Major political parties sort out party agendas

Major political parties sort out party agendas

In domestic politics,… the three major political
parties are busy sorting out their internal affairs.
During a meeting Tuesday, leaders of the ruling Saenuri Party apologized for the defeat in
the recent parliamentary election. Floor leader Won Yoo-chul said the party will
take care of the people’s livelihoods by uniting the party.
Over at the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea,… it looks like the race for key positions
is heating up. The party will elect a new floor leader and
vice floor leader in May, and the competition is likely to be between incumbent lawmakers
and newly elected representatives. The minor opposition People’s Party is also
holding a meeting today with the 38 lawmakers elected earlier this month.
They are expected to solidify the party’s vision for a new politics,… and discuss
reforming the party structure and electing parliamentary leaders.

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