Marine Le Pen: France’s Trump is on the rise

Marine Le Pen: France’s Trump is on the rise

Vive le Front National! Vive la République! Vive la France! Marine Le Pen is a leading candidate in the
French presidential race. The first round of voting is on April 23rd, which will narrow the field to two for a runoff election on May 7. Marine Le Pen is a far-right candidate and
represents the “Front National”, The National Front, which is the far-right party. The National Front has existed for a little
over forty years and Marine Le Pen has been running the party since January 2011. Marine Le Pen is the daughter of the founder
of the National Front: Jean-Marie Le Pen. He founded it in the early 1970s and it was
considered a pretty racist anti-Semitic party and always very marginalized. The party was seen as anti-Semitic in large part because her father had often minimized the Holocaust. But Marine has distanced herself from her
father since 2015. In part, that’s because she has tried to
change the message of the party and change the branding of the party. I excluded from the National Front my very own father. We could not tolerate words, unacceptable words, that would lead to a caricature of our movement. By removing her father, Le Pen hoped to move
the party away from anti-Semitism, but a recent comment has undercut those efforts. Speaking to the press, Marine Le Pen denied
that France was responsible for the Vel d’Hiv roundup, which took place when French
authorities arrested Jews and brought them to the Vélodrome d’Hiver indoor cycling track in Paris for eventual delivery to Nazi concentration camps. She said this despite the fact that French
president Jacques Chirac formally acknowledged guilt on behalf of the French state in 1995. By questioning French culpability in the Holocaust,
her comments have reopened old wounds. But for the time being, Le Pen remains a leading contender, as she has been throughout the campaign, and that’s largely due to her successful efforts to rebrand the National Front. Instead of being seen as anti-Semites, Le
Pen has worked to portray the party as protectors of French identity and French values. Her big thing is about France for the French,
which gets into some of her policies, which actually we would perceive as racist or xenophobic
but she sees them as returning to a sort of mythical France. In a way, it reminds us a little bit of Trump. The forgotten men and women of our country
will be forgotten no longer. I am very happy about the election of Donald
Trump. I think that The United States will once again
regain its former image in the world, which had become very damaged. To Marine Le Pen, there is a certain French
culture that should be upheld and that that’s being lost in the tide of globalization. She’s particularly anti-globalization. She’s against The European Union and she
would like to radically reduce the number of immigrants. We are not going to welcome any more people. Stop! We are full up! During the 2015 refugee crisis, asylum seekers
fled to Europe from North Africa and the Middle East, eventually landing in places like Calais, France, home to a notorious refugee camp called “The Jungle”. Many Europeans felt overwhelmed by the sudden
influx and Marine Le Pen seized the opportunity to elevate her nationalist platform. France didn’t absorb the same numbers of
people as Germany did or parts of Northern Europe. But, at the same time, there was a sense that
it was out of control: that Europe did not know how to control its borders. Even though it was not connected, having the
attacks in Paris in the fall of 2015, and then again in the summer of 2016 in Nice,
exacerbated a sense of a changing Europe. …reports are coming in of an attack… …a shooting in central Paris… …hearing at least twenty shots and seeing
more than fifteen dead… …two young men, no older than twenty-five,
with Kalashnikovs… The fear of attacks, the actuality of attacks,
tend to bolster support for closing borders, closing down the immigration policies and turning an eye on the community that people feel is at fault. While many leaders carefully avoided making
any assumptions about the perpetrators… I don’t want to speculate at this point,
in terms of who was responsible for this. …Marine Le Pen was quick to point the finger. Speaking on the floor of The European Parliament
shortly after the attacks, she forcefully blamed Islamic fundamentalism for the tragedy in Paris. In 2010, France was home to nearly five million Muslims. Over a million more than The United States,
a country nearly five times the size of France. And many French Muslims are perceived as far
more religious than they are French. In part, that is due to the very visual issue
of the veil in public space. An issue that has been under debate in France
for over twenty-five years. Right now, as of 2004, it’s not allowed
in public schools, but they’ve stopped short of banning it in the street because that’s
seen as a personal liberties scenario, right? Marine Le Pen would like to ban it in general. By setting classic liberal ideals against
Islamic fundamentalism, Marine Le Pen promotes French nationalism by claiming she is protecting French identity. Similarly, she has framed globalization as
a threat to French values. Marine Le Pen has said she will hold a referendum
to pull France out of the EU. She would like to ask for a “Frexit”,
as we just had a Brexit. She would like a return to a sovereign currency and she very much would like to return to a France of a different era. If France was to be able to be actually removed it would be the end of the European experiment as we know it. Vive la République! Vive la France! As the National Front’s poll numbers have
risen over the past decade, the rhetoric of other political candidates has begun to shift to the right. The parties to the center-right begin to adopt
a number of her ideas. Even if she doesn’t succeed, there is a
conversation taking place that is much, much more skeptical of immigration. Now it has become radicalized and tinged with
this sort of anti-Islam Islamophobia space, as well. The real question is: do European nations, are they nimble enough to move into a space of multiculturalism and is that what they want? And one of the things that Marine Le Pen will say is, “This is not a battle for an election, this is a battle between globalization and patriotism.” So, she sets it up as the idea that one is
not a patriot unless one buys into the idea of a very specific type of France, which a
lot of people would see themselves left out of.

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100 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen: France’s Trump is on the rise

  1. I don't see her as a problem. Just a person who needs her country's values in the fore front of her own country.

  2. If only Muslim countries can tolerate each other and live in peace, world will have 99% less problems.
    Islamist countries have everything Oil, Industry, Money, Area the only thing they don't have is tolerance towards other Muslims.
    Muslims hating Muslims is the problem.

  3. Make everyone wear a Burka and settle the religious question once and for all because of thats what the Islamist plane to do. Religion is the opiate of the masses

  4. She is the combination of Trump and Trudeau she thinks like Trump her background is halfway like Trudeau's but at least she sounds better than Trudeau who failed Canadians

  5. Why do u want to stick Trump's name… I think u are also leaning left… I liked ur videos, but these things are making me to doubt ur integrity. Don't take viewers for granted.

  6. Please, just count the 2020 race dem's of tricks traps lies and set up for 2020 that will be all true I sure? your wrong about trump

  7. Oh yes, on the rise! Have you seen her at the presidential election debate with Macron! She was very high indeed, clearly she had smoken something! Well, she landed since then, admitting that not to have smoken illegal substance before the debate, but that she had not performed very well. You should watch the debate really!

  8. I would vote for her. Our western countries need to return to the days in which Muslims stayed in the sand box

  9. After seeing the comment section, I think I should just let the refugees take over my country and change the local culture👋

  10. Okay so let’s get this clear.
    France is for France. France likes right-wing parties, so they’re electing a right-wing president. Coolio. Because that’s how politics works. Deal with it.

  11. This video, is a lesson on what "Far right is not" I don't think anyone even knows what far right is.

  12. Yeah, keep importing those valuable middle Eastern an African "cultures", and blame "islamophobia"; you'll see where we'll all end up in 30 years.

  13. the increasing right wing leaders in world is due to the increasing islamist attacks in the entire world

  14. vox every video is far-right this. far-right that. they are misusing the word by great proportions to create fear, to drive their far-left ideology.

  15. Love how everybody in the comments think she is not "far right" enough instead of trying to understand that politics and people's vision of right and left in politics is really different in every country and depends on the country's culture, history, political system and relationship with politics.
    Maybe her ideas are not considerated far right where you live, but in France her ideas are far right so she's a far right candidate, no need to discuss it

  16. If E.U collapses, countries like Poland, Ukraine, the Baltic States, and Finland aren’t part of N.A.T.O, So basically France is literally asking Russians to take the world

  17. Migration is a natural change that has happened all over human history and will continue to do so long after all reading this are dead. People go to where it's better to live.
    The use of language like xenophobia and racism do confuse me somewhat. It seems to me that a certain nook of the populace in the west want to hold on to their cultural habitat, which they perceive as being diluted through the influx of cultural diversity. They are right in a way, that this is what is happening. Not in an immediate way, but gradually over decades these changes manifest more clearly to those having lived through them.
    New generations have less of a problem with this because they are born in the middle of ongoing change. Their playgrounds are already diverse. It's only when these generations will reach higher maturity that they too will try to stop further change in favor of what their memory is of their childhood playground. It's an ongoing cycle.
    Therefor, I abhor the usage of terms like xenophobia and racism, because that's not what is happening. For one, it diminishes what these terms truly mean, and secondly they serve to point a guilty finger towards people who have no guilt in this natural change. A finger that with the passing of time will be pointed right back at those pointing them now.

  18. if rich country with resources stop stealing, meddling, and messing with others there wouldn't be people ruining away from wars or poverty. most of the people on earth don't know the bad thing going on right now is because of the chaos their ancestors did. we have to find ways to stabilized and help improve countries that have being destroyed or are being destroy so we won't have people trying to live and immigrate to better countries

  19. Support her And Angela Merkel And Queen Elizabeth 🇫🇷🇬🇧🇩🇪 3 Strongest Womens God Bless you All ❤

  20. Lol if she were the French Trump she would have won. Maybe do a video on WHY a French "Trump" could do so well. There is a specific reason.

  21. I'm glad France is doing this. All countries should be able to retain their identity. The cultures that result from it are what make the world as interesting as it is. And refugees have no business troubling others with their problems. Siphoning off of others because of their mistakes.

  22. Sometimes I think the way democracies around world are going, they may soon will be replaced by monarchies or dome other type of system

  23. I find it funny that she praises the French ideals of individual freedoms and liberty, yet wants a wide scale ban on religious face coverings.

  24. People need to accept the obvious. Why are so many people flooding countries in Europe and UK? It doesn't make sense..And when they come what do they do? They set up their own little country where they have settled. What happens then? More of the same come come and in a short space of time the original place changes beyond recognition and grows. Whilst all this happens they don't need to learn the language of the place they have settled in. Their own Shops appear selling everything they need. They don't need you. When enough often use your services and they still haven't learnt to speak your language there suddenly is a " need" to write basic notices and general public info in 'their" language. School standards drop because none of the off spring speak the main language of their adopted parents home as a 1st language. Customs are practiced to such a degree that it becomes the accepted norm and your ways are pushed aside and if you push back to hard and speak out you are labelled a rascist because these people can't intelligently justify why their customers and ways not only take precedent over your ways and customs but you are expected to even adopt some of their ways in your daily life. Can you see where this is going??

  25. There's nothing wrong with her attempting to uphold French Christian values over foreign Muslim ones… The same thing happens in Arab countries, although Arabs burned down all their christian churches.

  26. Funny how Europeans can go around the world and colonize other people and the culture & try to make them more “European like” or “modernized” and once all the people from where they colonized comes to Europe for a better life, and simulate into the European culture because they destroyed their culture, and have to keep up with modernization of their country the Europeans wants to complain.

  27. Nope. The analysis of the speaker is totally stereotyped. She did not understand the feelings of French people

  28. 2 years later she‘s successfully been fought off. And now, Salvini as well! Strache in Austria as well!
    Europe continues its path to make the world a better place 💪🏻💪🏻

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