100 thoughts on “Liberal Democrats set their sights on gun control

  1. Know how many people buy parts or make parts and build their own weapons? Neither do I! There's likely 1 billion privately owned. Good luck authoritarians…..

  2. The voice and the attitude of this show host are both unbearable to listen to. He cannot listen, talks iver everybody, tries to intimidate his guests… what is the point of such a "discussion " – it's like talking to a reeled up irrational child." I am an American, I can buy any gun I can. " Way to solve the issue, just leave it as it is then and pray to God that none of your loved ones will be killed in another mass shootings this week.

  3. I don't know why they would make the effort to repeal the 2nd. It's already worthless. People gave up the right to own a gun when gun owners decided to let the gov control who can have one and who can't. Look how it's grown since then.

  4. The biggest lie from the left is "No body is talking about taking guns". They're absolutely talking about taking the guns from the people. Even gun owners are on board with gun control and taking guns from more groups.

  5. Molon Labe, asshats! You repeal the 2nd Amendment, and the Constitution, and Bill of Rights are DONE! The Democrats want total TYRANNY! Period!!!

  6. You commi bastards are not taking our guns leave our taxes our guns our hot rods and our alcohol alone and we wont have anything more to discuss

  7. They're always lying through their teeth… I can't stand their arguments because it's always some sort of fallacy to support removing our rights and pushing us to a socialist control.

  8. Repealing the second amendment is illegal.
    Any legislation passed to repeal the 2nd amendment would infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms. And thus the 2nd amendment makes such legislation illegal.
    It is a literal catch 22, and I'm 100% certain it was meant to be.

  9. Car license/registration applies only to the use of public paid roads.
    You can use your property (car) in any other location without any such restrictions.
    Federal buildings already restrict carrying firearms without express permission of the government.
    I don't see how the 'car' argument is in any way valid; it is a non sequitor.

  10. In China: real guns are illegal for civilians to have, citizens have their National ID System, the anti-gunners want the National ID System in America.

  11. In order for corrupt politicians to keep power, they must first disarm the citizens ability to defend themselves. This is one of those corrupt politician folks. Oh and I bet he has a few firearms at his home. Fricken Hypocrite!

  12. If you don't understand that you the people having guns makes you a balance of power in this government than you do not belong in this nation.

  13. Democrats are uneducated lunatics hell bent on destroying the second amendment for their own sick agenda…power corrupts!!!

  14. I can answer this very quickly. They want to disarm their political opposition, so they can do things to us they could not do otherwise. It is that simple.

  15. If Republicans are against gun control and Democrats are for gun control…..what is the solution to all the gun violence? Removal of the ammendment? Stricter backgroumd checks? Banning assault weapons? What is the solution? It has come down to that.

  16. When politicians start telling the truth, when no one ever goes hungry, when we have no more violence or need for prisons. Then I will surrender my guns voluntarily.

  17. 1st of all I do own 3 firearms, secondly the real question I have is this, most people who are all nuts over assault style weapons will 1st say how much they love america and its the greatest nation on earth, and in another breath they say they need there AR because of a tyranical govt, and or the criminal element, so how can you have it both ways, 1st you state this country is the greatest but on the other hand you are so scared you need to be armed better then a delta operator in iraq, LOl , so My question is this how can this country be so great if you need to be armed like the road warrior, Lol is that what a great country means to you, Lol , I am not anti gun or hunting as I enjoy both but lets open are eyes to the bigger picture, what is going on here when so many civilians believe they need all this firepower and then ask why, Lol, Fox news knows this country is in full failure and if you were smart you would all become expats because we cannot keep living off other countries loans, we owe so much to foreign countries and guess what folks the loan sharks will be a calling.

  18. The F****n Democrats want to totally disarm Americans because then the government can take total control without opposition. Are they Soo stupid to understand if someone wanted a gun, they could get one, it's called black market guns. Hell one can build a slam fire shotgun from Hardware store off the shelf parts. They DO have background checks. They guy kept referring to having background checks. Check on the revised Agenda 21, and NATO's plans.
    If our guns are gone, they can Implement their plans without opposition. This information is documented and not a conspiracy theory. Look at all the countries that hate America. If we ever get invaded, like the movie RedDawn, the military and Cops can't be everywhere to protect each citizen.
    It will be left to each of us to protect our families. Look at all the Quran loving groups that have bought the property in remote areas of the US and set up private camps that even some local police will not enter. They believe in Sharia law and what's to keep them from amassing and then attacking from within. Think about it. We need to stand strong, put the left and Demo-Rats in their place, defend our Constitution and as President Trump says" make America great again"

  19. Car makers were forced to make there cars safe to many people were being killed by there product. No one was buying cars. It effected there stock holders profit. Not to mention all the pay offs, bribes, lawsuits. They didn't do it cause they care for the children. It was for the money and the lack of money. Do your history homework.

  20. Thry keep saying the US is the Only country with with so much gun violence and the most lax gun laws.
    Well, the US is ALSO, the Only country that has Millions of Immigrants from all over the World! Continuously fighting Illegal Immigration as well as all the other illegal trafficking across our borders.
    Hummm, anyone see a correlation??

  21. Goodstein: "90% plus approve of background checks". Yeah, but what the Democrats mean by background checks is different from what the 90% of the people mean by background checks. There is a big difference there. Then he says "we're taking it step-by-step" – what that means is they are trying to take your guns step-by-step. After his first home invasion his mind will be changed forever.

  22. What we need is red flag laws for politicians who don't protect the Constitution as they swore to, those who would do that don't deserve their office-

  23. And who they expect to disarm the public the police they want to see a lot of dead police doesn't make a bit of sense nobody in their right mind going to give up their guns it's our right to have them

  24. Attacking our 2nd ammendment is a very bad idea. The ENTIRE US Military & every police officer, CIA Agent, FBI, Homeland Agent, Border Patrol, swore an oath to defend the constitution. Hopefully their oath, their word, means something to them.

  25. Lol looks like the democrats wanna increase gun sales in America again. Democraps you are never gonna beat obamas record. Obama was the number1 firearms salesman in the country. The NRA should have made him an honorary member for it 🇺🇸

  26. And what about those who have criminal records, are mentally unstable or such? Are they still allowed to buy guns? If they are, then I don't have any hope for you Americans…

  27. You guys are so nonchalant about being ran by a in your face tyrannical government who uses the vipers in the media to help bring you to your knees

  28. Criminals won't follow laws????

    Good point, lets get rid of all the laws criminals won't follow! 😂

  29. You are less likely to oppress a society if they are armed. Gun Control advocates need to understand that they are not as intelligent as those who founded this nation and our Constitution.

  30. Kamala, how can I thank you enough for having accomplished what no single gun owner could have, not even the NRA! Thank you for letting us, supporters of the Second Amendment, know exactly where you stand, you have been a true blessing. Now we just have to send them this video to other law abiding gun owners (there are millions) and let them hear straight from Kamala's mouth! Is this another NRA scare tactic telling us that the Democrats want to take our guns? No, is true, Just listen to Kamala! I do give her credit for being honest, something that the Fake News Media is not, but I, one would have to be crazy, an idiot AND perhaps have developed a love for the Ganja Kamala learned to appreciate since her teens and now wants to legalize (along with prostitution by the way). The last I checked, your campaign wasn't doing too well. Too bad to see you go down so fast, we had hoped, you and "Spartacus" would have lasted a little longer, quite frankly! Indeed you have been of tremendous help, again THANK YOU!

  31. When it comes to guns, I think they have their pros and cons, but they are dangerous in many ways. Murders happen almost all the time, and I think most of them are caused by guns. Guns should be controlled and should not be given to the wrong hands.

  32. Why not question the real threat which is big pharma? These people are all on antipsychotic drugs or anti depression/anxiety meds. Stop blaming the gun which is a tool. You gonna van hammers if ppl start getting bashed with them lol

  33. It is now proposed that a new law shall be passed that orders :  all registered democrats (liberal/left wing/socialist-communist) cannot-shall not possess firearms and/or other weapons. 
    The net result will be a near-total stop of all violent shootings (schools and workplace) because, historically, those shootings have more than typically been committed by democrat-left-winging-wacko's anyhow.
    The soon-to-be disarmed democrat politicians should be most compliant in this matter… even insofar as disbanding their well armed personal security tactical teams.
    They should have NO objections, no complaints
    … or will they?

  34. There's a bleeding heart on The Mysteries and Scandals story about Jon Erik Hexum's tragic "suicide" who hates guns. Her name is Laura Peace Stafford. Well she's actually in the comment section.

  35. Liberal democrat anti gun liberals are the reason we are armed. Like the movie 300, I quote king leonardas. COME AND GET THEM!!

  36. Funny how they call it "Gun Control" when really what they mean is simply take away your right to own a fire arm, Soon people only the So called people in media or government will be the only one to have a fire arm The government will be completely in control.

  37. Trump is Nothing but a con man!! he said regulating anything to do with guns is over!!! within two years in office he banned bump stocks. You get caught with one it's a felony you lose everything.. Obama was in for 8 years never touch anything…. I guess that's how A good con man works.. starts out with bump stocks and continues from there !!! 4 more years2020. Maga. lose everything..

  38. All of you NRA idiots should be happy to know that your money went to pay for the CEO of the NRA Wayne LaPierre , to spend $275,000 on clothes in Beverly hills, $253,000 on first class trips to Italy, Budapest, the Bahamas and $13,800 to rent an apartment for 3 months, for his "assistant", Do you travel First class around the world? Do you stay in 5 star hotels? Do you spend $275,000 on clothes in Beverly hills? Keep sending in your hard earned $35.00 so others can live like kings, on your money, DUMBASS!

  39. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Try to take my guns and i will take your life..i dont care who you are.

  40. 1,000,000%
    1776 will happen in modern times if bidens elected there is going to be alot of fellow Patriots that arent going to stand for the constitution tampering

  41. I don't support liberal gun control laws…its not the guns that are the problem, its the people…. I will take the argument even further, the constitution allows citizens to bare arms and this should include tanks, anti aircraft guns, dynamite, and atom bombs… Lawmakers should focus their efforts on curbing mental illness and loosening arms regulation….and Tucker is a far left wing liberal hack!

  42. tucker needs his head examined …..he needs a riffle that shoots that many rounds in a minute to defend himself against who….the guy who he wants to be able to buy that same gun that's who….america looking more like the Iraq I saw on tv in the early 90's with everyone carrying in the streets


  44. Gun owners stop being reclusive! Stop being grouchy! Share your love of guns with your friends children neighbors! Or we will eventually lose if we aren’t passing these skills down to our people

  45. George Mason, co-author of the 2nd amendment:
    "I ask who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people"
    "To disarm the people, that is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."

  46. I will vote for the next candidate that supports the NRA plain and simple… California has made it so difficult to buy ammo to law abiding citizens… I am all for taking away guns from violent criminals and people who are mentally incapable of maintaining there composure with one in hand but the rest of the population should not have to suffer

  47. I want to know why, people would stand by and allow this to happen. The constitution is the law of our land. If you let somebody over rule it. That's illegal and the beginning of your downfall.

  48. Stop generalizing! I'm a CA progressive lib & a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Not all of us support gun bans. These vids r counterproductive to the gun rights cause bc ur just shutting out fellow Americans who support the same causes & who would be proud to fight for those gun rights alongside u, based on our political beliefs. I support the right to bear arms & am a progressive in CA but why would I support grps that spit in my face bc of who I vote for? That's some Antifa behavior. Fox & CNN are making billions by dividing us Americans based on partisan politics bc it's an easy buck. They don't care about the American ppl or the truth just ratings.

  49. Ok even if you disarm the population, people still get these illegal weaponry from black markets, the dark web, and out of other countries. There is no way you can stop these threats from happening. And people don't look at how many lives guns have saved.

  50. Democrats are trying to take away the second Amendment

    And guns aren’t dangerous, it all depends on the person with their finger on the trigger

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