Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos interview with RT International

Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos interview with RT International

for more on the great Greek debt crisis and the new deal let’s bring in Leonidas Chris Anthopoulos a former Greek ambassador joining us now life or NRT international good to see you today sir Athens was forced to make a lot of concessions do you think at the end of the day it’s all worth it it was not worth it I listened to the statements of the heads of state and not once did I hear the word Greek people the decisions that were taken this morning in Brussels were with the without the participation of the Greek people that’s why these decisions are irrelevant because even if they are passed from Parliament they can never be implemented because the Greek people can no longer stand more measures to those that already exist well you bring in the key point in that of the Greek people certainly after their recent no referendum vote what kind of reaction do you think we should expect from those who did vote no in that referendum well I think you should ask the question about those who voted yes even those who voted yes I spoke with some this morning and they feel humiliated by the fact that Greece has been morton’s the price of Greece is 50 billion euros and of course the assets have to stay in increase you cannot move beaches and airports to do luxembourg so what what mr. t para said is a little bit irrelevant also the other dangerous issue that is happening now is that both the government and the Parliament lack democratic legitimacy already discussions are being are being held among certain certain people for creating a provisional government that will and a provisional Parliament from that will undo what has been done now this might create dangerous situations also Prime Minister tsipras is no longer welcome in Greece and tonight we will have big demonstrations against this and I think it is time that the Greek people show their strength to the European heads of states in solidarity with other peoples of Europe who have helped us a lot during these last weeks so you think perhaps the great Prime Minister might be returning to a very upset population when he comes back this evening in Greece you mentioned that the issue of the Parliament there’s a lack of democratic consistency the Greek parliament has to pass legislation to implement these reforms by wednesday already what if it doesn’t it will not I can guarantee that a hundred percent first of all I don’t think physically they can make it but even if they do the laws would not be implemented it is too much it is too late and nothing can be done and this is one of the reasons why the Germans were saying to the Greeks that we don’t trust you it’s not that it that they didn’t trust the Greek government it is that they knew that the Greek people could could no longer take these measures and that it will it is the death of of the Greeks this message nobody would be able to talk to pay taxes plus a movement of civil disobedience is being created in order to protect the Greek people against all these absurd measures that do not reflect the European Union that we entered back in 1981 well certainly you seem to disagree with the great Prime Minister tsipras his promise that Greece will recover you think this new deal is not the road to recovery for Greece no no it it has actually made Greece a a colony of Germany not to say of the European Union Leonidas Chris Anthopoulos a former Greek ambassador joining us live for an RTI international thank you very much indeed for your time today I thank you

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