Law Of Attraction Meditation: Affirmations to Build Self Confidence Self Worth & Inner Power!

Law Of Attraction Meditation: Affirmations to Build Self Confidence Self Worth & Inner Power!

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54 thoughts on “Law Of Attraction Meditation: Affirmations to Build Self Confidence Self Worth & Inner Power!

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  2. Thank you ! Headphones in !!!! I’m on it , we’ve got a show to do today and this will help tremendously 🥰🥰💫💫💫

  3. Thank you. This is appreciated everyday, but ESPECIALLY on a Monday. Listening to this and appreciating it so much! ❤

  4. Hey Dr. Connor,
    All I had to do was change my frequency, so simple yet after nearly 30 years that fact eluded me. Until you, kind lady, gave of your wisdom and gave me an eternal gift. And for that I will be forever your humble student.
    I have known and listened to all 9 solfeggio frequencies for some time now, but YOU, eloquence in human form, have blessed me with your wisdom in 396hz. Liberate from guilt and fear. You have deeply moved me with this lesson, thank you. Peace and blessings, my friend, I'm eternally committed

  5. i hope everyone is really able to manifest their dream life, if its possible for one person its possible for all.

  6. Is it necessary to mentally repeat the affirmation or should I just listen to it?

    As my native language is different, will this subliminal affirmation work on my subconscious?

  7. Dear Jessica..This is what i was longing for few years..Cant thank you enough for this work of are a true blessing in disguise! Much love

  8. This literally changed my life as things are starting to manifest before me! I am blessed! I hope everyone finds success!

  9. Just listened to these affirmation and within 25 minutes I felts as if I am in a new body or as if I am someone else. Thank you so much for this video.

  10. I've used videos like these amongst many others to manifest my ideal self. I've lost 100lbs and I strive to help others achieve their goals too. When I started my journey I envisioned myself helping other people lose weight, and now that's become my reality!

  11. Hi Jessica,you WOW me with this amazing meditation,the the technique you use to incorporate your voice to be hear in the right,left and center of the brain is very effective to get the suggestions deeper in the subconscious mind..thank you so much for the great work of your,it is deeply appreciated.many blessings to you.

  12. This video is incredible. In a meditative state, the new me began to materialize. What seemed like nonsense before looked and felt attainable.

  13. I am also happy that I could be the one thousand like on this video it truly is outstanding how all the voices are layered on top of eachother certain sentences stand out that are related to each individual.

  14. Thank you for this excellent video. It is very professional and the voices transmit calmness and security. I can stop lessening to it. Just one suggestion. When the several voices speak their volume goes down so I cannot hear them. My question is, it is done in purpose?

  15. I've been following you all for awhile and promote you guys a lot especially on Dr Dispenzas live stream of 50k plus Geniuses & my social media who strive for the same result of Ascension. This video is your masterpiece. The layers of voice works with conscious and subconscious (subliminally) please make more of these.(Abundance, Prosperity, Health, Master Creator) People are catching on real fast. These would be your top producing sellers. Thank you for all you do!💖🧘‍♂️🙏🧠😊🤘🙏🙏

  16. I love your voice.💓 English isn't my maternal language… but i understand all your messages an now while i grow in my spirituality, i also learn to understand better in english👍thank you all for your work. I' so gratefull🙏😘

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