28 thoughts on “Law & Order: SVU – Barba’s Sacrifice (Episode Highlight)

  1. Was this intentional or accidental? If Barba did that intentionally he had some big balls. If it truly was an accident then he made a whopper he'll hopefully learn from.

  2. I think it was intentional as well but before Benson came along I don't think Barba would of done something like this.

  3. I think Barbs and Benson would make a great couple. He handles here so gently when she needs a friend, but yet still tells her the truth. And he doesn't back down to her either. I would love if they would put them together.

  4. I really hope there aren't any long term repercussions from this, but certain things I've seen and read have me left me with doubts and questons. I love Barba, and indeed Raúl Esparza, and would hate to see him leave. This just seems like a mistake Barba would never of made, intentially or not.

  5. I have absolute faith in your humanity. "
    Why I'm crying, they're just perfect for each other, protect Rafael at all costs

  6. Not sure how it’s done in New York, but in California, if you are a juror, you’re supposed to wear your badge the minute you enter the building.

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