Make Him Text You Now: Law of Attraction Guided Meditation

Make Him Text You Now: Law of Attraction Guided Meditation

Hello, my name is Andrea in today’s video
I’m going to show you how you can attract a text message or a phone call
from a specific person so make sure you watch the video. Hello, welcome to my
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I will show you a step-by-step process on how you can manifest a text message
or a phone call from a specific person and I will start by mentioning them
briefly first you need to calm down and relax and get into a state of deep
relaxation think of the person you are wanting to receive the text message or a
phone call from decide what it is actually that you want from this person
then visualize it imagine it believe it own it feel it meditation is also a
great tool to visualize it the final step is to raise your vibration let go
and allow yourself to receive few appreciation because you perceive this
text message thank the universe for this wonderful manifestation by sending out
positive strong positive vibrations to the universe with what you desire you
can manifest a text message or a phone call from a specific person this
technique works for any type of relationships love relationships your
business relationship from people that you have just recently met to people
that you have been knowing for years but you are not in touch with it works with
any type of relationships it could be your ex boyfriend it could be somebody
that you just want to meet maybe you’ve just met him and you you want him to
call you how in other words this works even if this
relationship is not an active relationship now even if you are not
aware you are using the law of attraction in every moment we live in a
universe based on energy we are all energy first and foremost when you
vibrate something the universe is responding to your vibration with a
similar vibration if you vibrate out to the universe that you are happy and
thrilled because you’ve received your text message or the call that you’ve
been waiting for then the universe will respond with the same vibration and so
your manifestation will come faster and faster so if you vibrate that you have
received your text message and you appreciate it that you’ve received it
that you are thrilled about it and you feel it in your body like it already
happened the universe will send you the same
thing if you are sending out your dialing thoughts then you are slowing
down the process because your signal is not so clear
in fact this is what instant manifestation are all about the clearer
your signal is the faster it comes the more doubts you have the slower it comes
the way this technique really works is think about it as much as you need to
think about it so often that you own it that you will leave it that you feel it
in your body like it already happened and I will give you here a helpful tip
when you start this process keep it to yourself don’t go over around and tell
everybody what you’re trying to do keep it to yourself because they will tell
you how impossible it is to manifest a text message or to attract something
like this by only thinking about it telling about it and you will slow down
the process because if I start is believing it so do it
keep it to yourself and trust that it works show yourself that you did this
and it happened show yourself that this is working the majority of people find
it hard to believe something that they don’t see that’s why they are not
manifesting either so the way to accelerate an instant manifestation is
to believe it with no doubt how can you visualize this whole thing
you can do a lot of things you can do anything you want to as long as you
vibrate this signal as clearly as you can and send it out to the universe some
write the name of the person above their mobile phone some draw vortex a spinning
vortex above their phone they are sending to themselves the same message
that they are wanting to receive and then they read it and try to feel it you
can do anything as long as it makes you feel like you already received it the
most important thing is don’t force it don’t effort it
about it be playful about it if you are worrying about it let’s say you don’t
want to agree but still you start to doubt it in some moment of your day then
just repeat this process every day until it manifests if your signal is clear
that you could manifest in hours or equal manifesting days anyway you feel
worried just don’t blame yourself try you know tell yourself that it’s okay
it’s alright don’t blame yourself and just repeat the process as many times as
you want so let’s start to relax I suggest that you lay down in a
comfortable position you can lay down in a bed or just sit if you are comfortable
with it close your eyes try to relax do this meditation when you
are sure you will not be disturbed for five or ten minutes now take a long
breath in hold it for a few seconds and then breathe out take your time to relax like your muscles relax clear your mind the deeper you relax the more effective
it will be now imagine that you are in the same
room with this person with this person you have been thinking about he’s calm and relaxed just like you he is next to the table in his living
room he’s speaking up his phone from the
table imagine him unlocking his phone he’s
searching in his contact lists he stops at your name look at your name and read
it he clicks on your name and then imagine him clicking on a message icon
next to your name he starts typing the message the message you want to receive
word by word read this message slowly two times then visualize him sending
this message to you he clicks on the sand button now it’s
done he did it it’s done feel happy feel accomplished feel
excited about it imagine hearing your phone receiving a
message hear that sound pick up your phone unlock it
and look at the screen notice the new text message you have received watch his name near the text message then click and open it and read it word
by word two times notice how happy you feel as you read
this feel how happy and relief you feel because you’ve received this message
from him you feel satisfied you really did it feel appreciation that the
universe has responded so fast Thank You universe for this powerful manifestation feel it in your body as if it’s already
happened vibrate it and be grateful you can open
your eyes now make sure your phone is charged and expect the message that you
are waiting for don’t think about how or when it will come try to feel good just
repeat the process and make sure that you have a positive expectation when you
think about this and this is it for today thank you for watching my video
let me know in the comments how is this process working out for you have a nice
day goodbye

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41 thoughts on “Make Him Text You Now: Law of Attraction Guided Meditation

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  2. I had misplaced my wallet this morning. I'm in the process of moving, everything is everywhere. Lol. So instead of a text message,I wanted my wallet. While listening to this I used your advice, a minute later I turn my head and see my wallet peaking out of the mess. So cool! Thanks for the video! Have the best day ever and much love😃

  3. I love your videos! ❤️❤️❤️You make things very easy to understand and relate too. You just explain it nice and easy and you have a nice soothing voice.

  4. OMG! I can't believe how many of you have manifested it! Congratulations Creators! Don't forget to come back and tell, I want to know every detail! Let's continue to motivate and inspire each other! Thank you!

  5. i meditated with you 2 times in a row and like 2 minutes after my crush sent me a photo and 3 vocal messagges on whatsapp, tysm bby💗💗💗

  6. ANDREA THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I tried everything but only your video worked!! I got the message in 48 hours!! And you know what??? I got my message at 1:11!! I'm not even kidding! You're the best🥰

  7. IT WORKED YESTERDAY! 😐 now I am trying it again. Omg if it works again, it’s crazy, damn. Lovely voice by the way 🙂 thank youuuuu!!!! ❤️❤️

  8. You are my fav !! I’m trying to manifest my text but still ..but i really have faith ..I really wanna comment one day that I did it as well!! 💗💕

  9. It worked for me.. I was actually shocked because he ignored me all weekend.. And out of nowhere he texted me and asked if we were still seeing each other!

  10. I believe but I keep on think about it and then checking my phone and wondering about her I think the hardest part is to let go cuz we recently haven't spoken in like 8 days I need help with letting go

  11. Dear this is my third break up with him. He came back twice…can I use it to manifest a message from him. Will it work.. plsss reply

  12. Are you ladies sure you want to stop at a text message?! There is nothing out there in this Universe that you can't possibly manifest! Bring it on!

  13. I'm looking for a new and refreshing video on manifesting a text message. I'm seeing some pretty good results. I will give this a try .

  14. Thank you 🙏 I wish you gave us a moment of silence to focus better on a txt msg that they type and same when we receive it.. right now there was no time to focus and “read” it twice; other than that it was a nicely explained and easy to follow

  15. How long will it take if I did it couple of days ago. I'm trying to manifest but ig I'm impatient. It has worked before but scared it wont happen again

  16. I honestly felt great! Like I really received the text message from him. Now, I’ll wait until the Universe sends him back to me… thank you Andrea!

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