Left or Liberal?

Left or Liberal?

What’s the difference between a liberal
and a leftist? This question stumps most people because they
think liberal and left are essentially the same. But they’re not. In fact, liberalism and leftism have almost
nothing in common. But the left has appropriated the word “liberal”
so effectively almost everyone—liberals, leftists and conservatives—thinks they are
synonymous. But they’re not. Let me offer you six examples: 1. Race: This is probably the most obvious difference
between liberal and left. The liberal position on race has always been
a) the color of a person’s skin is insignificant and b) those who believe race is significant
are racists. Meanwhile, the left believes the very opposite. To the left, it’s the liberal attitude toward
race—it’s unimportant—that is racist. That’s why the University of California
officially lists the statement, “There is only one race, the human race” as racist. And liberals have always been passionately
committed to racial integration, while the left is increasingly committed to racial segregation—such as all-black dormitories and separate black graduations at universities. 2. Capitalism: Liberals have always been pro-capitalism,
because liberals are committed to free enterprise and because they know capitalism is the only
way to lift great numbers of people out of poverty. It is true that liberals want government to
play a bigger role in the economy than conservatives do, but liberals never opposed capitalism, and they were never for socialism. Opposition to capitalism and advocacy of socialism
are left-wing values. 3. Nationalism: Liberals believe in the nation-state, whether
that nation is the United States, Brazil, or France. But because the left divides the world by
class rather than by national identity, the left has always opposed nationalism. So, while liberals have always wanted to protect
American sovereignty and borders, the left is for open borders. When the writers of Superman were liberals,
Superman was a proud American whose very motto was “Truth, justice, and the American way.” But that all changed a few years ago, when
left-wing writers took over the comic strip and had Superman renounce his American citizenship
to be a citizen of the world. The left has contempt for nationalism, seeing
it as the road to fascism. Better that we should all be “citizens of
the world” in a world without borders. 4. View of America: Liberals have always venerated America. Watch American films from the 1930s through
the 1950s and you will be watching overtly patriotic, America-celebrating films—virtually
all produced, directed and acted by liberals. Liberals were quite aware of America’s imperfections,
but they agreed with Abraham Lincoln that America is “the last, best hope of earth.” The left, however, believes the left is the
last, best hope of earth and regards America as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic,
violent, and imperialistic. 5. Free speech: No one has been more committed than American
liberals to the famous statement, “I wholly disapprove of what
you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” But the left is leading the first widespread
suppression of free speech in modern American history—from the universities to the tech
companies that govern the internet to almost every other institution and place of work. Of course, the left claims to only oppose
“hate speech.” But putting aside the fact that the left deems
“hate speech” anything it differs with, protecting what you or I might consider hate
speech is the entire point of free speech. 6. Western civilization: Liberals have always championed and sought
to protect Western civilization. Liberals celebrate the West’s unique moral,
philosophical, artistic, musical and literary achievements, and have taught them at virtually
every university. The most revered liberal in American political
history, President Franklin Roosevelt, often cited the need to protect Western civilization
and even “Christian civilization.” Yet, when President Donald Trump spoke of
the need to protect Western civilization in a speech in Warsaw, the left-wing media, also
known as the mainstream media, denounced him. They argued that Western civilization is no
better than any other and that “Western civilization” is just a euphemism for “white
supremacy.” So, then, if liberalism and leftism are so
different, why don’t liberals oppose the left? In a nutshell, because they have been taught
all their lives to fear the right. But as one of the best-known liberals in America,
Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz, said, “As a liberal, as an American, and
as a Jew, I far more fear the left than the right.” Dear liberals: Conservatives are not your
enemy. The left is. I’m Dennis Prager.

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100 thoughts on “Left or Liberal?

  1. Liberalism – create free men
    Conservatism – create competent men
    Leftism – create dependent men
    Rightism – create similar men
    Feminism – create "men-free" world
    Postmodernism – create confused men
    Socialism – create slave men
    Secularism – create irrational men

  2. All extremists, left or right are dangerous. Unfortunately, they have hijacked both of our parties and now even the moderates bow to kiss their rings.

  3. By applying genuine economic democracy namely Market Segmentation Based Economics Driven By Community Spirit i.e. Social Entrepreneurship and Social Networking and adding to the equation also namely the equally important role of business patronage provided by major banking corporations, would profoundly change the landscape of the debate between the Left versus the Liberal. No more debate between the Left versus the Liberal.

    And… don't seek refuge in Sharia Economics and don't even contemplate on it because Sharia Economics is like command economy during Soviet times in some other country. Sharia Economics finds genuine economic democracy rather somewhat "distasteful" because the Sultan (not the markets) is the first to say what is correct, is the first to impose a rule, and is the first to uphold a decision because as the saying goes: "The Sultan is always right and the Sultan is never wrong, so please be quiet" and "democracy is chaos according to Sharia therefore democracy is a complete hassle", etc…

    Am sorry, sir.

  4. there is also a different between conservative leftist and modern leftist. The East in the 20. century would be ashamed of what the left is now known for and is – absolute lunatic and weak crap.

  5. Not all leftists/ liberals think alike. People believe in different things than other people and vice versa. Same thing with conservatives.

  6. At some point, I think all of YouTube intelligentsia should just pack up and open our own platform that is not censoring Americans or Christians

  7. Sounds more like libertarian vs leftists, the left has taken over the Democrat party. Liberals by this definition might be less disenfranchised with the RNC.

  8. Myron Fagan explained the term Liberal and its implications at the beginning of this 2 &1/2 hour recording made 51 years ago..and even though it was recorded in 1967 it is still the most informative thing i have ever listened to..EVERYONE ON THE PLANET SHOULD HEAR THIS..ESPECIALLY AMERICANS.

  9. Democrats are our fellow Americans who have been captured mentally..their minds have become P.O.W.s of the news educational and entertainment industries.

  10. Right Conservative: Capitalists (private property + legal consequences).
    Right Liberals: LGBT. (private property).

    Left Conservative: Communists.
    (public property ownership + legal consequences).
    Left Liberals: Anarchy.
    (public property ownership).

  11. All leftists are not always socialist! I'm leftist but I'm not Socialist! I'm Social Democrat! And if you think what most of conservatives think, which is "Social Democracy is socialism, people like Bernie is socialist ugh". No. If you try to see the definition of Social Democracy, you'll see it's not the same thing.
    1:16 Completely untrue lol…
    I'm sorry but I want the racial integration and I know no leftists that want the racial segregation… It also depends if you talk about economical liberalism or social liberalism… Because socially, I'm liberal and economically, I'm not since I'm Social Democrat! Not the same things. Also, for the free speech argument, it is completely not true too. We support free speech 100%. And all leftist parties I know support it too. What you're doing is guessing.. Check your facts…
    This channel is just propaganda, what you say isn't even true, your goal is not to learn people but it is to tell them: leftism is bad!
    If you do that, please at least use facts, not your biaised opinion… Otherwise it's propaganda and your videos are propaganda.

  12. I have to laugh for this there was a Bernie Sanders ad talking about $15 dollars an hour he's a hypocrite.
    He couldn't pay his staff 15 without cutting hours.
    He never learns it seems.

  13. Everytime I'm telling people that I'm Right wing but Liberal they mostly yell at me and calling me idiot and that I need to pick a side

  14. As we can see that democratic party is a Leftist party and the not Liberal party. leftism is the exact opposite of what the US is based on that's why its called Left

  15. This is the dumbest argument Dennis Prager makes.  And I am a Prager fan.  The reason it is dumb is that Marx himself says socialism is the pathway to communism.   Liberalsim is to leftism what Kerensky was to Lenin.  The whole point of liberalism is to coax us into communism.  That's it.

  16. The problem is that America really IS imperialistic. It's always at war with about ten different countries; no other country wages war like this. America has over 1,000 overseas bases; the country with the second-most overseas bases is Russia, which has only 4 or 5. The left isn't wrong about everything, although their opposition to free speech and embrace of misandry and anti-white racism is totally unacceptable. Furthermore, capitalism hasn't worked out well for most countries; most countries are shitholes, and practically all countries are capitalist (although Communism is even worse, to be sure). If we could combine the best aspects of liberalism and leftism, we'd have a workable system. When people insist that capitalism is the One True And Only Way to be, I reply: "That's a form of fundamentalism." We need to be free to experiment with different types of systems (although very carefully and cautiously).

  17. The Democratic party it's not what it used to be even 20 yrs ago. It's been hijacked very slowly by the extreme left-wing.

  18. Wrong. Liberals are communists in disguise and they hate capitalism. They are closet communists or at least full blown socialists. Prager is often wrong. He was wrong on Trump and he's wrong on this.

  19. I am from Brazil and in Brazil the liberal term is from the right, the Brazilian liberal would be the equivalent of the libertarian party there in the United States! the american liberal in brazil would be a center left!

  20. I got confused when you called a leftist as liberal, because here in Brazil the liberals are people who belive in capitalism and the individual freedom and the leftist is those who wish a bigger state and if you think different from them you are automatically facist

  21. This is the best and clearest definition between Liberalism-a good thing and Leftism-a bad thing.
    Keep it going Prager U.
    From a proud Englishan.

  22. Defending western civilization is not compatible with the belief in racial equality
    . Believe me please. Because otherwise it will be a no return experience. There will be nothing to defend anymore. Well, true, it’s a way of solving the problem …..

  23. I guess I always had my wires crossed. I apologize to all liberals. It sounds like you guy believe in almost everything that conservative do.

  24. This is a great video and the one I most often share or link in comments that I make. All people in America need to see this and research it to prove to themselves that it is true.

    The liberals in America need to leave the Democrat Party, and if not become Republican, at least be independent and stop voting for Democrats. The left needs to be stopped in America if we want to continue to live under the freedoms and opportunities that America protects.

  25. 1:36– 1:48 That is a great point. The best analogy of which I can think to explain the difference between liberals, leftists and conservatives is this. You are fishing. Conservatives are against the government telling you how to fish and want nothing more than to ensure that who gets what amount of fish is determined by random chance. When the best fisherman in the pond catches a gigantic fish, leftists want the government to cut that fish up and divide it between all of the fisherman so that everyone has exactly the same amount of fish to eat, because they think that some people having more fish than others is the end of the world. In their mind, they would rather no one have any fish than some people have more fish than others. Liberals support a middle ground where the government regulates fishing practice telling you what fishing poles you are allowed to use and where you are allowed to purchase bait, but believe that your fish is your fish because you caught it.

  26. Ótimo vídeo. Maravilha ter legendas em português! Vejo que aqui no Brasil esse desenho está mais bem definido em que o atual governo é conservador, porém com o economista venerado por liberais e com a oposição à esquerda. Porém, vejo aqui a postura nacionalista de conservadores e da esquerda, principalmente na pauta econômica. O primeiro é mais contrário ao livre mercado com países ligados à esquerda, mesmo que isso traga benefícios em valor de consumo para nós, como a china mais especificamente, pois "acaba com nossa indústria". Já a esquerda é contrário ao livre comércio no geral, pois teríamos produtos e empresas estrangeiras "acabando com a soberania nacional". Cada um com seus motivos.
    Na questão de fronteira específica do vídeo, está de acordo com o que ocorre aqui, mesmo assim, acredito que pela pauta principal dos liberais serem a economia e a partir das consequências dela se resolverem problemas sociais e costumes, não têm uma essa proteção fervorosa de imigrantes. Até pq isso está longe de ser um problema, obviamente, por aqui.


  28. The confusion is that the center has shifted, so now classical liberals are conservative, and anyone right of Bernie Sanders might get called a white supremacist Nazi fascist.

  29. I’m a anarchist. Either that or I’m a liberal. The left scares me more then the right to be honest. Don’t get me wrong I don’t care for government but the left are over their heads.

  30. Classical Liberalism is basically surface-level libertarianism (fairly different from conservatism). Classical Liberals believes in loose borders. They are also less patriotic compared to conservatives.

  31. It's not a very bad idea to identify with an ideology, as long as you remember that you don't have to agree with all of its ideas and ideals. You have to allow yourself to recognize that you will agree with, even if very few, some of the ideas of other ideologies and that's absolutely ok. That's actually what's expected of any human being capable of independent and authentic thought.
    I mostly despise the left, but agree with very few points of view they hold. I also agree with many points of view of the right, but mostly with the Liberals' points of view. There's nothing wrong with any of that.
    Nationalism is something that is necessary for now, but eventually, when humans really evolve, will disappear by itself. The ideas of being a "citizen of the world" and having no borders should be a goal for the far future, when we "clean this mess" we're living in.
    Capitalism may be flawed, but it's the best option we have, by far. We will improve it and it will become something else, but that will take time. Communism and socialism are simply oppression, as proven time and again throughout history.
    Western civilization is a jewel and it absolutely has to be protected, specially from some people who want all of its benefits without trying to make an effort to adapt to it. We have no obligation of accepting people like those in our countries, but we do. The least they could do is try to adapt and, most of all, forget that crazy idea of trying to enforce their extremist religious views on our countries. Those exact views are the cause of the problems that became the reason for them to have left their countries.
    I also think that we truly are one race. Scientifically the word "race" is innacurate since we all belong to one species and that's all.
    Lastly, that phrase "America is the last, best hope of earth." is very arrogant and untrue. All the countries have something to offer and that is becoming more obvious as so many countries rise from extreme poverty (not thanks to communism or socialism) and have a chance to contribute.

  32. Very skewed and biased towards a U.S viewpoint, but I’m a liberal and agree with almost 100% of what he said. Very good explanation. I’m more liberal/centrist, unfortunately my federal govt has gone way too far left, but hopefully will be voted out in October 2019!

  33. I’d like to know where this guy gets his information. Leftist don’t support segregation. They support egalitarianism.

  34. Popular speech needs no defense because the temptation to censor is always directed toward people whose views we do not share. It is unpopular speech that needs defending. I sometimss abhor what many have to say, but I reckon they should be allowed to speak if only so that others be given the chance to respond.

    Conservatives ARE NOT THE ENEMY. Prager even invites on his show people who made disgusting accusations at him. People on the far left won't even let you speak if you disagree with them… And they will call him a close minded bigot. Next time you see a leftist, ask them how are things going in Wonderland where up is down and right is wrong.

  35. Less than a minute into the video and Dennis reveals he has no idea what a leftist is. If anything liberals are more likely to emphasize race than leftists who are heavily focused on dramatically changing the economy, almost single mindedly so.

  36. I throw grilling/pool parties almost every weekend at my house, for my friends and co-workers. Anyone bringing a negro to my party, is instantly denied entry, and told to never come back.

  37. neither they are communist and if you go back to the begening you will find that they change name titles like I change shirts or s snake changes its skin progressive is one of their favorites

  38. Thank you for educating me on the difference between the two. I always thought liberal was the same as left until now.

  39. This is what I want. I have wanted this explaination for long time ago. I am not fluent in English and I loved the word 'liberal'. Because 'The Liberty of Statue' is in front of New York and the word 'Liberal' is synonym as 'Freedom' I think. But I have read English text over and over again, The word 'Liberal' is not the term What I think. I want the word 'Liberal' to come back its original position. I am a liberal. I love free speech, free thinking, free market, free world.

  40. So both parties are … very confused!
    Why not just hang on to the democrats , the confused original partie ! 😉

  41. Classical Liberalism is probably one of the most logical ideologies of all time and even as a hard Conservative I agree with a few ideologies of Individualism. HOWEVER, in modern days modern Liberals have taken the Idea of collectivism so far that they have taken the term Liberalism to the left and modern Liberalism has become so non Liberal that if you have a different opinion then you are either: Racist, Sexist, Homophobic or Anti-Semitic.

    Also the one word that can describe the Left’s opinion on free speech: Lenin

  42. Leftism= New World Order They have already infiltrated our universities, they are attacking our political system with anarchy and paralysis, they are systematically breaking down our values and traditions, they are perpetrating toxic and devisive social discourse through media, they are exploiting identity politics to destroy unity and dilute common interests. The next election is about much more than who we elect for president.

  43. Personally, I'm a Leftist (hello comrades). Non of what DP is true. We are all about inclusion, equality, and prosperity.

    But if you disagree with us, we will only give you the smallest ration of food and shelter while telling everyone you a fascist.

  44. A conservative is a person who today saves some food for tomorrow.
    A liberal is a person who today eats everything they wanted to eat today.
    A leftist is a person who yesterday ate everything they were supposed to eat tomorrow.
    A Nazi (or fascist/far-right/alt-right) is a person who ate everything they could and then blamed Jews for not providing enough food.

  45. I have great respect for Dennis Prager. He is right, there are differences between liberals, and leftists, however those differences are COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT because liberals vote for leftists, and leftist policies, almost without exception. Mr Prager likes to extol Alan Dershowitz as a good liberal because Mr. Dershowitz claims he believes the left is more dangerous than the right. My question to Mr. Prager would be, if Mr. Dershowitz believes that the left is more dangerous why has he voted for them in the last three Presidential elections? He voted for Barack Obama, and Hillery Clinton. He voted for leftists and their polices. If one believes that leftists are dangerous why does one support them and vote for them to run the country. The friend (supporter) of my enemy is my enemy.

  46. What confuses me about Americans is that they actually think that the Dems are part of the left. In comparison to the world the Dems are still very much on the right, at most the centre or just over centre-left. Another point is that republicans screech over globalisation yet they'll praise the force of neoliberalism pushed by Reagan and Thatcher.

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