Law of Attraction Relaxing Meditation Music ➡️ Increase Personal Magnetism | Binaural Beats (396Hz)

Law of Attraction Relaxing Meditation Music ➡️ Increase Personal Magnetism | Binaural Beats (396Hz)

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47 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Relaxing Meditation Music ➡️ Increase Personal Magnetism | Binaural Beats (396Hz)

  1. Recommended Video: The Most POWERFUL Law Of Attraction Technique to MANIFEST What You Want FAST!

  2. I am so grateful for you, Dr. Jessica. I love you so much. You literally made my day! Here I am, studying and trying to stay focused and all of a sudden, boom! A notification appears and it is exactly what I needed. I'm going to loop the hell out of this track. Thank you so much, namaste! 🕉

  3. Powerful Music, Really Gets You On Awake And Alert Mode, Right From The First Note I Can Feel The Vibration Churning Within Me, It Is The Unfolding Of The Sacred Lotus Flower, The Energy Chakras Into Higher Consciousness! Great Composition! Thanks For Sharing! God Bless You! Love And Peace! Namaste!

  4. I appreciate your efforts in doing this. It would be great if the sound could come out of both sides of the ear plugs. 😞

  5. Omg someone have resetted my notification settings on my device, no wonder I haven't seen your channel on my feed lately. Got a lot of catching up to do now live you guys. Missed you as well. Much love .

  6. Brillant! The way you use the Hz to heal and prepare the brain is awesome. What software do you use to make your music? I use Logic when making this kind of music 🙂

  7. this is amazing… i have tried a lot of binaural beats but none of them affected me like this. I had a hard time manifesting because their was always a heavy feeling in my chest I listened to this and i just started crying so hard out of nowhere i cried all my pain away that the feeling lifted up! Thank you so much will definitely be purchasing!

  8. update!! I finally manifested money! i’ve been trying to since september and I FINALLY did it!!! I am so grateful!! I will never stop listening to this track! thank u so so sooo much! i truly did it after so long! i will recommend this to everyone!

  9. As I listened to this, the tears began to fall, I just let them, allowing the good into my life now. Tears heal…ty Dr. Jessica😍🙏😘👏

  10. This music gives my soul peace it's the only way I can describe it.

    Thank you to the creators for aiding another stressed out human being on planet earth into a moment of unchartered release on this never ending pathway 'one foot step at a time' towards eternity.

  11. Hi Jessica. Can I play this in the hearing of kids aged 6 and 8? Will it interfere and negatively impact their own kid brain frequencies? Hope to hear from you on this. Thank you.

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