LibertyFest  Q and A!

LibertyFest Q and A!

Hi you guys I hope you’re all well so
I’m actually away at the moment in lovely New Zealand doing a charity gig
which is an awful lot of fun so what I have for you today is a Q&A that I did
as part of a speech last year at the Liberty fest conference now there may
have been a few things one in particular during this Q&A that may have got me
into a little bit of trouble with Australian left-wing Twitter and it may
have got some media attention that are quite fun and you’ll probably hear them
because of all the laughter that ensued afterwards but I will leave that to you
to decide if you would like to have a watch if you want to keep up with what
I’m doing in New Zealand then please click on my Instagram link it is in the
description give me a photo you’ll see all of my happenings lots of love to you
all and I will be back to regularly scheduled content next week that
unattractiveness well well interestingly enough and I
just made a video on this actually it’s on my youtube channel there have been a
number of studies that show that conservatives people who are on the
right tend to be more attractive than people on the left but no it’s it’s
there have been I can cite you three of them I was reading about it there’s one
two and twenty seventeen ones from the Journal of public economics the others
from politics and the life science journal and the other one is from UCLA
in 2012 which was specifically about left and right when women and bear in
mind that all of these studies are conducted by very very left-wing people
from academia the conclusion that they gained to came to when they analyzed it
of the different looks in that men and women particularly women from the left
on the right is that right-wing people are more attractive because more
attractive people make more money which is true and therefore because right with
people make more money there they have comparatively easier lives and therefore
have what they call an ethical blind spot so are less likely to oppose
unfairness or in poorer in favor of redistributed compassionate policies
like I kid you not that was the conclusion that the to 2017 studies came
to and the 2012 one which is specifically about women said that women
who voted Republican tended to look for more feminine because the images and
values displayed by the two parties were though in the Republican Party who came
to traditional gender roles and how how women felt like they had to be pretty
but the Democrats were progressive and anti traditional gender roles and you
can guess what they what they said um so they’re actually there actually is a lot
of evidence than to suggest that but I what I would say though about
studies is that the reason the lefty researchers came to those conclusions
was because they’re just annoyed that their side is the ugly side of politics
they’re like oh we’ll find them that’s because you’re evil that’s why you’re
prettier than if that’s really who they can’t do I think the reason that people
on the right on average more attractive is because we’re more confident
particularly the women and much more have a much more grounded sense of self
and not afraid to let men be men and women be women and if you have a really
great sense of just self-satisfaction and you’re not feeling like you’re
constantly struggling and you’re happy to acknowledge the differences between
people well of course you’re going to have a nicer personality because you’re
going to be happier aside from anything else so I’m I have both look I was
blocked by a feminist this morning from The Guardian before 10:00 a.m. okay
that’s my Saturday morning for you and the reason for that was because she made
a crack about what I look like on TV and I said oh that’s very interesting I
thought you weren’t supposed to comment on what women look like when they’re
expressing an opinion or does that only apply to women you agree with it she
bugged me because she knew what she knew I was right so I think there really is a
that’s the amount of feminists that equates unattractive personalities to
you know not always but usually unattractive looks it’s a confidence
issue and it’s a lack of kind of self groundedness and self-satisfaction so
it’s interesting point to note recent visit to japan and we argued out this
white male and the pretty tweet and which is a very small part of the world
population when you think of China Japan yeah there have these amazing societies
with privileged education and they have this equivalent privilege on whatever
basis you define it yet nobody ever talks about you know how wonderful the
Chinese invasion ratios are sometimes as poor white guys get settled with the
whole world masculinity problems it’s it’s an
interesting thing to discuss because the last time I checked I’m just saying the
highest earners in the u.s. Society at Asian men not white men that Asian men
and that’s a and he’s if you think about you know immigrants from from Asian from
China and stuff they culturally have an extraordinary work ethic like an
absolutely extraordinary 5% I was reading about it of selective schools
populated by um children of Asian immigrants almost because they work and
they work remember Asian kids at school with me they’d studied for 10 hours a
day and have no social life they have this extraordinary work ethic and they
bring that that’s what’s great they bring that and all their skills to the
Western countries they immigrate you so of course they’re going to be the
highest earners because they work the hardest you know and that they bring
they very very clever and they they make a point of integrating as well and they
bring their the best parts of their culture um so of course they’re going to
do that but as I was saying in in my speech the reason is straight white men
that Copple the flack is just because it’s very useful scapegoat that’s
oolitic and I came to the conclusion the other day that the modern left still
thinks we’re in the 90s they still think that you know white men you know the
absolute most advantageous people ever and that was still kind of fighting
against the Christian rock they have this thing on about Christians I’m gonna
know if you saw on tonight a little while ago that that parody has
got Morrison’s Pentecostalism though Pentecostalism about refugees they
started singing it if Jesus is with Jesus but nothing Jesus to Patong but
they think that that kind of stuff is really itchy when it’s not it’s really
boring like the most banal easy thing you can do nowadays is to bash
Christians and straight white men sir but I was because they think which one
he is in the past so they still think in
answer you know to your statement that white men are the relevant scapegoat
then really they’re not we just need to wait for that generation of boomers to
die off a couple of generations to sit through with but most of Generation X
the Millennials of the worst absolute worst of the Millennials who are about
to take the reigns of the free world which to me is a great concern but
generations it I here which is you know teenagers nowadays are projected to be
the most conservative generation since the second world war because the nature
of teenagers is to rebel so they see their Generation X parents and their
millennial brothers and sisters raging about microaggressions and all that
means so I no I don’t think so and because they have access to so much
information and you’d like YouTube Shapiro and my love and all of that um
they can just debunk these things for themselves but we’ve got probably about
thirty years of fight before we actually get to that point unfortunately

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90 thoughts on “LibertyFest Q and A!

  1. Yay a new Daisy Cousens video. I hope everything goes well with you here in New Zealand despite the latest craziness and massive virtue-signaling in reaction to the Christchurch shooting.

  2. What a surprise. I live in New Zealand and saw nothing that revealed you were coming – let alone were here. Thats New Zealand media I guess.

  3. Why anyone who is not a leftist is still on Twitter, Facebook and now that I think of it, YouTube, is beyond me. I got rid of two out of three. I guess I need to have a talk with myself about dumping YouTube

  4. Us Gen Z’ers are already getting into the work force, the oldest are about 22, 23. I saw a very interesting article saying they’ll easily overtake the useless millennial in the work place because they are so much more grounded, entrepreneurial-minded (this is well proven), and grew up using more relevant skills for today’s world. Think of all the Gen Z’ers who grew up coding for example. I for one did a lot of computer aided design (CAD) in high school and continued it in college. A millennial ten years older than me probably had no experience using such, neither would they probably feel the need to or be able to utilize it like we do unless they went back to school perhaps.
    My theory is that Gen Z will be able to kick millennials out of positions of power and silence their say with success. It’ll be so interesting, like a generation of younger folk taking care of an older generation. Sometimes I think Millennials (more of the older ones) are just so incompetent; what failures they are, I want to laugh but I know a lot of it is just timing.

  5. It's so sad that even though you're just saying true statements, that it sounds like you're attacking a group of people. They're so shity that when you simply describe the reality of their actions and beliefs and where that may stem from Etc, it's THAT ugly. And, they're THAT ugly, inside and out. You simply say true statements and it's all negative, all true. Actually pretty sad that there's so many retarded people out there that need a hug but whom also are the biggest detriment to our world. They're like retarded chimpanzees out of control. You don't want to shoot them because they're cute and you know they're just too dumb to know that they're destroying everything. However, at some point somebody's got to tranquilize them or we all die

  6. Generation Z makes me think of one of the Goth kids in the dance competition episode of South Park. Three of the goth kids refused to join Stan's dance group because they were "non conformists". One of the goth kids then said to the other three "I'm such a non conformist I'm not gonna conform to any of you". He then joins Stan's dance group. That's what many today's teens have been doing in the best possible way.

  7. I got a bunch of femenists triggered on Twitter today because I noticed that most girls play a sertain video game character.

  8. First pick chooses the best. Genetics is a self-reinforcing system. Good looks, being tall and intelligent correlate. It is not the end all be all of success or happiness though.
    It would be more skewed if their children didn't slack off when they have it too easy. 70% of millionaires lose the fortune by the second generation.
    99% of big lottery winners end up in debt, proving money does not make you rich. Having control of yourself and not blaming others do, if you have the capacity to succeed.

  9. Is that old man crazy? Bout half way through.
    1. Japanese and Korean culture IS white culture, learn your history old man. Japan just happened to be shut off from the world for 400 years until huwhite Americans showed them how much more advanced technology had become and the emperor started a civil war with the samurai, and completely embraced huwhite culture
    2. Chinese culture? The communist one? The communist culture founded by white men? That culture? That white culture?

  10. you should add subtitles for some of the questioners
    I can get a loose idea what they might've asked based on your answers…

  11. Go meet with the nz Prime Minister, get some tips then run for office here, amazing the difference in presentation you and Julia Gillard had. If she had of had your confidence and resolve, she might have still been in office, though i doubt she would have had your common sense. When she spat out '
    misogynist ' for the first time, and played the girl card, that's when i knew she was a victim and a puppet on a string.

  12. As usual Daisy is a hundred percent right especially in the female angle females on the right and we're confident and generally happier females on the left I usually blaming everybody else and they're always angry

  13. Yes there is no Yellow Privilege in the world yet they dominate Academia and make tons of money in the West.

  14. I remember a video comparing the Republican women to the democratic women in politics. For the Republican women the song was "She's a Lady" while for the democratic women the song was "Who let the Dogs out".

  15. lefty libtards make themselves look unattractive. they seem to enjoy making themselves look unattractive. I don't know why. Perhaps it is because they are just unhappy people and unhappy people generally look less attractive.

  16. Ms Cousens, have you heard of Dlive? It's a live-streaming service similar to twitch/youtube streaming service. Considering you have some YT demonetization issues, maybe you should check it out. PewDiePie announced that he will stream there exclusively.

  17. I got in trouble with the Anime Alt-Right on twitter: Unattractiveness (chuckles) ^_^ … I think it's a Gene pool for some Right Wing parties, a Conservative means of preserving a vain Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)

  18. Mr Mark Latham wants DNA testing on indigenous peoples to classify fraud, and PHON-EY are totally the voice of the Right but I don't know if it will matter for Latham will just create a new Headline after his Defamation case Osman Faruqi, ….. Miss Daisy the difference with Christians: to Jews and Muslims, is these two focus on the Genes of setting forth a Dynasty on Earth to reign, a Christian will always be a Gentile infidel and preparing for a Dynasty in Heaven "Two ways to Live" <3 <3

  19. Deoxyribonucleic acid, if you see in Dogs we (humanity) breed all types from Wolves or such, to be different some are ugly some are cute to be ugly, 🙂 and if the Conservative was a Wolf then we would not have Shepherds to watch over the sheep 😀

  20. ¿You're in NZ? Keep your Glock close… 😔
    I don't judge message by messenger. I judge message by message.
    Millennials are still young enough to learn; If they don't, their kids will. …Or be in chains. 😔

  21. ie. on a professional note one of your followers spoke of betrayal: comments back in the Conservative debate, my eg. Q and A: in Aus. … Milo Yiannopoulos accuses Jordan Peterson of "betraying" young men? Milo bases his FUEL on basically "friendship" I hate this ideals because as I was working in Redfern and Penrith I once was Loved, and betrayed by friends, Milo does not really speak from the Heart of a Patriot or concerned about Equality for his fellow man: I think now as a Freemason I know that humanity is really deceptive, and it's better to be opponents then friends, I respect you above all Conservative ideals for I know our Home Australia is a diverse place, and now your international career is blossoming I hope you make a Garden of Enchantment of in a time of SJW weeds, have a nice day in Aotearoa/New Zealand enjoy the Pineapple Lumps sincerely missing you Miss Cousens, you are the Primrose in a Aussie outback <3 <3 🙂

  22. I don't do Instamigrain, Farcebux or Twits-r-us…I would be happy to throw a couple of bux at a wix-style easy edit webpage thingy that you could update through your minion!

  23. I wonder if we'll ever see a time when heterosexual Asian men are demonised in the West because of their success. Isn't that the only reason heterosexual white men (everywhere, not just in the West) are demonised now? Now that I think of it, are heterosexual Asian men demonised in Asia? Or are they praised?

  24. I hope you're doing well over there. Since this video started on the topic of looks, I just want to say that your dress and manner of speaking brings to mind a Victorian era lady.

  25. (/^y^) I'll send you a puppy cuddle Miss Cousens <3 take care over there, beware of the Alt-Right <3 <3 platonic Love Shaun

  26. Dammit, I've been a fan for a while now, but this is just wrong. No one is more attractive than anyone else, period. We are all equal and magnificent DIVINE creations and it's just arrogant when people try and define physical attractiveness. Really disappointed.

  27. I had to click on this mostly because I wanted to see a smart pretty woman. Thanks for your information and awesome videos.

  28. 30 years of fight, 30! Hopefully we get our act together well before then because its been absolute madness for most of the twenty-teens.

  29. You're such a adorably charming, straight forward lady that it's hard to wrap my head around that you have haters. I'm pretty sure that these are the same people who'd thumbs down puppies and rainbows and if questioned why, if capable of honesty, they'd say "they cause happiness. I can't stand that!"

  30. I’m a member of Gen Z thank god. I’ll hate to be a millennial, “the scum of the Earth” my brother called them and he’s a millennial which shows just how bad they are.

  31. Some texting so we can catch the questions would be nice, if you're set on doing more of these 🙂 Lovely QnA, but hard to hear the questions.

  32. Does anyone elses liked video .whrn as soon as you hit the like. Scroll down then scroll back up its clicked back off ???

  33. Daisy, I've got a huge crush on you. Probably because you remind me of a sassy Southern "bell" with a razor sharp wit and the balls to say it like it is.

    Keep doing the good Lord's work and spread the truth. You're a very brave and beautiful woman. Wish I could find one like you here in Colorado. Sadly, most of the women here are spoiled liberal garbage.

  34. What makes people attractive is not just their physical appearance it's how they carry themselves because of their self-esteem so if you're always worried and causing trouble generally your tears purple or green what's a piercing your slumpy and you're the mentality of I do what I want it also be interpreted as weird

  35. I agree that conservative people are generally better looking. I attribute it to confidence in who they are and being more relaxed. They're not as reactionary as those riding the "OMG! What does/will everyone think of me" train.
    Stress affects more than your health, it makes you ugly.

  36. As usual top quality daisy it always makes me feel better when these leftists & feminists get put in there place they are the ones that keep alot of the hatred stirred up between alot of cultures & races especially the way they have encouraged the world to target blame toward white middle aged males for all the world's problems your profound as always

  37. I think at one time i would say great looking people, probably even on both sides. Aka; there many groups on both sides. Now with the new age feminists men/woman covered in tattoos piercings and multi colored hair and many of them are way over weight.

  38. Being a man in my seniour years todays conversation and beliefs in my day wouldn’t have dared to stand up and admit what they believe
    They would have been hounded down and locked up
    Honestly more than 2 genders safe schools and all the other rubbish
    I mean they speak it as it is the truth and you can’t deny it
    It’s ludicrous and what makes matters worse is that they are a minority but believe they speak for everyone

  39. Of course conservative women tend to be more attractive, but the cause-effect relationship is the other way around: attractive women tend to be conservative. Feminism (and other variations of cultural Marxism) exists to give unattractive and untalented women access to power and resources that they cannot attain on their own. Attractive and/or talented women (lookin' at you, Daisy) can take care of themselves without joining,and being dependent on or beholden to, a "collective bargaining" group or the power of the State.

  40. Daisy i adore you and I'm a big fan! I have an idea for a video. Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. Do you suspect that she managed to fool so many (mainly leftist) people because she was a woman? And in their rush to promote women and push women they were blinded and blinkered? She is a fraud and it's a big story.

  41. Such a wonderful intellectual beautiful lady of quality.. The next generation could do well to learn from her.

  42. Daisy, I took a look again at your 2018 video of you confronting Clementine Ford on ABC2 the previous year.  Here's basically what I saw: a standoff between a "womanly" mature adult trying to talk to a "childish" 9 year old brat; an adolescent mean girl whose brain has not yet reached maturity where logic and self- reflection are the Hallmark of an adult who has grown out of it's socially blind narcism common to childhood and it's fits of temper.  Your video showed it perfectly.  It goes like something like this:

    Cousens (Mature woman):  "Okay.  So what's your argument?  What is it that I've got wrong?  Let's hear it!'

    Ford (Little Mean girl): "I don't have to because I don't LIKE you; and that's my only focus. Umph."
    Let's put that idiotic reply through a translator for 9 years olds: 
    "My name is is Clementine, and I don't have to explain anything to a big poo-poo head if I don't want to, and since you're a big poo-poo head I can call you anything I want.  So there, thhhbbbbb."

    The point being that the Left absolutely NEEDS underdeveloped brains like Ford's along with their adolsecent personalities hiding in a woman body.  It's they only thing that stops reason and goodness from exposing their corruption and power mongering.  That's why she has been artfully placed, where she is, by "the dodger".

  43. It's funny that, years ago, I started calling Democrats the #partyofugly and now my observation is being confirmed. lol

  44. I am guessing it is your free thinking and being able to hit the "Nail on the Head" without feeling guilty!

  45. All non leftist women just happen to be beautiful. The left looks like short, purple haired, unshaven, unwashed swamp donkeys.

  46. I am considered a milenial i think (92 born kid), BUT i couldn't be further from the retardation some of the loudest people display. Could be that i was born in Eastern Europe so i have more sane look at reality.

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