Law of Attraction: How to Get Everything You Want

Law of Attraction: How to Get Everything You Want

♪ ♪ What’s up, beautiful people? It is your homegirl, Ms.
Shameless, all up in 2017. This is the first
video out the gate, 2017. And I wanted to talk to you
about how to get everything you wanted, but instead of
doing a floating-head video, why not just beat
this face so good? And I wanted to share with you
some inspiring words for 2017 and how to get your life. So my face is moisturized. I’ve been using this stuff. Vitamin C serum, brightening
facial serum by Elizabeth Dehn. Got it when I was in Toronto. Anyways. The first step is
to know what you want. Now, a lot of people say, “Oh, I want to lose weight,” “Oh, I want a man,” “Oh, I want to be a YouTuber.” But you’re not even doing
the steps that need to happen to get you there. Which brings into question, do you really want those things? Because if you’re
not working towards it, then it really does
mean you don’t want it. If you want something,
write it down and go after it. Speaking of which… …I have this
amazing poster that I wrote out with my brother. It’s a Shameless Manifesto. And it says, “I, [fill in your
name], hereby declare that on this [whatever
day] of [whatever month] in [whatever
year] to abandon fear and shamelessly
live out my dreams of… I will realize my
dreams by believing in myself, hustling hard,
and sacrificing…” …what? You got to sacrifice to gain. “…Knowing that
this will make room for my goals to be achieved. I will promote and push
myself beyond my comfort zone by introducing myself
to people I don’t know in settings I’m
not comfortable with. I will view the success
of others as inspiration for my own greatness while providing help and
inspiration to those around me.” Do you, boo. Be
Shameless. Sign off on it. And I’m your witness,
so I will sign on that. If you guys want to
cop that, info box. I’m really proud of that. That’s something I’ve been really working
on for a hot minute. But I thought now,
because it is the new year, that it would be
good to fill out. And for me, yes,
vision boards help. But for me, what really
helps is writing it down. I can’t tell you how many
times I’ve written things down. When I was a teenager, I wrote, “In five years, I will be living
in New York and Los Angeles.” At the time, I was
living in Toronto. And I wrote it on a napkin. So you can write it on anything. It doesn’t have to be a
poster that you got to pay for. But writing it down helps. And for me, I do have
a poster, and I keep it right beside my bed, which
is why I wanted to do this, so it’s something I could
see first thing in the morning and pursues. I burned my face. Okay. Then, how do you
really know what you want? You have to ask
yourself what makes you happy. What do you like? Who are you? What are you good at?
What are you good at? And I would say focus on that. Then, get inspired. So to get inspired,
you’ve got to do a whole lot. For me, I like to — I
did — do I still do — I haven’t done it recently,
but I was big on vision boards. I kid you not, I’ve always
dreamed about living in a loft, and I had all
these photos cut out. I had images on my computer
of all these beautiful lofts. And now I live in a loft. At the time, I felt
kind of silly for putting it on this vision board. Oh, I know when I did this. This was in 2011 or something. But I felt silly
doing it, and I did it. And fast-forward — when I
moved here to Los Angeles, I had been living in
New York in an apartment, a small apartment. And when I came here, this loft
was the first loft that I saw. And the fact that I
was able to get it… …that’s not luck. That is not luck. That is the power of mind. And of course God. But the power of your mind. What you
visualize, you will realize. You have to see it. And sometimes, in order to
believe it, you got to see it. So get yourself inspired
by putting it down on paper, putting it on a
vision board, see it. The other thing I used to do
— because I have a hard time believing in healthy family and
marriage, for obvious reasons. I have been through a lot. And the way I was raised — I was raised in a
single-parent home and I honestly just
thought I was going to have a kid by myself. That’s what I believed. So I had to put photos
on my phone, on my desktop, of families, happy families, so I put the Cosbys — why did they have to
disappoint me like that? Why’d you do that? And Fresh Prince of Bel Air as an example of, I can
see it, I can believe it, and I can achieve it. So get inspired. So once I have
my inspiration up, it’s all about taking
steps to move forward. I got to take those steps. I can dream about
it all day if I want. That’s kind of the mistake
that I did with The Secret. I don’t know about you guys, but when it came out,
all I did was daydream, because I was like,
yeah, I visualize it. Yeah, but that’s
just part of it. You have to actually do work. You got to take steps forward
to make those dreams a reality. So start small, and just chisel away
at one step at a time. For me, acting, say. I wanted to act,
so I took classes. Once I took classes, I
started to go out there and get head shots. Once I got a head
shot, I got an agent. Once I got an agent,
I went to auditions. Once I went to
auditions, I went to more and more and more
auditions, possibly thousands — no, not thousands — hundreds
before I booked something. But I could daydream
about acting all I want, but if I’m not
going to do the work, I’m not going to get there. So I did the work. I guess we’re going
for a brown smoky today. Okay, now the next step is key. Key. Believe me. Everyone has all this energy
in the first week of January. I don’t know how
it is for the rest. And for me, because I
don’t have annual goals, I’m constantly having
goals every week, every month, you’ve got to stay consistent. You can’t just burn out
and have all this energy week one, week two,
and then have nothing left for the rest of the year. So don’t bite off
more than you can chew. And I’m guilty of that. I used to be so pumped and
so amped to get something done, and then a few days
in, are you kidding me? What are you talking about? I’m on to the next. Or I forgot whatever I
was trying to work towards. So you’ve got to
stay consistent, ladies and gentlemen. And this may not
apply to all of you guys. Maybe just some of you. But study your craft. If you say you
want to be a doctor, you obviously have to go
to school and study that. If you want to act,
you have to study it. If you want to be a
filmmaker, you have to study. Yes, you have to do it. You learn a lot by doing. But you learn a lot by watching and studying the
greats before you. So if you want to
be a videographer, you should be watching movies. You should be reading
books on the behind-the-scenes on how that was achieved. I guess there’s the
Internet for that now. For me, I used to
live in the library. I just lived in the library.
I was obsessed with that spot. You got to study your craft. And if you can’t afford it, there are ways around it. Where there’s a
will, there’s a way. And if you have excuses, leave them alone. Those are excuses. They don’t help you
get closer to your goal. They just take you away
from the responsibility of getting it done. So let go of
excuses. Figure it out. There is always a way. I like this Nix
eyebrow powder pencil. Oh, so this is
new. And I love it. Because I have greasy eyebrows
that nothing sticks to, not powder, not pencil, not gel. This — you kidding me? Stays on. Not even stays on.
That wasn’t ever the issue. Going on. I used to go to Barnes
and Noble, any bookstore. I would also go there and sit down and just read so
I didn’t have to buy the book, because I couldn’t afford it. Speaking of not
being able to afford, money! Money. You do need money
to get shit done. You’d be surprised
at how much you can do and how creative you
could be with little money, but you do need some money. Punk, what you
doin’ wit’ your money? Are you spending it on these
products that I’m telling you to click in the link below? Or are you putting
some aside for a savings so you can have some
sort of financial security and/or buy the
thing that you want? A camera? Oh my goodness, I
had to save for this camera. I would always put aside
10% of everything I earned, and within — I
can’t remember how long. But I remember the most
money I ever saved was $10,000 when I was cocktailing. It was the best feeling ever. And the more I
started to see it grow, the less I wanted to spend, because I worked so hard
to get that number there. So putting money aside. Every day, every moment, we
are presented with choices. You have a choice. You
could choose to spend. You could choose to save. You could choose to say yes.
You could choose to say no. But you have a choice. And that’s the
beautiful thing about life. You can always make a different
choice in a different moment. So if you made a
mistake yesterday, or if you weren’t happy
with how yesterday panned out or last year
panned out, guess what? Today’s a new day.
Today’s a new year. And you can choose
right now to change. Girl. Next. Eliminating negative baggage. We all carry baggage with us. No one is free of it. So let it go. If you watch negative shows,
stop watching negative shows. If you have
negative friends around you, spend less time with them. If you have negative
family, because that’s a thing, just bite your
lip, save that money. Because once
you’re under that roof, you got to abide by the laws. Negative gossip sites. Bye-bye. If you enjoy it for
entertainment, then just be prepared that that negative
energy will stay with you. You can’t isolate it to
just entertainment and reading. If you’re taking it in in any
form, it’s going to follow you. It’s just
frequencies and energy. If you are
around positive people, you think positive
things. You do positive things. You are constantly
surrounded by affirmations, prayer, good vibes. That is bound to come to you. Alcohol. Weed. Excessive sex.
[laughter] Aw, man. I’m telling you. When you start to focus
on you, you will be floored at what you can accomplish. And I’m speaking
this from experience. Because I did it all
— alcohol, weed, sex. I let it go. And how does a kid raised by
a single mother in a basement in Toronto end up in Los
Angeles living in a loft with a Jeep, with an office,
with staff, with a whole team? This shit’s real. But you have to put in the work. You got to do you, boo. Okay, let me do
this. This is hard. Yes. I can’t talk and do
it at the same time. And my favorite
liquid liner is also Nix, the matte liquid liner. Okay, so I talked about getting
rid of negative baggage. Once you get rid of
that, you’ve got to replace it with positive affirmations, yo. I cannot tell you the
amount of time I spent on the New York subway
train just repeating the same affirmation over and over again. You would think I was crazy, but now that I see where
it’s brought me, I ain’t crazy. You’re crazy to not do it. So the one that I
would always repeat was, “I have more than
enough time and energy to do all that I love.” Because I have a lot of loves. And then I also had, “I can do all things
through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.” And I would write
them on little cards, and I would put them in — you
know those name badge holders? I would have it in that so
that it wouldn’t get all old, and I would just
hold it and read it over and over and over again. The next important
step is to find a mentor. Before you do that, do as much
work on your own as possible. Have a body of work. Have accomplished something
in the area that you’re passionate about or pursuing before going up to
someone and asking for help. I actually stressed this at
my meet-and-greet in Toronto. Somebody had asked
me, what would it take for them to come into my
life so I could mentor them? And I said, “Do
you have a website? Do you have socials
that reflect what it is that you’re trying to do?” And I don’t mean
personal socials. I mean, say you are a writer. You should have a blog. You should have links
to work that you’ve done that are published. If you’re a photographer,
you should have a website. Everyone should have a website. And you should have
worked with other people. When I was looking for an
internship with a photographer, I had a portfolio,
a printed portfolio. I had a website. And I had references. Because the last thing
you want to do is ask someone who is crazy busy,
successful, for their time in exchange for what? Yes, people want to help. Everyone is constantly looking
at, what’s in it for me? Even if they will not admit it, there is always a sense
of, what’s in it for me? So when it comes to
looking for a mentor, if you’re asking a successful
person to give their time, you’ve got to think, well, why would they
give their time to me? Why not to somebody else? So you’ve got to make
sure the tradeoff is good. Like, “I have experience. I
have drive. I have passion.” You’ve got to
think strategically, because you have to keep
in mind that this person has 20 other people like
you asking for the same thing. And that other
person might be saying, “Hey, look, I’ll get
you coffee every morning, and on top of that my portfolio
is wicked, wicked good. So not only am I
talented, I’m humble.” That goes really far in life. So what do you have to offer
this busy, successful person? Better be something.
Better be something. And I’ll tell you this much: Successful and talented people
want to surround themselves with successful,
talented people. And success is relative. So long as you have good work or
they can see something in you, the hustle, the
drive, then you’re good. Woo. Then, find your community. It’s so
important to find people. We as human beings
are social creatures. You can be an
introvert all you want, but at the end of the day solitary
confinement is a real thing, which means to say
we need human contact. So find your community. When I moved to New
York City, I had no one. No one.
[laughter] And I didn’t want
to work in my house, because I lived in the projects, and I was doing
photography, and I was like, “Where can I work that I don’t
have to invite people over?” So then I started looking
for shared artist workspaces, and that’s when I
found Con Artist, which is a shared artist
workspace in New York City. Ugh. The audio on my
mic stopped recording, so now I’m going to do my phone. Okay. Find your community. It’s so important
to surround yourself with people that are
doing what you’re doing. So for me, Con Artist in New York was
a shared artist workspace. It was epic. And then once you have
a community, collaborate. United we stand. Divided we fall. United we stand,
divided we fall. I know. I’m partly American. But anyways. Collaborate. Now, you don’t
necessarily have to team up with the biggest
YouTuber to collaborate. Collaboration just means you’re
working with other people. So for me, before I even
knew about a YouTube collab, I was
collaborating with my cousin. We were working
together, striving to achieve the same goal, which
is create and have fun. So find someone that shares
the same passions, the drives that you have,
and create together. But again, there is
no right or wrong path. But I do encourage you to
start walking your own walk instead of having to
depend on other people. You don’t want to
have the excuse of, “Oh, I’m supposed to do
this project with my friend, but they’re flaking, so
now I’m here or I’m here.” No. If you want to
do something, do it. Don’t use your
friend or the world or people not giving
you a handout as an excuse to not get it done. But collaboration
is definitely it. [Inaudible] artists, Beyonce
will collaborate with Coldplay, do the crossover demo. And then, once you’ve spent
all that time collaborating, getting your
community, teamwork, take time out to reflect. And that’s the last thing. I say that last
because a lot of people get stuck in their heads
on what they need to do, what they could do,
what they should do, versus actually doing. So do, make,
create, and then evaluate. Take time to see, are you
doing what you want to do? Does this make you happy? Do I need to make adjustments? Am I no longer happy? Do I change what I want? Am I feelin’ dis anymore? That happens when you
take time to reflect, because sometimes for me
I just go, go, go, go, go, and I’m like, “Do I even
want to do this anymore?” Especially when I was
cocktail-waitressing. Sometimes you
just get caught up. So it’s important to take
time out and think about it. Her face is almost beat. She’s doing the most.
She is doing the most. I found it. [Inaudible] effects powder. Look, I had set airspun,
and it sucked it all up. Hmm. She oily. So that’s kind of
how I’ve lived my life. I’m constantly looking at a lot. Sometimes I’m in
my head too much. But the good thing
is, I’m always doing. I’m always creating. So despite me being in
my head, I’m still doing. So in the comments below,
let me know what you want. Do you want to graduate school? Do you want to be a YouTuber? Do you want a million dollars? And then I would say
start going in depth and finding out the real want. What is it? A lot of people want to
be YouTubers or whatever, social media people,
because they want to be famous. Just be honest with yourself. There is nothing wrong
with being honest with yourself and owning up to that. But don’t lie to
yourself. Don’t play yourself. Woo. And she has done
it. She has lied. She has played herself. Yo, this Caitlyn
Jenner blush is everything. It has some
highlighter and some rouge. Oh, I love it. Actually, I really like
the Caitlyn Jenner/MAC collab, the blush, the
eyeshadow, which I didn’t use. The lip liner and the lip gloss. Here, I’ll put it on right now. And I feel like that’s a
lot. That’s a whole lot. But that is what
is required of us to get to where we want to go. At least for me. That’s
what has worked for me. I worked really
hard to get where I am. I worked really
freaking hard to get the things that I
wanted in my life. Nothing was ever handed to me. And when it started
being handed to me, it felt like, what
the heck is going on? But I worked. I
worked to get it. Okay, Caitlyn. I have an episode with Hey
Fran Hey on The Slumber Party on beliefs. So I think that video will
definitely help you guys out, especially if you’re struggling
with what it is you want. What you want is heavily
tied into what you believe. Do you believe
you’re worthy enough? Do you believe you
can ask and receive more? For so many
years, I used to think that wasn’t for me. Like, for whatever
reason, I’m not allowed to live that type of life. I was born into this class or
this kind of social upbringing, and I’m like, wait a minute. Why do I think that? Who told me that? She just need some highlight. And what you want
can change and evolve. What you wanted today may
not be the same tomorrow. And that’s okay. She done. She is ready to get
everything she wants, 2017. She almost forgot,
ladies and gentlemen — lashes! I have been wearing
lashes a lot lately. I just think they’re so cute. I think they’re so cute. At the end of the day, I think
we all just want to be happy. And it doesn’t come from money. It doesn’t come from fame. But what really is
valuable is your relationship with your friends, your
family and of course God. Get right with God, 2017. Get right with God. If you’ve been on the
fence, on the sidelines, I could tell you to do all
this stuff, and you can do it, but it could be very
powerful when you include God into the
conversation and the mix. And when you start
involving God in your life, really start involving God — and that can be as
simple as saying thank you — thank you that I have
eyes, that I have a nose, that I have a face,
that I have life in me. Thank you that I’m alive. It starts there. When you can
count your blessings — because there is
always something to count. There is always
something to be grateful for. You’d be surprised to
see what life has to offer. It will offer more the
minute you can acknowledge what you have going on. So anyways, that’s the look. Let’s not discuss the hair.
[laughter] That’s another video.
I’m growing this out. Anyways, what is
it that you want? Be specific. Be dedicated. Work. Have faith. Words are powerful. Writing things down — I write
things on napkins all the time. You don’t need to get a poster. But I will tell you this
much, it certainly does help. And what I really like
is just being inspired by everywhere I look at. Like, any surface, I have
positivity written everywhere. So this is going to be
amazing once I fill it out and put it right beside my bed, and I want you
guys to be inspired. Follow your heart. Follow your
passion. What makes you happy? What makes you happy? So yeah, I hope you’ve
found this video helpful. If you want to get that
poster, click the link below in the info box. And make sure you’re subscribed if you’re not
already subscribed. Turn the notifications on, boo. Remember to do you, be
you and stay true, boo. Be shameless. Happy 2017. ♪ ♪

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  22. I want to be a YouTuber and a movie actress to make people laugh, inspire them, help them be confident. I want to entertain and bring people joy.

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  24. Thanks Maya you so inspire me to move right into my destiny. I've always been able to help persons get ahead but find myself stuck. I have come to realize that my principles were not set in order and therefore could not move ahead. Action just start and it all will fall into place.

  25. I manifest a life full of laughter, happiness, and adventure. I manifest a career in petite modeling and beauty/health online business. I also have the goal of becoming a asl translator, while using my degree to tutor others. Thanks maya ! You're so awesome!

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  27. I’m a fairly new YouTuber well since my son was born. But then I feel off evolving my lifestyle and now I want to share with others who are transitioning. I get some kick back from family. But yes I keep The most high first prayer affirmations and more. I worked hard growing up from a single divorced mom too! I’m ready for change I believe and I’m walking in it. Thanks for this. I believe this is my channel name transition to heal me for a reason. 🙏🏽gracias!

  28. I want to be a successful sustainable fashion designer, Youtuber, Actress and activist that makes more than a difference in the lives of individuals all around the world. I want to help in my God given mission to bring Christians closer to God and inspire individuals to want to help just because each and every day.

    This video was perfect and much appreciated 💕

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  32. I want to have a successful blog. I want to be a counselor or social worker, helping people become better ppl. I want to be able to live comfortably and afford all the things I need and want by myself. I want to be in positive fulfilling relationships. I want to make sure that my dad can retire and I can spoil him

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  37. I want to graduate Highschool and become a Youtuber to inspire a wider range of people I want to do music to connect and I want to be able to give my mother the life she deserves as well as be stable for myself ❤️ I needed this so I thank you and I appreciate this video

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  42. I want to start a Lifestyle Blog and blog about my life after 50 and the many challenges I have daily. I am in search of happiness for myself.

  43. I have had a successful career in a 9 to 5, raised a child as a single parent, and helped to care for a sick mother who is now deceased. After a lifetime of taking care of everyone else's needs, i am ready to live life on my own terms, start my own business, travel the world, live my dreams. The Fear is definitely real. I absolutely need a copy of the Shameless manifesto because that is what I'm working on right now. I live in FL andI just did my first solo trip to New Orleans. And i have my second coming up, coincidentally to Toronto. Always wanted to do Niagara falls. This is all gearing up for next year in which i would like to travel to Europe or Asia. You are doing an amazing job and your self realization started at such a young age. Keep up the good work!

  44. You just helped me realize how much of this I am already doing, so consistency, prioritization and slowing down are my biggest challenges. Thanks for sharing your greatness, grateful for your experience.
    I’ve wanted to YouTube for years, but struggle with accepting my outward appearances, I want to act, but have yet to move towards that with intention and action, but being a poet, spoken word artist, performer, host and now curator has really brought me to a wonderful place and I think continuing to nurture those areas that I’ve already built a reputation and strength in is what’s going to get me to everything else!

  45. I remember when I saw you at the airport in NYC it was the best day of my life because I wanted a channel, YouTube, IG, to travel, I wanted it all!!!!!! I saw you & couldn’t stop staring at you I was so scared to speak to you & you looked at me & I said “are you shamelessmaya” you said “yeah girl” & i said “I love you so much can I take a picture with you” I have that picture and you are amazing. I love you maya. You keep me sane and reading the secret this summer finding this video makes me want to keep working, keep believing, keep trying and keep on wanting. I started my channel and it hasn’t boomed the way I expected so I decided to learn more about filming, creating content, etc. That’s the point I’m at right now and I’m a lot more comfortable with knowledge

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  47. This is probably my favorite video Maya, been watching since you began and I still come back here and take notes from this vid when I need to get my life together. Thank You

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