Making Submissions: What Happens Next? | NZ Parliament

Making Submissions: What Happens Next? | NZ Parliament

Kia ora, and thank you for submitting to a select committee. Submitting is one of the best ways to have your voice heard in our democracy. The purpose of submissions is to let the committee know what you think about the issues in the bill that they are considering. But once you’ve made a submission, what happens next?>>Once the committee has received your submission, they can release it at any time, which means making it available to the public. Your submission will be published to the Parliament website. Please note, sometimes it can take a few months for it to be published online.>>The select committee may decide to hear from submitters who have asked to make an oral submission. You can speak to the committee face to face, by video conference, or by phone Your oral submission may be livestreamed, and any extra material you provide will be added to the Parliament website.>>A team of advisers will read and analyse all submissions and present the results to the committee in a departmental report.>>Once the committee has finished its work on the bill, it will share what it’s learnt and suggest recommended changes in a report to the House. Once the report has been presented, the bill will move on to its second reading. The departmental report and the committee’s report will then be put on the Parliament website.>>The best way of keeping up with the bill’s progress is by going to the Bills page on the Parliament website. If you need more information or have any questions, please let us know. Just call or email the committee staff and they’ll be happy to help. Thanks again for taking the time to have your say and getting involved with New Zealand Parliament.

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