M1 Garand Firearm Maintenance: Part 1 Disassembly

M1 Garand Firearm Maintenance: Part 1 Disassembly

Continuing with our M1A Maintenance series
in this final Video we’ll be covering Reassembly We’ll start by inserting the bolt Rear end
first into the top of the Receiver It goes in at an angle the same Way it came
out and sometimes it Takes a bit of maneuvering to get It to slide into place
Once the bolt is in the receiver it Can be moved to its rear most Position
Next to reinstall the op rod start The front end into its guide Beneath the barrel
Then line up the retaining lug at The rear with the disassembly Notch in the side of
the receiver And guide it into the track Make sure the bolt is back far Enough so the
roller can fit into its Recess in the op rod Once in position the op rod Should be free
to slide back and Forth and the bolt should move With it
With the bolt and op rod installed The front of the recoil spring can Be inserted into
the op rod tube With the guide toward the rear And the small pointed part of the Guide
pointed upward Pull the locking connector out to Make room
for the guide and Then compress the guide and Spring until the rear of the guide Can
be lowered into the slot in The receiver Once it’s in place pull it slightly Toward
the front until the locking Connector can be pushed back in To lock it in place
Now the barrel and receiver Group are ready to put back into The stock
To do so place the front of the Stock under the lip of the barrel Band to secure the front
and then Ease the action into the rear of The stock until it’s fully seated
Next turn the gun around and Lower the trigger group into the Stock while taking care to
line up The guides on each side at the Front with the corresponding Grooves in the receiver
The trigger group should slide Straight down and rest on the Stock if it’s lined up correctly
Then All that remains is to press down On the trigger guard until it snaps In at the
rear locking the assembly Into place At this point the gun is fully Assembled
Cycle the action and make sure Everything operates normally and That the safety is working
Properly Then give the whole gun a final Wipe down
and the job is done By following these simple tips You’ll be able
to quickly and easily Maintain your M1A and M14
Thanks for watching and be sure To visit Brownells.com today for More how-to articles and videos
Along with all the firearms Accessories and tools

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38 thoughts on “M1 Garand Firearm Maintenance: Part 1 Disassembly

  1. Another very good presentation on the disassembly of the M1 Garand. Goes by quite fast and some details are unclear, but it is very helpful. Recommend this in combination with the series of videos presented by Iamjackofalltrades.com.

  2. Brownells' Firearm Maintenance Series
    As part of Brownells' Firearm Maintenance Series, in this video, one of our gunsmiths goes through step-by-step how to properly disassemble the M1 Garand. Be sure to check out our subsequent videos on how-to clean, lubricate and reassemble an M1 Garand. #Brownells #M1Garand #Gunsmithing  

  3. My M1 Garand does not have that trigger latch to remove the trigger assembly from the stock. It's just an empty part, maybe it once was? How do I remove the the trigger assembly when I don't have a latch? Could it be possible that since mine is a later H&R Model it won't have a latch?

  4. The M1 Garand's I saw at the gun show were fine weapons and they have a lot of history. The price is also up there as well. I wanted one but after seeing the take down videos, No Thank You I will pass on this rifle.

  5. In the East Mojave Desert we could make an empty paint can dance at 200 yards with open sights what the M1 Garand

  6. I need some help. My M1 will not let me pull back the bolt. As in when I go to pull back the action the bolt will not rotate. I thought it was ceased so I lubricated it very well and it still won't pull back or rotate. please help me

  7. Dear Brownell's:
    Yes, the M14/M1A is an "improved M1 Garand" and is similar, but to title this video "M1 Garand Firearm Maintenance" is just plain ignorance. I thought it was a typo at first, but after 3 years of its posting date, without any editing to the title yet, is just ignorance.
    This is an M1A, NOT an M1 Garand, as others have pointed out.

  8. Thankfully, I don't neen nobody to tell me how to maintain the U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30 M-1.
    WHAT exactly, is an M-1 Garand?
    Never heard of it.

  9. 4:38 video for me turns into an hour long session because none of my parts come out as easy as in the video. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  10. Use a round (.30-06) to move the trigger to the rear. All you need to tear down an M1 is a .30-06 round. Never tap on the front sight to remove the gas cylinder. You should tap on the bayonet lug. You obviously don't know crap about an M1. USMC '69 – '73; Vietnam '71 – '72.

  11. Uhh at 0:45 isn't that an M1A,the civilian version of the M14?
    I was taught to remove the action from the stock by holding the receiver and slapping down on the pistol grip of the stock to break it loose.

  12. Trying to disassemble a Garand I just purchased for cleaning and the gas cylinder lock won't budge, any tips on how I could get it loose? Seems the previous owner didn't take care of it and it's lodged in the grooves pretty darn good

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