Marble Conveyor Belt Completed! – Marble Machine X #78

Marble Conveyor Belt Completed! – Marble Machine X #78

[machine starting up] [lever sound x4] [beat starts] [syncopated beat added] [pistons clicking] [marbles rolling] [melody starts] [conveyor clicking] [marbles rolling] [just melody] [conveyor clicking] [marbles rolling] [pistons moving] [conveyor clicking] [marbles rolling] [just melody] [conveyor clicking] [marbles rolling] [just melody] [just beat] [last marbles]

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100 thoughts on “Marble Conveyor Belt Completed! – Marble Machine X #78

  1. So far out of any music I listen to your music makes me feel the happiest. Thank you for your inventions in the time that you poured into them.

  2. Based on the effort it takes to get that crank going, you could probably use a foot treadle to power it and free up your arm.

  3. The combination of different sounds and tones are just remarkably satisfying to my soul!! Thank you sir for such a heavenly experience and pleasure of hearing this music!

  4. на 05:59 отскочившийся от барабана подшипник не попал в лунку (труба канализационная) 😀👀

  5. Nice machine, but it didn't show where the music is being played. It does show the marble hitting the drum and you hear the marbles going up the plastic ladder.

  6. I remember this series of animations called Animusic, and one of them had drums being played with balls being launched onto them, this is that but IRL.

  7. Ти самий унікальний ді-джей . Всі інші так собі. Уяви якби ти жив в епоху королів та лицарів. Слава про тебе рознеслася на цілий світ. Дякую що створюєш машини які так круто споглядати і чути

  8. I love coming back and watching this and the original machine. It's like something out of a fantasy world. It's amazing that it's real. You're amazing

  9. Hey, guy! You cool! You real cool man, cool musicman, cool engeneer! I like it. From Russia with respect of your talent!

  10. Это очень прекрасно что ещё есть в мире молодые таланты создающие инженерию и музыку в гармонию .С такими людьми можно смело шагать и в 22 век .!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

  11. А до меня доперло наконец зачем столько замороки он шарманку собирает

  12. Fantastic have a freak XD awesome work, a girl i know ,by showing ur videos shecould´nt stop 2 ask me everytime: whaaaaaat? u will kidding me ?? XD thx for this insider …and for more 🙂

  13. I must have watched this video over a hundred times and now I've finally noticed that butterfly sticker on the program wheel . 🦋

  14. Вот так чтобы все направляли
    Свои дела в нужное русло, как этот изобретатель музыкальных станков, мы бы жили гораздо лучше и интересней!!!!!
    ООО чень интересно!!!!!

  15. Totally amazing and impressive!
    I personally don’t understand how a person can make something like that, that is truly wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing!

  16. If you broke into his house and saw this masterpiece playing by itself, what would you do?

    You would sit in awe and wait until the authorities arrived, transformed into a new law abiding person by the music.

  17. Great and amazing work. At 2:25 I heard the first big note from Pink Floyd's "Time" (after all of the clocks ring out the hour) blast out in my head! I was thinking about other time signatures and wondering how readily the machine could play in say 3/4 as in a Waltz? Be well and God Bless!

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