Lineup Of Democrats For First 2020 Debates Announced | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Lineup Of Democrats For First 2020 Debates Announced | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Lineup Of Democrats For First 2020 Debates Announced | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Nothing makes me happier than the fact that Bernie and Biden will be on stage together. I was worried MSNBC was going to rig the process again to try and bury Sanders where Warren seemingly ended up. Guess this goes to show it really was at least reasonably fair and based on luck.

  2. *me seeing trump: "Maybe we need a change in 2020"
    *me seeing these spineless weak lineups of mediocre candidates: "TRUMP 2020"


  3. I dont care which one of you win, just win get that corrupt moron out of the w.h. and let him take his corrupt administration with the no balls Republicans need to go one by one LETS DO THIS.

  4. Say no to career politicians! They're in it all for themselves, not for the people. American people should not trust literally any career politician who is running for president. They are all corrupted in different ways various degrees with the interwined special interest! With Bernie being a rare exception i should say. YangGang will prevail! Andrew yang for real Americans! Please visit yang2020. Com to learn more about over 100 policies and proposals Andrew Yang had articulated.

  5. It wouldent matter if you had 120 , Trump will stomp on every single one of them lmfao including Madam psyber hack that will jump in at the last minute to save the day hahahaha this will be so hillarious better then 2016, GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP

  6. This great but if you are a person that's concern about EVERYTHING that is going on in the White House and All .. our allies and the Environment in the WHOLE WORLD AND CARING FOR OTHERS THAT'S IN TROUBLE . WE NEED THE PEOPLE THAT'S NO NONSENSE.

  7. Advice from Europe.

    You guys should vote for Bernie. It's crazy that the US doesn't have free healthcare and free education. All countries in Europe have free healthcare, while most have either have free education or very small annual fee depending on the household income. But I guess for you guys capitalism is the only way to govern a country.

  8. ## The Song "Bring In The CLOWNS " ,There Here And Having " A Talk Fest " On How Their Going To Destroy America. !!

  9. Where's HRC gonna be? Oh, she's working the curtains.
    Instructions to participants: Please arrive 2 hours early to take your IQ test.

  10. Titanic seating arrangement. Painful to watch the insanity. Propped up by fem dem press.All aboard! Cmon sheople..bamboozled, hornswaggled, played with, sold out, beaten down, drink the koolaid. Drink up!

  11. I heard Maddow is hosting this? This conspiracy theorist should be a great concern for any politician in any debate.

  12. Whoa, how exciting! Who’ll break out? Who’ll drop out? MSNBC team really nailing this story! I’m psyched! Wow!

  13. Not a word about the Hong Kong protests! Do you know that yesterday's protest combined Father's Day to become a family event which saw nearly 2 million participants. And that show of unity against China's regime's extradition bill got it cancelled, along with an apology from Beijing installed Carrie Lam. I just unsubscribed from CNN. And you're because of ignoring this most important even, along with your friendship with Billy "Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq" Kristol. Raw Story is next. Hong Kong Free Press, of course did an excellent job, as well as China Uncensored despite their videos being demonetized by Beijing-friendly or intimidated YouTube, which I suspect CNN & the others I mentioned seem to also be. The Global Times & IFEX and other news agencies that focus on human rights & freedom of the press issues also had excellent articles throughout the demonstrations. I will no longer be following you on Twitter.

  14. Polls are fake news. The DNC will do everything to try to get Biden out there. Don't believe these MSM fake News. Biden is the Next Trump.

  15. pray for a Hijacked fully fueled cargo plane straight in to that event… what a glorious dream that would be…

  16. Noob question but: Can someone please explain if the voting for US president takes place in Nov/Dec 2019, why are there democratic debates scheduled in 2020 (as per: If the potential inaugration date of a new president is in January 2020, then what are the debates after this for?

  17. Isn’t this hack the same moron that said Hillary would win by a landslide with his fake electoral college biased predictions? How does this phony still have a job? Oh wait it’s MSNBC the queen of fake news.

  18. The first question is how many of you Democrats took money from Russian sponsered lobbyists? The second question is how many of you Democrats have taken money from China sponsered lobbyists? Ask Biden how he got China to invest 1.5 billion dollars in his sons and John Kerry's sons Company? These are the questions that must be asked by America not the softball types that Rhule has been paid to ask.

  19. They should talk about candidates who don't get much TV time instead of talking about all the usual ones typical media

  20. Doesn't matter which Democrat debates each other? They're All a big Joke, just like the Fake polls!! God Bless President Trump!!😇 Trump Again 2020!!❤🇵🇾

  21. The theme of the President message to me is simple .Here is a man that leaves the confines of his Trump tower and begin to fight for America for there is no question the country was loosing on different levels.

  22. This arrangement sends the wrong signal to the world and other dims ??
    Its a strategy of fear – deep fear ??
    I'll bet that the DNC / MSM has told the other candidate to go easy on JOE ???
    Bernie will be ignored again
    How much more can Bernie take ???
    The dims have been playing Bernie and he still dont get it ???
    Are jews that dumb or is it just Bernie ???


  24. Joe Biden is the only person in the 2020 Presidential race who actually gets what’s really at stake and how critical the upcoming election really is, if you ask me. The rest of you with maybe the exception of one, that being Mayor Pete, as he seems like a genuine person, reasonable and fair, who just wants to bring some good changes to the White House. The rest of you, forget about it. You are all so worried that you will not become the next President of the US that you’re getting in your own way, in your opponent’s way and basically willing to risk sabotaging the Democratic from winning, period. And to boot, what you’re really doing is helping and aiding Trump and the Republicans into another win in 2020. How stupid is that.

    How you all going to feel come November 4, 2020, when you wake up and realize Trump won again, another long 4 years of him? Think about it and let that date sync into all of your heads, think about how you all will feel knowing that you help that person win, by acting so foolish, and so childish, school yard kids. Lead yourselves accordingly and pay better attention to winning and beating trump. You are all behaving no better in some ways than the very reason you were all so, upset, as to why you are running in the first place.

    The 2020 election race is against one person, do that and then you can make all of the good wonderful powerful changes that you are all capable of doing. Joe Biden is not your enemy in this race, give that crap up.

  25. Kewl … get to watch the qualified contenders for the Democrat 2020 Clown Car take the stage. Will the FREE this FREE that for social parasites side win.. or perhaps the Communist-leaning-Socialists bowel movement? … Then again it could be the unfettered Abortion of newly born children that takes the top spot … Then again maybe it's the Open Borders and 200 Million new low-skilled ignorant Immigrant movement. .. And naturally the Terror-appeasement crowd and Hitleresque Gun Control proponents will have their say as well. Stocking up on popcorn and beer .. this is gonna be too funny to watch this parade of LOSERS go at it !

  26. For all the Yangonians out here… the kid can be a contributing member under Bernie's presidency… 'coz you don't put the cart before the horse.

  27. The Democrats will say this and that but will be all lies to just get your vote. They have plans to get your vote.

  28. A LOT of these comments are about either Tulsi or Yang. And my comment isn’t any different. Yang/Tulsi 2020. Shes the yang to his yin. She’s strong where he is weak, and he is strong where she is weak. Plus Yang wants to make sure he has a woman as his VP if he wins and I’m sure he’d be equally as fine with being VP to Tulsi if she wins.

  29. Why even have this debate Trump is just going to stop them all none of these fools have a chance against Trump

  30. The only person who really understands ALL for working class americans (Left, right or center) is Andrew Yang.

  31. Phuck em all wake up my peeps they all fake and offer free shyt for votes and wat that does is keep us dependent on these demorats for our survival. We suffer when there's is little government money and in turn drags us into poverty because we became helpless. Stand up and vote for none of the above or Trump in 2020 MAGA.

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