone, someone using bio weapon to kill without any trace.

  17. More like 300,000 and instead of letting everybody self isolate, they go around spreading the virus while they are taking temperatures, now it is out of control, probably a weapon from the bio lab 20 miles away but rumour I hear Africans and Europeans have a better immunity to it, terrible weapon then!
    I feel for those poor people, China seems a cruel country, very sad.

  18. This is a curse of killing animals, now the nature taking revenge on humans, its a war by nature & end of chinese era..!!

  19. The situation is so bad that when you go out you look to each other and think: "did come from china, did get contaminated by others" and we turn our head, stay far away. I was at a starbuck and this asian lady, she looks like Korean, behind me, and then I see her with a mask pulled below her chin and speaking too long to the startbuck cashier. Why on earth you are using a mask under the chin, instead of on the face. And the mask seems a kind of soiled, mask should be changed every 3 hours.

  20. 我為…感到難過


















































  21. If the only tool you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. The PRC will imprison doctors and patients until there are no more (confirmed) cases.

  22. when it can survive outside the body for more than 2 or 3 days is that not when its able to mutate to next stage airborne thats how i understand a virus worked hope im rong

  23. China CCP suppressed virus info for 7 weeks putting the world into danger. CCP has strategic intentions. Don’t buy Chinese products for CCP has long term strategic bad intentions

  24. China should ban killing and eating of wildlife to avoid spreading and exporting of viruses to the whole world.

  25. It's Karma and justice for the millions of dogs and cats and wildlife that were evilly tortured. All those Southeast Asia nations like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, South Korea are guilty of those crimes as well and they all deserve the virus.

  26. The collapse of the CCP will happen when there are too many of desperate and angry corona virus victims turn to the street to protest. They can not be arrested without risking infecting and killing those who arrest them. The CCP will face a Tiananmen dilemma: let them protest and destabilize the country or kill them all. We all know what option the CCP will take but they probably can not get away the second time.

  27. I wish I could help them ,m really down by seeing this😢😢, what I have felt is by eating uncooked insects, animals ,etc Corona virus has come

  28. But we are being told in the usa 🇺🇸 it’s not any worse than the normal Flu. The actors that read the news to us everyday are unreliable and jump when told by their masters, Hope it doesn’t make here but if it does the cities are screwed

  29. Don the Trump started this virus! He's the devil and he's trying to take over the world. Soon, he will clone all humans and all humans, even the woman, will look just like Don the Trump. Run! Hide! Don the Trump is coming for you all!!! Oh yeah, and don't forget to vote. (This ad was paid for fiends of Don the Trump, LLC and Devil Associates. -"I'm Don the Trump and I really approve of this ad. Now bow down and worship my Demon ass, or else!!!")

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  31. Have you seen this? Check out 25:35 minutes. A Chinese doctor speaks about the real numbers of infections and deaths. I can't say if this is true or not. But someone translated it. Not certain about the translation. See below.
    Keep Smile
    13 hours ago (edited)
    Translation of Chinese doctor's text from 25:35:
    "To all older people: My name is Jinghui. I am currently in Hankoui, Wuhan Medical Zone. I want to report on the situation in Hubei and China. Approximately 90,000 people are infected with coronavirus. The likelihood of infection continues to increase when the infected person is not provided with care or when the infected person is not isolated. In this case, the infected person can infect up to 14 people. This number is very high. Because of the Chinese New Lunar Year festival, everyone leaves town and wants to meet their family at a New Year's dinner. In the current special circumstances, I hope you all stay at home and not go out. Do not assemble. Do not go to a communal meal as long as human lives are at risk. We can all still meet in the future."
    This is a video from January 24-25. The current situation is worse. In this photo, (link below the text) there is a real state in the left frame, that is, 150,000 people are infected and about 25,000 people have died. An algorithm that reduces numbers is probably implemented on this server. The values for the public are on the right after the repair of the server failure.
    Thank you 👍

  32. We know USA has done this to China but I’m just gonna tell you this, this is happening to Chinese because of what they’re doing to their Muslim / citizens, how cruel worshiping Buddhist are towards their own citizens of Muslims! The way they destroyed all the mosque in China and this is the pay back by God even though we know USA was behind it!

  33. Just a question, Chinese people are eating such kind of food since ages. Nothing happened! This is something different and spooky.

  34. Watch! NTDTV Coroniavirus/ Wuhan update- sources tell actual numbers!
    This was dated Jan 29, 2020 Number of death could exceed official figures by 10 times with no less than 200 deaths per day! Hankou Crematorium operating 14-20 furnaces around the clock. Hospital worker pleaded for help ahe said over 100,00 infected . over 100 people were seen by medical officials that day and most if them are dead!!

  35. Chinese government: We built 2 hospitals in 10 days

    China: Your late! where is Xi Jin Ping?

    Chinese Government:……

  36. It's so sad to know that these numbers are wrong and that the chinese government is trying to hide them as good as they can. They are just killing them self. R.I.P Dr. Li

  37. They torture and kill the dogs ,snake and every animal in a cruel way.Now their souls are taking revenge .so please stop torture and kill innocent animals this land is not only for us animals also having rights to live in this 🌎.

  38. Seems like some big conspiracy behind the outburst of coronavirus in china. Truth must be come out for the sake of human kind.

  39. Indonesia hasn't reported even1 case yet. im worriee that it's not that there aren't any infected it's that it's not detectable because our country's lack of attention

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